Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half-Shell Heroes Shellraiser Leonardo Ninja Turtle Toys

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half-Shell Heroes Shellraiser Leonardo Ninja Turtle Toys

Kinder Playtime! (Children Laughing) (Boom, Boom, Chomp) (Boom, Boom, Chomp) (Boom, Boom, Chomp) (Boom, Boom, Chomp) (Boom, Boom, Minion Speaking Gibberish) (Chomp, Minion Scream) Welcome to Kinder Playtime This is some Ninja Turtles today, huh? Yeah, we got some Ninja Turtles! This is the Half-Shell Heroes Shellraiser
with Driver Leo! Yeah Which one is your favorite Ninja Turtle? My favorite is the red one. That’s Ralphael, but this one comes with Leo,
k? Yeah He’s pretty cool too! He’s the leader of the
Ninja Turtles. Yeah, Daddy likes the Blue one. Daddy’s favorite is the blue one. Are you ready to open it up? Yeah! We just got it all out of the box and here’s
our really Ninja awesome figurine, Leonardo! He’s way cool, I like the art style they used
on these new Ninja Turtles series. It makes it really super kid friendly looking. His shoulders bend, and his hips bend, and
his head goes back and forth. He’s pretty cool, huh Jacob? Yeah. What’s your favorite thing about this Leonardo? His mask! The mask because it’s blue? Yeah, I like blue don’t I? Yeah blue is one
of your favorite colors! Yeah I like his Ninja gear! It’s pretty cool, he
looks ready for action! Ya! Whoa look at this brand new Shellraiser! It
does some pretty awesome stuff! I can’t wait to try it out on some bad guys and save some
good people! Ready? Let’s go! Whoa! What the heck are those things?! They’re creepy!!! Let’s fire the trash canon! Blarg!!! Whoa, thanks for saving me dude! Let’s ram it!!! Whoa! That was great, thanks Leo! Get this! (Minion gibberish) Uhhhhhaaaaghgg! Time for my Karate kick!!! That was amazing!!! Chomp Chomp Chomp! Oh thank you! Whoa, are you guys ok? That was crazy! How can we ever thank you for saving us Leo? (Minion Gibberish) Blaaaaaaaa! What, there’s another one!!! Let’s break it!!! Ahhhh, it’s a Creeper!!! I’ll fix this! Get in there Creeper! Sssssssss!!! You saved us again, thanks Leo! Ah, no problem! That was totally tubular! Later dudes! This thing also makes some pretty cool noises,
show us Jake! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shellraiser
Noises) Give us your review, Jake! Thumbs up! What did you like about it? The trash canon? Whoa cool!! What else did you like about it? Wow, that’s pretty cool! And that? Go straight up! But you like this toy? Cool! Thanks for watching Kinder Playtime friends!

Randy Schultz

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