Steph & Adam: Hi art friends!
Steph: Today is a very hot day Adam: it’s so hot today! Steph: anywho, today we’re doing a video with Tiger markers! there is so much back story to these pens seriously, this is the most backstory we’ve ever had to like an art product okay so someone called Abbie Rollingson commented on one of our videos a few weeks ago saying like “hey you guys, have you ever considered doing a picture with tiger markers before?” Adam: and we were like, what are those?? S: we were both like, we’ve never heard of them so I thought, hm I like taking in new suggestions for art supplies so I went online and typed in Tiger markers I realised they’re only made by that shop Tiger, which is usually based in built up cities *whispers* we’re not in a built up city
Adam: yeah we live in the middle of nowhere!! S: haha yeah! so I looked online and they don’t really sell much stuff through their website A: we couldn’t find them anywhere online at all
S: yeah, I had to send out a literal search party of my friend’s and family who lived in built up city areas across the WORLD I had friends in the Netherlands, Ireland and Scotland. EVERYONE was looking for these pens and they kept coming back to me saying “nope, this one doesn’t have them” so I’d have to cross that Tiger off the list I was like AGH are we ever going to find these “have they been discontinued?”
Adam: that’s what we honestly thought, we thought they were completely gone Steph: so by a miracle, my lovely, lovely friend Aleyah. Infact! I think I have a photograph with Aleyah I should definitely plug her for this! A: have you got a photo with her?? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ S: yeah! there’s me & aleyah a few years ago A: I’m sure she was pulling that face when she was looking for them S: So I’ll put a link to Aleyah in the description box because she saved the day! check her stuff out guys ๐Ÿ˜€ she went into, I think it was a Westfield in London and she managed to find some! then she sent these 2 packs as a complete surprise for us! A: so thank you Aleyah! Seriously, you have no idea how much it means S: Adam says they look like little Tumblr pens A: I thought they WERE Tumblr pens!! S: one of the reason I was so excited to have these is because I have this elaborate idea in my head and I was like “nobody will guess how inventive this idea is” “and I need these sbebific pens”
A: “sbebific”
S: *meant to say specific haha* S: so the other day I was walking along with Adam and he was like “I know what your idea is” and I was like “no you don’t, I haven’t written it down or anything.” Because I do like to keep these videos as a genuine surprise Adam: so you can prepare for them while I don’t have a clue :

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “THE CHEAPEST MARKERS – Tiger markers!

  1. sOn flower says:

    Stephs looks like Lisa frank which now I see you mentioned n Adams looks like a smokey the bear type mascot
    Oh and where do you buy your stripe shirts at steph those woven style tops were popular here in the 90s but now you can't find them here in America

  2. Not in use anymore Slellwlwlslsl says:

    Try touch five markers

  3. IcyHub says:

    You should try COLOR IT markers

  4. MizzyDragon says:

    Yeah I live reAllY neAr one

  5. Bunny says:

    There are 2 of those shops in Bristol. I love that shop thanks to you guys.

  6. liam the liam says:

    my name is Aaliyah.

  7. Planet i Studios says:

    Does living near the Annistown Tigers (an elementary school basketball team) count?

  8. PrestonSketches says:

    His tiger reminds me of Dwight From the office because of his shirt๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. Cosmiicc says:

    I live about 5 mins from one, I'm not complaining! No one ever goes so there's a load of stuff in stock! I've got the Orange set, Blue set and Pink set of Markers!

  10. Unicorn Tracks Art says:

    "A tiger can't change his stripes," is the saying, which is… a little bit the opposite of "dont judge a book by it's cover," now that you mention it, haha. The tiger saying is meant to say that people can't change who they are.

  11. liLlIE aCkr says:

    Lisa frank was HUGE in America

  12. -ห‹ห Teacups หŽหŠ- says:

    I see your video then I want to draw a tiger with my markers and realize that none of them are the right colour coz they so expensive I only have a few

  13. Olivia Walsh says:


  14. OrlieoLikesOreos _ says:

    Are these alcohol based?
    Because my gran lives really near to a tiger shop in London xD and I want to test these out xD

    (It's because Steph and Adam didn't know if they were ;w;)

  15. eia noodle says:

    My name is also Aleya and it was so weird hearing my name so much.

