The Blanding’s Turtle Keeps a Low Profile to Survive

The Blanding’s Turtle Keeps a Low Profile to Survive

– [Voiceover] This is
the Blanding’s turtle. Look closely because they’re
hard to spot in the wild. Blanding’s turtles aren’t very big, topping out at around
ten inches in length. What distinguishes them is
their bright yellow chin and throat. Like the stereotype, Blanding’s
turtles take their time. However, once they’ve
reached full adulthood, there is no slowing down. A recent study found an 83 year old female that was full of eggs ready to lay. Their general habitat is
wetlands with shallow water. Their range is centered
around the Great Lakes, extending east to New York,
and up to southern Ontario. But the wetlands they
call home are shrinking and becoming fragmented
from human development, the biggest threat to the
survival of this gentle and timid creature. This is the Blanding’s turtle. (chimes music)

Randy Schultz

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17 thoughts on “The Blanding’s Turtle Keeps a Low Profile to Survive

  1. Prince Mononoke says:

    That's one fucking adorable turtle right there!

  2. Siti Nabilah says:

    Why does he looks like that turtle from that panda movie?

  3. 0ion says:

    I want one! I will stroke him and pet him and name him George. 😀

  4. Aunt Jemima says:

    These are beautiful animals. There's enough space for humans o live in, why do we need more?

  5. BluuJay says:

    0:35 the turtle is like "da fock you looking at"

  6. Hello Thursday says:

    0:13 looks like an erected dick.

  7. Salty Boy says:

    omfg… master ogway…

  8. james hiroshi says:

    Is that you master oogway??

  9. TommyTom21 says:

    My science class got two blanding turtles, and they were the size of a quarter! They were so cute! 🙂

  10. shawnsamuel101 says:

    Leave Master ogway alone

  11. RUSMIX Alive says:

    learn from a turtle

  12. KING COON says:

    wait I could find one

  13. Melissa Kim says:

    I love this! I wish I could have seen it before writing my children's board book, "A Blanding's Turtle Story" (which came out in May 2016). I thought no one else was paying attention to this lovely turtle so I'm happy to see that I'm wrong!

  14. Romaine Athey says:

    Go to ShepherdSurvives webpage if you'd like to know more about surviving. Good solutions for everyone I think.

  15. Chromatophone Productions says:

    Not sure that I would call them "tiny". The Blanding's that I see in the wild have much darker coloration and much brighter yellow chins than the one in this video.

  16. Ken Deininger says:

    I like your Video..because you like turtles you might like my Video on a large snapping turtle.. It has some underwater shots with a Go Pro..Feel free to comment and Subscribe..

  17. MistahKrabs55 says:

    My school has a group that's trying to save these cute little buggers. My Marine Biology teacher, who is unfortunately gonna retire at the end of this year, even has one in her care with permission from the local animal control!

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