The Carbonaro Effect – Lizard Vacuum | truTV

The Carbonaro Effect – Lizard Vacuum | truTV

Brand-new vacuumba. Much better than any
other automatic vacuum. Here, come around
to the front, you can see. And if you’ve had one before,
they’re usually very loud. And this one is purposefully made nocturnal, you do this at night.
You turn your vacuum on, and you can see it has
perfect resistance, know where the edges are. Much more intuitive
than any other, you know, one that ran on electricity, or had robotics inside of it
or anything like that. It picks up really,
really clean. See that? And I just wake him up
by pressing it. You see that?
Yeah. And yeah, okay. And you can see,
they have zero emissions, ’cause it’s just
these little lizards… Oh, my God. …that are pulling up the food. There’s no, um… That is so creepy. Yeah, there’s no, uh —
No, take a look. There’s no… I am so freaked out. -Don’t —
-No, no! Don’t be scared. No, no, no!
They don’t come out. This is just a chamber
for the residual dust. There’s no batteries,
no electronics, but these guys… How are they even
still alive in there? Well, they pull themselves along
and they feed on the crumbs. So what happens when
one of them dies? Well, you come and you have
them replaced downstairs. Oh, my God! You never have to touch them. Yeah. Well, there is a guy
in Arizona who noticed that there were all of these
pieces of sedimentary rock. You know, these
slates of rock that were really, really clean,
and they watched at night. And they saw these little
lizards come out of their hides and they eat all of the dirt. Oh, that just scares
the [bleep] out of me. So he thought he could
make a vacuum cleaner that works with them. Oh, my God! So this… That’s the scariest
thing I’ve ever seen! It’s great because it ha–
it’s totally green… Do you use one? …eco-friendly — I do. Yeah, I have it in my apartment.
I put it on at night. I just wake them up
and let it do its thing. And then downstairs, like, right
by where we replace batteries, there’s that
battery receptacle, we also have
a lizard exchange. Like you know when
you switch propane. And you can change them out
once a week absolutely free when you join the program. Oh, my God! I have to go find Julie. Wait, where are you going? I got to find Julie. Who? What? Oh, her friend?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Here I’m gonna put
that right there and I’ll see if I have a brochure, okay? ♪♪ Where is he? Oh, yeah I don’t have
any more brochures. I’m sorry I didn’t
have a brochure. How come nobody here
knows about this? I just asked like
five people, I’m like, “Have you guys seen
the lizard vacuum?” -It’s brand-new today.
-Oh. Yeah.
Using the Carbonaro Effect, that’s what they call it. Have you heard of
that before? The Carbonaro Effect? -No.
-I have, but you’ll probably have to explain it to them. -You’ve heard of it. -I have. -You have?
-Yes. You know the Carb– He’s heard of it,
you haven’t heard of it. “The Carbonaro Effect”
is the name of a hidden camera
magic TV show. Like the one
you’re on right now. Liar! -My name’s Michael Carbonaro.
-Liar! I’m a magician. And we’re shooting a hidden camera
show right now. There’s cameras hidden right
over here, behind that mirror. Have you seen the show?
Oh, you’re the best, you didn’t give it away. No, I couldn’t do it. What’s up?
You were the best. -Oh, my God!
-She like comes over to me and she’s like,
“You have to see this!” -I’m like.
-They were running across the store. That is so funny. Are you kidding me?! It was half believable, right? You were wrestling.
She was riding the line. Michael, nice to —
what’s your name? Carrie. Hi, Carrie. And what are your names? Wait, will I be on TV? What’s your name? Taylor. Hi, Taylor. You were awesome.
That was really fun. Oh, my God! Yeah. -Taylor.
-You were like.

Randy Schultz

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60 thoughts on “The Carbonaro Effect – Lizard Vacuum | truTV

  1. Our Founding Liars says:

    A device from The Reptilian world order. Keep asking questions

  2. Jane Kailey says:

    Pretty stupid

  3. Ash W. says:

    The sad thing is that I believed it, but was skeptical

  4. manoel junior says:

    My god…my god..

    My god…que chatice

  5. Hi_ MYM says:

    The big bald guy lied about knowing what the carbanaro effect means and kept lying after he told them it's a hidden camera show ??

  6. Vekcor Pest Solutions says:

    think about it people always cut-a-way shots, never 1 solid shot, it's all actors, the people are all in on it.

  7. Austin G says:

    "Liar" looks right at camera

  8. Nerdy Jeremy says:

    Where was the magic?

  9. toppips1 says:

    Taylor is hot 🙂

  10. Tim Wilde says:

    I can't get over the number of stupid people who think they use actors for this!!! You must be a complete moron to believe that..think about it for just a moment…the time and effort to actually recruit actors, produce a script, rehearse and then shoot would be crazy when all they have to do is use misdirection and magic gimics to an unsuspecting public…they may have to try something a few times until they get a "successful" shoot…and they are NOT trying to fool the "viewers" just the "victim" so no need to have any continuous shots…

  11. You can't see m3 says:

    I didn't think this show was fake but come on the lizards weren't even moving and how could he just flip them over if it they were real

  12. Justin Tockey says:

    Why does he always have to go in the back to get a “brochure” that he never comes back with?

