♪ (punk rock music) ♪ (Finebros) Okay, so in this episode
you’re actually not reacting to a video. All right. Again. Fantastic. (Finebros) For you today,
instead, we have this. What is this? Whoa, this is cool. Oh, it’s a game from, like, way back. One side’s baseball, one side’s football. “B-O”. (chuckles) “B-O Jackson Baseball.” Oh, Bo Jackson.
I’ve heard of the name. – (Finebros) Any idea who Bo Jackson is?
– Never heard of him. No, I don’t. I don’t know. I’m assuming he plays football and baseball. (Finebros) In the early ’90s, there was
a company named Tiger Electric that made a bunch
of these handheld games just like that, and today you’re going
to experience playing a few – of these old popular games.
– Awesome. I’m excited. I’m going to keep an open mind
and see how this goes. Hopefully I’m not extremely disappointed. ♪ (punk rock music) ♪ (Finebros) So this game was a two-in-one,
but we’re just gonna have you play – Bo Jackson Football.
– This is gonna be interesting ’cause I don’t know how
to play either of these sports. ♪ (high pitched game music) ♪ Oh, I hate that noise. – ♪ (high pitched game music) ♪
– Nice, catchy song. Down, set, hike.
What am I doing? – (in game: blipping noises)
– Okay, so– wait, which one am I? Pass, go.
(grumbles in frustration) I don’t like how it just beeps at you like, “Doo, doo, doo, you’re wrong!” I don’t know what I’m do– pass, pass.
Why’s he not passing? Okay, where is he?
Where is he? Aah! – (in game: blipping noises)
– What happened? Oh, you’re right in front of me. – (gasps) Did I get him?
– (Finebros) No, run. Oh, run, run, run, run. You just have to keep running.
This is easier. Defend me, defender. (laughs) He’s not doing anything. Nyaaah! I’m just gonna
run as fast as I can. Keep blocking, keep blocking.
He’s blocking two guys. (laughs) Keep block– I guess I’m runnin’.
I’m runnin’. I’m going. NO! (through teeth) Oh my god! (in game: blipping noises) No! It’s actually not as bad
as I thought it would be. I’m actually having a little bit of fun. Is this fun? I’m not having fun. I’m kinda… (stammering).
It’s not Madden. How long is this field? (gasps) I see the end zone! Ooh, okay, let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!
Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! – This is real.
– ♪ (victory music) ♪ – (game clatters)
– TOUCH DOWN! – Run!
– ♪ (victory music) ♪ Yes, touch down! – ♪ (victory music) ♪
– (game clatters) Flex! – There it is. YEAH!
– ♪ (victory music) ♪ Touch down! It was fun, actually.
It was quite enjoyable. It’s a very simple game though. That was awful
and I’m never playing it again. You’d think that older games
and technology would be easier, but, dang, that was hard. (Finebros) So this company
made a lot of games, including from big movie franchises,
so now we’re gonna have you play – another game–
– Jurassic Park. No way. How is this gonna be? I feel like the graphics, again,
aren’t gonna be that good. But I’m excited ’cause
I really like Jurassic Park and that’s all that matters right now. – (in game: blipping noises)
– Wait, what’s going on? I don’t know what’s happening. What’re we doing? We’re running. The scenery around me isn’t moving
so that’s what’s confusing me. Forward. There we go. Okay, I’m starting to understand it now. Dinosaur comes, you go in the tree. Can’t get me. It– no! How many times can I get hit? What are the flying things? Are the dinosaurs throwing things at me? Who [bleep] throwing logs at us? I mean, I don’t think
velociraptors can roll logs. So every time the dinosaur comes
I’m supposed to just climb? – (in game: blipping noises)
– What’s the point of this? I wanna die so I don’t
have to play it anymore. This is so boring! “Call”? What does that do? (Finebros) You called them. Oh, who is he? It’s archaic in the sense of games now. This is the worst game
I’ve ever played in my life. Oh, I only have one life left. No! “Game over. Score: 450.” “620.” “840!” You have to have extreme
concentration to play this game. I would get sick of this really, really– I think I already am sick of this. I mean, this is
straight trash, to be honest. Handheld games today
have so much better graphics. Now you have portable devices
that can handle multiple games, whereas with this
it’s just like… only Jurassic Park! (Finebros) So these handheld games
used to be the rage. It was targeted mostly at younger kids and in elementary school
you were the coolest if you had these games. After playing a couple of them,
what do you think that this was the “it” thing if you
were a kid in the ’90s? (laughing) I mean, it makes sense for the day and age. Like, right now, same thing. We think we’re really sick
with all of our cool games on our phones and ten years from now, I swear, we’re gonna think,
“What kind of elementary crap was that?” I’d rather play outside, or I don’t know,
maybe even do homework rather than this! I understand why they were cool. This was the top of the line at the time, but compared to stuff
now it’s just terrible. (Finebros) There were other things,
other better portable gaming things. – The Gameboy was out even at that–
– What, no?! The Gameboy was out
and people preferred this thing?! (Finebros) They didn’t necessarily prefer
it, but they played it also. Why do you think these games were popular when there was better technology,
like the Gameboy, available? I think because they’re themed. Maybe it’s because it was Jurassic Park. Maybe it was the marketing
of the whole thing. I think this is cheaper
and more affordable than a Gameboy. Maybe ’cause it’s so simple. It’s like those games
that you get on your phone. You only press one button,
but it’s so addicting and fun that you have to play it for days. I have no idea. I think the Gameboy is way better than this. (Finebros) Some of the reasons
for its popularity were how simple the games were so that
all kids could easily play, as well as it being cheaper
than things like the Gameboy. – They cost around $20.00.
