Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Squeeze Ems Giant Robots Malfunction and Tigerclaw Steals TMNT Robot

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Squeeze Ems Giant Robots Malfunction and Tigerclaw Steals TMNT Robot

Oh boy, I’m not too sure about Donnie’s
new robots. What do you mean man? They’re pretty awesome! Well they always keep making
weird sounds and everything. No way! Belly full! What are you talking about man? That’s
like the coolest thing they do. We’ve never had a fun robot like that man. Isn’t that
right Mikey robot? That’s sick dude. That’s right man, that’s totally sick. See Leo
these are great robots. Ha ha ha, as soon as these Ninja Turtles turn their backs I’m
taking one of these robots and then I’ll be able to rule New York City. Alright are
you ready Fish Face? Once those turtles leave we’ve gotta take this robot. I’m ready
Tigerclaw, whenever you are. Donnie, me and the other turtles are gonna go practice in
the dojo. Can you make sure these robots are reprogrammed to not say such ridiculous things?
No problem Leo, I’ll have these ready before lunch time! Mikey, Raph, lets head out. Alright
Leo robot, time for your new reprogramming. Just gotta get to the head and… oh my goodness
what smelly breath this robot has. Alright just gotta get into the computer module. How
about this and change that around. And there that probably fixed it. Is that all you got?
Uh maybe not, maybe just a little more tweaking. There we go and change that up. Move this
over here and there we go. And move this over here and this here. Alright the turtles finally
left. Now it’s time to make our move! One, two, three! This turtle is now mine! Let me
just get to the top and we’ll guide it away from here. Okay, come with me turtle robot.
Tigerclaw wait for me! I’m right behind you lets go! Well guys that was a good fighting
session. Hm… my robot should be done right now. I’m gonna see if Donnie is finished.
Now just cross this wire over here and let me pull this and what’s this wire doing
here? Hey Donnie are you done with my giant turtle robot yet? Not yet Leo, but it should
be done in no time. Check this out. Slice and dice! Well I could do without the slicing
and dicing talk but it sounds better, keep going! Hey what are you guys looking at? Well
that’s just it bro, we’re not looking at anything. Isn’t that weird? And why would
that be weird? Because Leo bro, my Mikey robot was here and now it’s not, it’s gone!
I think somebody took it man. Alright guys the Leo robot is completed with better phrases.
Dude Donnie, somebody stole my Mikey robot man and I need him back, I miss him so badly!
I knew this would happen. Lucky for you I installed a tracking device in the other robot.
Let me go get him to track Mikey. Alright giant robot Leo, track the giant Mikey robot.
Ah, better! What does that mean? I think it means he’s on the case. Alright guys he’s
taken off, lets follow him. Whoah let us go you ridiculous robot! Oh boy. Get us down!
Well it appears this robot has malfunctioned. Please, please get me down from here, I can’t
take this malfunctioning robot anymore. Boy Donnie does any of your stuff ever work right?
I think it works fifty percent of the time. But what do you think we ought to do with
Tigerclaw and Fish Face? Well I think for having to listen to this malfunctioning robot
all afternoon, that’s punishment enough. Hey everyone, thanks for watching. The toy
featured in this video are the Squeeze ‘Ems Michelangelo and Leonardo. Now all you have
to do is squeeze their soft shell underbelly, their eyes and tongue pop out, and they make
crazy sounds. Hey thanks for watching, don’t forget to like and subscribe to the ToysReviewToys
channel and click on a picture to watch another fun video or test your luck by clicking on
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Randy Schultz

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