Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fondant manhole cover – TMNT cake 1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fondant manhole cover – TMNT cake 1

I’m Ashlee Marie and it’s time for cake. The tutorial today is for this adorable Ninja Turtle manhole cover. Let’s get started. I’ve already covered three boards with some grey fondant, and now we’re going to cut out the design here. I’m going to put this on top of our grey fondant. I’m going to use a knife and very carefully press the knife right, just inside, and then I’m going to hold the knife in place and turn this, and then just kind of let the turning do the work for me, of getting this cut accurately. So now, we have our perfect circle, and I’m going to do the same thing. I’m going to hold my knife in place, about half an inch in. And, I’m going to let the turning do the work for me. So now, I have our outside circle. Now, I’m going to take a picture of the logo that I have and put it next to me. And, I’m going to kind of mark off where the logo should be, but backwards. The reason we’re actually doing it backwards is because once we’ve finished cutting everything out, we’re actually going to stick it right on to the cake plates and then flip it over. So then, it will be right side up. You can see, I’m using my scriber needle to actually sketch everything before I cut it out. It’s that same old adage, measure twice, cut once. So, I’m making sure that I’m happy with the placement, that it’s centered, and that I’ve captured all of the details before I pick up that knife and cut right through it. So, I’m noticing the details, like the T’s have angles across the time, that there’s that point down the center between the M and the N. And, stuff like that is really what’s going to make your logo look super authentic and really great. So, once you start cutting, you can go ahead and start weeding out the parts that we’re not going to need, like the in between of the M’s and the N’s, and next to the posts of the T’s. Now, we have our backwards logo. Now, you’ll notice that I still kept these big portions of the grey in right here. The reason that I did that, is because now we need to make the grate lines. And, they’re just two lines that alternate direction, kind of like bricks. Using my favorite tool, again, I’m drawing a grid in those blank spaces along the top and bottom and next to the T’s. And, I’m making nice and even, and symmetrical squares. Once I’m happy with the squares, I’m cutting little slivers in between and along the top of each of the squares, to kind of space them out a little bit. Then, I’m going to cut little slivers, again, right down the center of each of the squares, going from vertical, horizontal, and that’s creating that great grid that we’re looking for in the back of our manhole cover. Now, you can see I’m weeding as I go, meaning I’m taking away all the excess I don’t need. But, I found that by weeding as I go during this first quarter of the circle, I ended up accidentally moving some of those little rectangles that I didn’t mean to. So, for the rest of the circle, I actually ended up cutting it all first, and then weeding at the very end. And, it was a little easier to do. So, that’s the way that I suggest doing it for you guys. Alright, so, as you can see, the backwards logo, all the little blocks, and the circle are all done. Now, we want to get all of this on this circle. You want to brush some of your clear alcohol, or clear vanilla, all over all of this. But, this is a lot of detail, so I’m actually just going to brush this whole board. Because, it will be a lot faster. Alright, so our board is nice and wet. You can see, it’s all shiny. And, as that alcohol evaporates, it’s actually going to leave the fondant nice and tacky, and that is what’s going to make it stick. Flip this over. And, you can actually start to see where everything is- Alright, now we’re going to peel this off. Alright. And, there we have it. Don’t forget to subscribe to see more cakes. And, leave a comment down below if you have a request. Thanks for watching! Captions by

Randy Schultz

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  1. Rasha H says:

    That's really helpful and amazing thank you Ashlee for sharing I was looking for this video

  2. Cooking Outdoors says:

    Now that was very cool! 👍

  3. Rasha H says:

    Definitely I will let you know 🙂 thank you 🐸

  4. Jennifer Puckett says:

    What brand of fondant do you use? I use Satin Ice and  have a problem with the fondant dragging.

  5. Sistaz Cakes says:

    WOW thats what im talking about. Amazing!! I have a TMNT cake coming up I found this just in time. Thank You…

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    Just wow you did that free hand!!!

  7. nathan harveston says:

    you are amazing!

  8. Yvonne Amos says:

    Clever!! Well done, loved it.

  9. Francis Binet says:

    have you played warhemmer battle?

  10. Amanda Moss says:

    Awesome! Way to work smarter instead of harder! I'm going to need to remember this technique.

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