Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Parody: Kids short film version

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Parody: Kids short film version

Give me the money! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! What are you? Well Miss, we’re ninjas! We’re mutants! Technically we’re turtles And we’re teenagers…but we can have adult conversations. So you’re ninja mutant turtle teenagers?? When you put it like that it sounds ridiculous! You never saw us. If you tell anyone, we will find you. Raphael, be nice! She’s a girl. Don’t be so rude. Sorry, but we will find you if you tell anyone about us. I’m telling you, I saw these crazy, giant, mutated turtles! You don’t have any photos or any evidence? Er, no.
April, you’re going mad! Go home and have a break. I want to go on the PlayStation. I’m the boss round here, me and Donnie will
play all day. Sorry, who’s the boss?
Sorry Sensei. I meant you are the boss Sensei. What have you all been up to today? Where
were you earlier? Sensei, we just popped out for some fresh
air. Tell me! Or it’s time for the Hashi! Guys, I’m in the zone. There’s nothing that could break me right now. Oh, the pain! Ahhhhh, come on! Well, if nobody wants to tell me what you’ve been up to, it’s time for pizza! The 99 cheese pizza please. It’s on its way! Mwhahhhhhaaaahhahaha!
Aaaaaah! Guys, I just saw a pizza man with funny shredded
hands take a giant rat! What are you talking about?
Sounds like Shredder! He must have Sensei! Ahhhhh. Never mind that! Where’s the damn pizza? Come on guys, let’s go and get Sensei and
get that Shredder once and for all! Mwhahhhhhaaaahhahaha.
(Crying) Aaaaaah! Guys, I’m the leader. Let me go and sort this out. Aaaaaah! Michelangelo you stay here! We need to go help Leonardo. (Beeping phone games) Mwhahhhhhaaaahhahaha. (Beat-boxing) (choking) Aaaaaah! You’re not so scary now! Now, you’re armless! That’s what you think! You cut off my arm,
what are you going to say now? Argh, forget it. (crying) April had to save me! You guys are supposed to be ninjas!
Get back to the Hashi!

Randy Schultz

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