  16. Molly Reddy says:

    Hi Steph and Adam. I love your videos sooooo much!!!!!! Im like. Your. Biggest. Fan. Just a suggestion 4 a video. I think u should do the pizza challenge but everytime u put a topping on,you should create something like a person or an object with the toppings you chosen. Then at the end you have to try and eat it and the other person has to guess what masterpiece you created!!!! Love you guys!!!! And like if you agree!!!xx

  17. Molly Reddy says:

    Have you done potato stamps in your video? That would be really cool. Like if u agree xxxx

  18. Esther Kim says:

    8:33 when u mess up on a painting u spent a butt load of time and money on

  19. Unicorn Tsuki NC says:

    i actually have those! i bought them in italy and i like them a lot tho

  20. Ewcia Banas says:

    I do live near a tiger but its in a mall and for some reason its called flying tiger

  21. h h says:

    I live in London so the Westfield tiger is only like 10 mins away

  22. Margaret Pearl says:

    โ€œItโ€™s SO hot hereโ€ both wear long sleeves

  23. Rosa Casey says:

    I live soo close to tiger

  24. Lapist Macir says:

    Tarrenc the Tiger I love it. Wait….. Did you just mention… Lisa Frank??? I STILL LOVE THAT STUFF TO THIS DAY. Her art was big in the 90's.
    My thing with markers and why I like them is this. I like them for being able to get some color lay down that would otherwise take an increased amount of time with color pencils. Not to mention consistency. I love if I can get great color consistency without a whole lot of effort. I have carpal tunnel already don't want to make it worse. I'm tempted to try these if they look consistent as Prisma markers.

  25. Dark Ems says:

    this not is spanish :v disliku xddd

  26. OJC 200109 says:


  27. Mysterious DrawZ says:

    do i get a promotion?

  28. Olivia R. Thompson says:

    I think the saying is `A leopard can`t change its spots` or something like that

  29. Hollily Pip says:

    I use these markers all the time, I love them so much, I've bought every pack I've seen (The only tiger store I've been to is 2 hours away rip) and I LOVE them. They're really amazing, I use them way more than my copics!

  30. ChiseledDiamond GTB says:

    In Norway we have these stores, but in Norway they are called TGR, and I use these markers A LOT. I've used up five packs of different colors TWICE

  31. Allison Ross says:

    I think there's a saying that goes "A tiger can't change its stripes." I love your videos

  32. asian dora says:

    You guys to try tinge markers. They are pretty god

  33. Tilly Natt says:

    There's a Tiger in Victoria Centre in Nottingham and I love these markers cause I'm not the best at art and these are cheap yet good and I got all of the ones they had and it came to 21 pounds for all the packs in my local shop

  34. Shannon Kringle says:

    I live near a tiger rescue sanctuary called Tiger Haven ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  35. Shannon Kringle says:

    I live near a tiger rescue sanctuary called Tiger Haven ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  36. Monika Ramgopal says:

    This was on my bday ๐Ÿ˜„

  37. yoshiiinblack says:

    I saw these at my Flying Tiger and was unsure if they are good. I think I'll buy some next time I go there. ^^

  38. Mike Garby says:

    I love your videos

  39. Margaret Stafford says:

    Have ya'll ever tried ColorIt markers, they also have colored pencils and the neatest gel pens!!!!!

  40. FALpwn says:

    Why does the yellow plushie look so familiar?

  41. savages in training says:

    Have y'all ever used blick studio markers

  42. Cindy Bredwell says:

    #wood for an atom #wood for Adam ๏ฟฝ โ˜บ๏ธ โ˜บ๏ธ

  43. Chloe Creations says:

    I live by a flying tiger shop and I saw the markers u used in the video and saw the rainbow ๐ŸŒˆ sketch books!

  44. da.edits says:

    You can find a Tiger store near Tottenham and Oxford Street and they have Tiger Markers! 3 for ยฃ3 too!

  45. Oswin Altava says:

    I was out shopping today and I found a tiger store and immediately bought all the colours they had, I managed to get 15 markers but they went up in price to ยฃ3 per pack, still super cheap for alcohol markers! ^-^

  46. RADIO OPERATOR says:

    my old principal was the novelty tie guy. he wore so many strange ties that when he was leaving, after we sang a song for him we played a game about him. it was a quiz and they shown different ties on the board and asked two teams at the front if he had that tie or not lol. he was such a great principal!

  47. Beth Parker says:

    Yes my brother is a tiger ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‹

  48. Im Christina says:

    You should try out graphic duo marker

  49. Robin Rose says:

    The saying is a tiger can not change his stripes

  50. iphanguin is here says:

    i have these markers and 07 has a 12 on it๐Ÿ˜

  51. Okiniiri โ€ข ใŠๆฐ—ใซๅ…ฅใ‚Š says:

    Steph is wearing the shirt from The nail polish challenge and adam is wearing the shirt from painting with nailpolish

  52. Tricia Draws says:

    I was going to buy these in a Tiger store that I went to but I wasn't really sure…

  53. Lexie Cameron says:

    Can you mabey use colic markers?

  54. Mr Mysterious says:

    honesty is the best policy

  55. Clyde&Friends says:

    S U B S C R I B E A N D G E T A P R O M O T I O N ! !

  56. Otaku Potato 2 says:

    still not as cheap as ohuhu

  57. Ocean says:

    I live in Ireland and there's a tiger shop next to me. They just got some in, ya want any certain colours?

  58. babyvagabond says:

    steph also could've said shere khan from the jungle book

  59. AngelOcean says:

    Adam and Steff, I saw 2 coke bottles that said โ€œAdam and Steffโ€ on separate bottles!

