Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Movie HD

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Movie HD

It’s a Halloween parade, Bro! I think the one night of the year we fit in. Cool! Back in! What part of ‘move in the shadows’
don’t You understand? I’ve never seen anything like this before! Guys, I’ve got a lead on what’s going on! Sensei Schreider? This will help us build an army. This has got to be good! Ha ha ha ha! You’re right, Rhinoceros! And You’re a… Ha, I’m a little piggy. Well, well… Hey fellas! What’s Your name? Casey Jones. Hey… Would you do guys like a thing? If the purple loose can turn humans into animals… It could turn us… Into humans. And we don’t have to be stuck down here forever. If there’s a chance that it make us humans… We are turtles. Whether you like it or not.. Gear up guys. This isn’t working! We keep failing… Keep the team unified… And you shall always succeed. Hu! Here we go! Cowabunga! Lets light them up. Go Go Go! How’s that end up as such a good plan? Don’t go get and soft on me now. Oh! this is awesome! Yes yes yes! Ohhh! Isn’t he falling is kind of fast? Oh! Hmaahhh! That ain’t went well.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Movie HD

  1. Avi Resnick says:

    Who else is just watching this for Stephen Amell?

  2. Icanohzyl says:


  3. Rachel Parkes says:

    No Army Just. Street Sewer Animals

  4. shinigami enlouquecido says:

    Someone knows the song's name?

  5. Gamer for Hire says:

    l thought that Casey Jones was a teenager as well but he looks like an adult

  6. Xtina270 says:

    OMFG! I love TMNT! When the pig said I'm a little piggy, I fricking died XD

  7. Alexander Godfrey Kleinhans says:

    1:44 – Didn't I saw that kind of action in one of the transformers movies?

  8. kookdope says:


  9. subwayyy says:

    Omg sheamus is in this!?!?

  10. Antonina Jucovscaia says:

    Go Stephen Amell!!!

  11. Uncaged_Wolf says:

    Did anyone else come here because of a link from a youtuber. No okay.

  12. Mark D'Asaro says:

    I know I look at you I just feel like Casey Jones should say you have failed this city

  13. Brogaming Madness says:


  14. Smelly Loser says:

    Guy: "I've never seen anything like this before"
    Me; "You've never seen transformers?"

  15. Keirstin Pratt says:

    You sit on a throne of lies Oliver Queen

  16. Caskets says:

    Transformer all over again

  17. spngirl55 says:

    Mickey (Noel fisher ) left for this?

  18. The Real Deal Horses says:

    Oliver Queen!!! He does seem right for the role of Casey.

  19. Evan Go. says:

    Classic Megan Fox looking slutty in slow motion

  20. new user says:

    guys plz mention the soundtracks in description too….

  21. Michael Lucas says:

    TMNT is awesome and the awesome movie

  22. Koopanakon says:

    This does look good, and it has some good points that I like. However, I would not hold my breath about this. I mean, this does have Michael Bay involved. Even if it looks good, never trust a movie with Michael Bay involved, even if he isn't the director. Just saying.

  23. VES says:

    ofc "Michal Bay"

  24. Mohammed Bilal says:

    did anyone else see sheamus in the movie

  25. goatman_just wants_his_bridge_bac says:

    and your uh……………….wow.. I'm a little pigy

  26. prsdnn__ says:

    Is this marvel or dc?

  27. Carlos Garcia says:

    Megan Fox is not a hot actress she sucks

  28. ZeeTheFuture says:

    What is up with Michael Bay and Aliens. Every single movie he makes has an Alien invasion. Relax.

  29. PearItUp4 says:

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Gaylords: Out of the Closet

  30. elizabeth loria says:

    I wonder what they look like as humans

  31. Victor Onica says:

    what music 1:21

  32. Nickolas conlago says:

    que dia se estrena please

  33. Md Nafiz Al Ifat says:

    sheamus in tmnt

  34. IDyce88 says:

    how did I know those two morons would be back :/

  35. bobby G says:

    can i get 200 subs then a giveaway

  36. kid Freddy fazbear says:

    did anyone notice Sheamus?

  37. iloveedge496 says:

    Sheamus what is wrong with you?

  38. Abdibasir Dagrate says:

    ayyyy Oliver is in this movies trailer

  39. Tyler L says:

    @1:30 Is that metalhead we see?

  40. Birk says:

    Sooo… the arrow went hockey mode?

  41. xXScr1bbleXx says:

    Yo where's my notification squad at

  42. Killjoy45 says:

    Yeah, I think the realistic version of this would be more like:
    BLURSTS Blood splits, turtle pieces EVERYWHERE! Pilots freaking out because windshield is covered in blood and they can't see.

  43. Kaagh178 says:

    Anna Kendrick or Emma Stone would've made a better April O'Neil. Or Anna Hutchison.

  44. Mouad Kouhail says:

    hype for summer

  45. James Oduor says:

    what's the Celtic Warrior Sheamus doing here??????

  46. swaganator 10 says:

    I'm a little piggy lolololollololol

  47. JaceUnknown says:

    When is this movie coming out?