– Nice. Oh, that’s not bad,
compared to Gameboys and stuff. (Finebros) Another reason
that it was popular was that it licensed pretty much everything. If there was a popular show or movie odds are there was a Tiger game for it. That’s a good selling tactic. ‘Cause they suck, but they bought it
because of the franchise name. That is still done today. All these TV shows, there’s games for,
and, like, movies. It’s like when I see
Lord of the Rings pinball machines. It has nothing to do with Lord of the Rings. They just have the characters. But it’s Lord of the Rings,
so I’ve gotta play it! It’s what Lego does. There’s a Lego everything and anything. (Finebros) So we still want you
to play one more game. Another one of these? (Finebros) So we’ve told you
they made games for everything. We meant that. Some made no sense
to even be created, like this game. (laughs) What? Full House?
Are you kidding me? Full House! Oh my god, it’s Full House.
This was my favorite show. There’s really no need
for a video game of a comedy sitcom. What’s the objective?
What’re you supposed to do? (Finebros) So what do you think
you have to do in the Full House game? There’s two arrows and a high-five button. (laughing) Okay! You have to high-five people. Do I just move left and right
and catch everybody with a high-five? ♪ (in game: tinny music) ♪ Okay, so there’s a dog
and a girl chasing the dog. Is that Michelle? I need to know.
Am I Mary-Kate or am I Ashley? This doesn’t even look
anything like Full House. Okay, what’s going on? Who am I supposed to high-five? Uh… What? Who’s throwing chairs at me? What the heck? Why’s the furniture trying to kill me? ♪ (in game: tinny music) ♪ What’s the music?
It has nothing to do with anything. Oh, high-five. Whoo! High-five clock. You get points from high-fiving people? Hoo, I got a high-five.
That’s all I do? Bam! Wassup?
High-fives for everybody. High-five! All the high-fives. (chuckles) Why? Why? Why am I doing this? What’s the point of this game? – ♪ (in game: tinny music) ♪
– The music is really annoying. Can I turn the sound off? – (music muted)
– There we go. Oh, that was so annoying. ♪ (in game: tinny music) ♪ This is actually really fun. And I got beat up by a chair. Am I dancing with a chair?
Is that what happens at the end? Well, that was pretty weird. That was actually pretty good. (laughs) I’m not gonna lie.
It was fun. That could’ve been anything. It didn’t even have to be Full–
they only wanted it Full House for the money. I’m pissed at you guys
for ruining one of my favorite shows for making this BS video game. (Finebros) So what are
your overall thoughts about these – handheld Tiger games?
– What were they thinking? They’re awful. I like my generation of games better. They’re so pointless, but they’re so fun. I never thought I’d enjoy a game
where I’m running through a hallway, high-fiving people,
and dodging chairs and rugs. 10 outta 10, would play. Thanks for watching
another episode of Teens React. Let us know in the comments
what we should react to next. We have new shows every single week, so make sure that you’re subscribed. See you later, guys. I gotta go beat my high-five record,
so– hold on one second. ♪ (in game: tinny music) ♪ ♪ (punk rock music) ♪

Randy Schultz

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