  60. sourav chakrabarti says:

    I live in America and there is a tiger shop

  61. aliyah aybar says:

    Aleyah is my name bit spelled Aliyah

  62. Nadya L says:

    I just bought 7 packs of the tiger markers โ˜บ

  63. Brooke M says:

    I think itโ€™s a tiger cant change his stripes or something

  64. Eva loedel says:

    I live near tigers

  65. Plastic Bag Dragon says:

    my chemistry teacher had loads of novelty ties. one has the structure of caffeine.

  66. Shoji wants death says:

    I live somewhat close to a tiger shop and it baffles me how hard these were to find since we always have the tiger colored pack in hasselt

  67. pixel 17 says:

    I got all the markers. I love your channel.

  68. PJ Cassel says:

    Flying Tiger Markers are available on US Amazon site for $12 per package.

  69. Susan Preston says:


  70. Maryam Mostafa says:

    The three famous tigers I got were : Tiger from Winnie
    Shrekhan from The Jungle Book
    and Jasmine's tiger "Raj" โค

  71. Simply Me Gaming says:

    I bought this a couple days ago, and didnโ€™t even know you reviewed them.

  72. Fat fluffy Bunny says:

    Wow,so in berlin,the tigerstore got like all of them!i have all of the 24 (i think) markers,i am kinda suprised that these are not sold anywhere else :0

  73. Keith Thompson says:

    I apologised the tiger shops as there's really cheap art supplies and there fun to try out

  74. Selman Reyhan says:

    "I had friends like in the Netherlands" AAAAH IM DUTCH IM IN THE NETHERLANDS

  75. Wolf Jake says:

    I bought some Tiger markers a while ago, didnโ€™t use them only tried the colors, they seemed to be as good as Promarker (Copics alternative, similar price), but the plastic theyโ€™re made of seems to be cheap (probably bc of price) I do not recommend leaving them in room when itโ€™s a sunny hot weather, they literally started melting in my eyes I could even see something like smoke or steam coming out of it lol

  76. Isaac Hague says:

    You should get Tiger to sponser you

  77. hpdftba says:

    โ€œA tiger never changes its stripesโ€

  78. Purple says:

    OMG, when I was in school I looooooooved Lisa Frank stuff! Her stickers were the best! I wanted ALL my school supplies to be Lisa Frank!

  79. kira 1257 says:

    Yeah I do but itโ€™s about 20-30 mins away

  80. Jojo Siwa says:

    We have the same pen :O)))

  81. Maisydoesart ! says:

    I bought these and my purple is pink ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ’•

  82. Siff T says:

    I like that you said they looked like lego on the bottom since lego is danish and tiger (theyโ€™re called flying tiger now btw) is also danish!

  83. Oriano Micheletti says:

    U have a Flat Eric plushie I have some tooooo

  84. samito says:

    Oh yeah i have lots of tiger friends they r very sweet big kittens

  85. Jacob Culbert says:

    Friction ball pens fade over time I have drawings that I did 4 years ago and all the line work has gone ๐Ÿ˜’ pigment pens for the win.

  86. life as a rainbow says:

    I was walking around town and my fave shop closed a while ago and when i went to see what replaced it guess what it is a tiger yayy!!! I only have the purple set but hoping to get more marker sets soon

  87. MusicalDash! says:

    I live near a tiger shop

  88. WeaselToons says:

    I got the same yellow pack โค i love these markers i got them from my friend

  89. WeaselToons says:

    We have 2 tiger shops in my city one is realy near

  90. Artsy Chihuahua says:

    I live right near a tiger (the shop) itโ€™s a long walk or a short drive from me.

  91. Wilsonhayley XD says:

    I live in Ireland, Belfast and I went to my tiger shop and they had one colour pack and it was green! Lol

  92. Kindereggos101 says:

    Our business teach is the one with novelty ties, the amount of ties he has with clocks on them is just unimaginable

  93. Mckenna Lastname says:

    Please try embroidery! I think that would be great please!

  94. Apollyon LaVey says:

    I live near a wild life park. Therefore I live near a tiger.

  95. amu panda says:

    My grandparents live near a tiger I don't though … we visit them in the school holidays though ๐Ÿ™ƒ

  96. Dewi Shinta P says:

    I live in Sumatra. It's really rare, but there are some wild tiger attack in some village. But most of the time we get elephant attack tho

  97. Christine Tobin says:

    i have a tiger shop in the us! its a newer store, but they have sketchbooks n tiger markers! I'm going there for a second time tomorrow, lol!!

  98. Kate Lillo says:

    Iโ€™ve never seen any Tiger stores here in the states but I do live near a big cat rescue sanctuary so I live near the animal tigers lol

  99. Victreebel Overlord11 says:

    In Aberdeen Scotland's flying tiger they have a whole section for those markers

  100. Alley Haynes says:

    i have a female calico cat who is super soft and squishy and her name is Tiger

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