The Crocodile 🐊 | Kids Skits

The Crocodile 🐊 | Kids Skits

BOUNCY BOUNCE KIDS Wanna be on a team? Yeah Lets Train! I wish this Crocodile was real… We could sneak into Daddies room, and get the Magic Wand Yah! Awe Yeah! Oh, Yes! You got it! How does this work? You gotta say the Magic Words I think… Lets Try It Abra-Cadabra I dont think thats the right words… AlaKazam! Wait, maybe its nice Can I ride on ya? That was so cool! Whoa that’s awesome I want
to try AlaKazam! Hi, Can I get a ride? This crocodile is slow… Stinkin Crocodile! Bye Guys! Yo, thanks for watching our video! Subscribe for more! Peace Out Girl Scout!

Randy Schultz

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