  48. Jayden gaming gaming, vlogs, and more says:

    this movie is funny 100000000009 per send

  49. piro girl says:


  50. jovan green says:

    Donnie is my favorite

  51. jovan green says:

    What's you fav turtle

  52. ROBLOX AntManFan934 says:

    I wanted to make a sodium joke but na

  53. Nik Tri says:

    If anybody still goes to this movie expecting it to be good, they have only themselves to blame when this dickless piece of shit makes even more money raping your childhoods and destroying the art of cinema

  54. jalani king says:

    never thought westbrook is a actor

  55. Gabriela Arroyo says:

    Your name is Oliver Queen you liar

  56. Sariya Mattis says:

    I love donnietello

  57. GenjiTube//Minecraft//And more says:

    is that sheamus from wwe

  58. N G G says:

    Hell yeah casey is the man!!

  59. TheMeganProductions says:

    I am strongly against the ninja turtles becoming humans. I like them the way they are. Doesn't anyone else agree?

  60. Mike Đoàn says:

    Another Leo and Rafael arguement :v

  61. Unlimited G4mer_YT says:

    The guy who turned into a rhino is sheameus

  62. AcademicAlgeria says:

    This is the "darkest" movie from… Nickelodeon.

  63. Alvin Alejo says:

    What's the name of the song playing in the background? Sorry for not knowing.

  64. Fantasticman2007 says:

    That's sheamus

  65. Yoshua Castillo says:

    Where are the stupid Michael Bay explosions ?

  66. JaTorean Kegler says:

    Megan Fox is hot

  67. Barra Krick says:

    Teenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtles: Out_of_the_Shadows Now_Available_in_Full_HD

    Stream_Now https://plus.google.com/+LenniJuang/posts/6sa1fqinuqq

  68. AnimeHD says:

    What is this song(of the final)

  69. Kermit the Frag Grenade says:

    The enemy Here is da kwanggg. Why not kwangg??

  70. Rinas Arzeti says:

    STREAM NOW…!!!!
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 2016 #Quality Check-Now :
    https://plus.google.com/103820697798408922857/posts/CxupcNwdyhQ 🙂

  71. Callum McCabe says:

    this looks better than the first movie

  72. Kjll3rdoll says:

    Not Halloween festive parade Mikey

  73. Kayceesprite says:

    I have no words for how much leo pissed me off in this one tbh

  74. Mark says:

    He flew into a jet and no damage to him or the jet? huh. This has transformers written all over it.

  75. Adam Kirk says:

    I saw this move it was good

  76. panos mane André Pronk says:

    So they made arena to fight bosses like in the video game? 😀

  77. Stewart James says:

    1990 movie still a classic!

  78. schattentaenzerin says:

    looks fun actually. except that they seem to get attacked by Transformers and that they had to put Megans Boobs in the trailer.

  79. Md. Rayhan Hossain says:

    Watch TNMT 2 Movie online here => https://twitter.com/084d8e406f0f4942b/status/738773449196343296?idpid=c6952026-bd7d-4ebc-86e9-cec7344aa3f2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Movie HD

  80. Felony Siren says:

    Hah stephen amell #arrow

  81. Valeria Davina says:

    Watch/Download Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016) HD Full
    Enjoy : https://plus.google.com/118038505501610851797/posts/CTijgr65b6W

  82. Izzy xox says:

    I watched this yesterday in the cinema its was AMAZING!!! BETTER THEN THE FIRST ONE 1. MORE ACTION 2.BETTER STORY AND AMAZING FIGHTING WITH TURTLES…. This was the best movie I have ever watched I give it 10/10 if I could rate it more maybe 11/10 absolutely loved it

  83. ChaosBloodComics says:

    I heard from a friend that Bay took everything off Twitter TMNT after it bombed, now talking only transformers. Is this true? lol

  84. kiana ツ says:

    I really liked the song choice it went really well with this trailer. I've already seen this movie and it was really good, really funny.

  85. kiprix 89 says:

    we will watch it now on cinema the movie

  86. itay mizikov says:

    name of the song in the end ?

  87. Alucard Hellsing says:

    Who new Arrow was moonlighting

  88. Brooke507 says:

    I think it would be so funny if there was a prank video kind of similar to Katy Perry's Birthday music video where the turtles put on costumed disguises where they're unrecognizable and they go crash various NYC events XD

  89. Andy says:

    Megan Fox is hot af

  90. altarush says:

    Coool ! Air ninjas!

  91. mrsbobora says:

    Anyone know the music at 1:25

  92. Lupe Leon says:

    2017 anyone plus Megan Fox fan girling right now even tho I watched it 6 times 🤷‍♀️♥️😂🤫🤩

  93. Khan bhai says:

    NYC movie my dear friend

  94. D3STROYER No.1 says:


  95. Deji Adeleye says:

    You know, I actually prefer the first movie over this one.

  96. JustaHappyLLamaツ says:

    Stephen Amell. I don't watch this movie yet xd

  97. Hell's Princess says:

    So, people in the comments section keep making Oliver Queen jokes. I looked him up, then I looked up Stephen Amell (Casey Jones)
    Dudes, he was born in Canada, in the exact same city I was born in.

  98. Ruth Sitompul says:

    What is the song name ?

  99. Ronni Skifte says:

    I think they should make a 3rd Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just like they did with the original 1990's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because i really loved the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & it's sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows because those 2 movies where very badass with very funny humor

  100. Χρόνος Chronos Keeper Time says:

    Sequel to the 2014 movie.

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