  13. katari says:

    hahaha the fat friend

  14. Ed Pineda says:

    I am either crazy or this girl is the "stop girl meme" girl

  15. Adam Henderson says:

    Just goes to show that beauty doesn’t equal brains.

  16. Incitatus says:

    Taylor… you are so stupid my god!

  17. BambiAskedForIt says:

    Didnt get the fat girls name

  18. Dande lion says:

    "So what happens when one of them dies?"
    "Well you come in and have it replaced downstairs"

  19. melanated one says:

    Taylor your friend is fine as he'll

  20. Keith Chambo says:

    Bro these ppl are retarded

  21. Kazuma Yagami says:

    I bet the bald guy is surprised in the inside and trying hard not to let it not surprise him in the outside

  22. Charlie Tango says:

    She was precious! I wish she would call me!?

  23. Agave Bob says:

    The rocks are clean in Arizona!?!?

  24. Codie Johnson says:

    90% of the women on this programme are named taylor and it is suspicious.

  25. Brandon Hampton says:

    What I getting freaked out about is how many of these girls are named Taylor…

  26. Matt Morris says:

    Taylor is beautiful:)

  27. Mr jones bones says:

    Theres a guy under the table with a magnet

  28. baja888 says:

    I like how none of them are thinking about how cruel it is that they just stay in there

  29. CRAZY MAN says:

    Have you ever seen the new carbonara tampons and Kotex???
    They are awesome.
    Once a year stuff.

  30. fidobarks says:

    cute guy…he avail for pvt$??

  31. TruthSeeker717 says:

    she looked right into the camera, fake.

  32. TruthSeeker717 says:

    i'd buy one of those vacs lol

  33. William Steven says:

    If this were true… then why have the vacuum? Lol. Why not JUST HAVE LIZARDS. rofl

  34. saito125 says:

    That's some legs right there…

  35. la mookta says:

    masculinity so fragile @ the bald guy. he managed to mansplain without even having to do the actual explanation lmaoooo

  36. Smárt Hùńgyø says:

    She got the girl bad?

  37. Logan Labbe says:

    In psychology the Carbonaro effect refers to the psychological power of framing and scripts when it comes to our brain accepting new information. For instance, in these magic tricks, the casual and confident narrative of the magician guides the person along gently, causing them to accept what they are seeing despite what they thought they knew about how the world worked prior to that. Their disbelief is suspended by the subconscious track that is laid before them. However when a much more logical explanation (a hidden camera magic TV show) is presented in such a way as to completely break the narrative they were following, this is somehow much much more difficult to accept than the physics defying phenomenon they had just witnessed. It also refers to a hidden camera magic TV show.

  38. Adam Wood says:

    This one required some gullability

  39. faraz siddiqui says:

    every hot girl has a fat friend

  40. spacekitt3n says:

    lol at that guy lying so he doesnt look like an idiot

  41. Kenny Brown says:

    This is too stupid for words.

  42. Ntando Zinyika says:

    Hahahahahaha my first question would be 'why do you have to turn it on, it doesn't have batteries dude ???#I love this show

  43. Jonathan Lee says:

    Dude never gave it away. So cool.

  44. Marc Krant says:

    They shoud post all his vids…with the exposed end when they see they got tricked…

  45. ishopatkmart foru says:

    More evidence how stupid females are and proof they should never be put in a position of great importance

  46. Pentasoniczound says:

    The Carbanaro Effect would be twice as good if he never ever did reveals. Just let people go on for the rest of their lives thinking about lizard vacuums…

  47. pumpertube says:


  48. jverghese80 says:

    definitely one of the more lamer skits. like what were they so amazed about?

  49. Thomas It’s a secret lol says:

    Well I mean I’m really lost because these people are on a hidden magic camera TV show but you did absolutely no magic so it should be just you’re on a hidden camera TV show

  50. 4ern ic8it says:

    oh my GOD

  51. USMC HUNTER says:

    You have got to be kidding me I am laughing my ass off

  52. Dinaol Tadesse says:

    I love Taylor, she is the best

  53. raj shah says:

    Magic aside, these women think lizards eat dirt.

  54. Pa-wan says:

    Michael: "whats your name……whats your name?"

    Jesus! like we are supposed to know her name!?

  55. Anthony says:

    Gawd you should have been a politician…

  56. Richard Cerritelli says:

    And I was late for work one night I told my boss I got abducted by a UFO but he let me go and the boss believe me LOL

  57. Denice Carla Gordon says:

    This lady's are incredibly funny ??

  58. Kerrissa Rebekah says:

    These wigs be killin me

  59. Hector Arredondo says:

    This should be on shark tank i want to know the ridicules deals that the shark will give

  60. International Harvester says:

    Where's that accent from?

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