Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heroes Super Sewer HQ Leonardo Raphael Michelangelo Don

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heroes Super Sewer HQ Leonardo Raphael Michelangelo Don

Kinder Playtime! (children laugh) It’s Ninja Turtles with Kinder Playtime. Today we’re opening the Super Sewer HQ with Mikey and Splinter. We’re also opening up some action figures to go with it. We’ve got Shredder and a foot soldier. Splinter and April. And over here we have Rafael and his motorcycle and Donatello and his little scooter buggy thing. Let’s open it. Rawr! (Slow Mo) RAWR! We got this totally awesome set out and look at all of the totally cool figures we got with it. Let’s look at the figures real close. These are the two figures that came with the Super Sewer HQ. We have Splinter and Michael Angelo. They’re just like the Leonardo we did before. With their arms moving and their heads moving. It looks like Splinters legs don’t move, but Michael Angelo’s legs do move. Here’s the other two turtles we got. Donatello and Rafael. I like how all of the turtles are all their own different color. Looks like Donatello’s arms move together. Just like his legs. And Rafael. They are guys. Awesome. Here’s April O’Neil. The Ninja Turtles friends. It looks like she has a red fan. Her arms move up and down kind of. And her legs look like their supposed to move, but they don’t So this figure is a little crazier. Here’s our bad guys. This guy is a footman. He’s a member of the gang called the Foot. He’s got a really cool sword and awesome ninja gear. And then here is Shredder. He looks crazy cool with his cape and all of his armor and stuff. These guys are pretty neat. They’re gonna be to play with these bad guys. This is Rafael and his mini bike. I like that they made it so it can stand all by itself and he pops right on. This is Donatello’s luge. He just lays right on here, so you can ride around and he’s got some pinchers. Pretty neat. This is a little sewer car that came with our super sewer HQ. It’s pretty cool, but the figures are too big to have sit down so you gotta make them lie down. Something we really, really like about this play set is all of the art on it. It’s got some cool graffiti, and this really neat carpet down in the dojo. Background art. And I mean even these sculptures up here are really, really neat. It’s very imaginative. You can definitely get into character and have some really cool playtime with this set. Let’s put the sewer car down. Whoa that was awesome! Let’s push the kick foot button. (the playset talks) It says a lot more phrases, but you get the idea. Splinter has a secret sewer trap button. Mikey, Splinter needs some back up. Help me! Ahh! Whoa, we’re back from saving the city tonight. We did such a good job! Welcome back my sons. Whoa, that was some crazy stuff we did. Yeah, good thing we were there to save all of those innocent citizens. Hey guys! Welcome back! I just ordered you guys a giant pizza! Whoa! Pizza! Totally tubular! Get down here, April! Wee! I’m so glad to see you guys again. I can’t wait to have pizza. April, you’re the best. Awe, thanks guys. So what kind of pizza did you get? Does it have mushrooms? Does it have anchovies? What about pepperoni? Nah, I bet it’s just plain cheese. Umm guys, I think your pizza is ready. Pizza delivery! Awe thanks man, you’re the best. So how much do I owe you? Umm that’s ten dollars. (creepy waa-haa-haa) I got your pizza. Whoa, dude. Not cool! Give me that pizza. (yelling begins) Guys, help! Shredder stole our pizza! Ahh, no one messes with our pizza. Hey! Keep your mitts off of my anchovies. (shredder calls for back up) Hahhahaha! Raf, go help Mikey. Me and Donny will get Shredder. You got it Leo. Let’s get him Mikey! (fighting sounds) Kowabunga dude! Come get it turtle. I’m gonna shred you like the cheese on that pizza. (fighting sounds continue) Leo, help! I’m coming, Donny! (creepy laughter) Oh my gosh, Donatello, are you okay? Yeah, that’s why I got a shell. Always wear a helmet, kids. I’ve got April now! Ahh! Help guys! Hi-ya! We got you surrounded you old tin can. A father should not abandon his sons in battle. Way to go, Master Splinter! Oh man, this pizza is killer! Thanks April! You’re welcome guys. Thanks for saving me, again. Nom, nom, nom. Oh pizza is so good! What was your favorite part about this playset? (You can see the whole city from up here!) Wow, that’s a pretty cool part. I really like the secret trap door in the back, in the bottom. That’s pretty neat. Thanks for watching, bye! Leave us a like. Write us a comment. And “sumscribe.” Click the link for more Kinder Playtime videos. Thanks for watching, bye!

Randy Schultz

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