hey guys welcome to show-and-tell toys
all right who do we have right here what are these right here teenage mutant ninja turtles and who’s
that right there Donatello Leonardo Mikey yep and Raph and Michelangelo
very cool teenage mutant ninja turtles from the second movie that just came out
and these and these are really cool figures aren’t
they yeah we they they’re just kind of standing around it looks like they need
a ride don’t they what do you got right there oh cool look at this it is the turtle tactical
truck and this is the Tartaruga brothers right Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles check it
out Raph on top that fires a capture net and includes three battle weapons
ninja stars that launches sewer covers oh cool and look it deploys a giant
nunchucks let’s check out the other side you can
open to ride in the vehicle the nunchucks it’s got the the weapon net launcher wow this thing looks pretty cool we got
put it together we got open this up and put it together what do you think that’s
gonna be awesome yeah yes gonna be cool let’s do hey raph
what are you doing back there ok let’s open this up flip this down and
pull that open whoa there it is it’s already somewhat assembled but I
think we’ve got to add some stickers and some other things so this is what it
looks like when it comes out of the box so we need to add some stickers and some
other cool weapons and different pieces look at that and nunchucks are in there
pretty cool okay let’s see what else is in the box let’s see here got you got all the all the pieces and
the weapon there’s those things ok let’s see what
else is in here oh and all the stickers and decals and
instructions to put on okay let’s do it okay so we got it all put together and
this this dump truck garbage truck looks pretty cool doesnt it so let’s check out all the features so
right here it’s got this raised this bar right here that can look and pick up
garbage bins and flip it over just like a regular garbage truck would but if you
look right here there’s some pegs right here where you can take one of the
turtles and they got holes on the bottom their feet and then you can set them
right here just like that on the front of the truck
and they’re ready for action on the front or somebody’s got to be driving
this vehicle right you flip this up just like that and you
can flip down the cab and then you can put in you can put in Leonardo and who
else should drive all right Donnie and take your weapon out of there and put
Donnie right here inside so they could be in the cockpit and drive this truck
and then you just close it up like that there we go but check it out we’ve got
some little buttons right here on the side to shoot some sewer caps so you press that button to fire my way cool so these other little sewer caps
are like ninja star sewer caps you just take them and you stick it
right inside and just push them in just like that one too ok you want to put two in US but here
you put one in the you put one okay put it in the hole push air there we go and
then put one more in there oh right there here you go on to push it
in there you go ok now you press that button and you press that button ready
one two three oh move your hand one two three go hoo-hoo-hoo fire way
cool ok and also what’s on the top here we
got a net launcher just like you press this button right
here and they’ll launch a net yeah so that’s the net launcher ok so i think that Raph needs to get in
this little in this little hole right here this hatch you can open that hatch up just like
that and then we can take Raph look at stick them in here and put his sais off we can stick his hands right here on the cannon just like that now check that out he’s
ready to launch that net and those bad guys right ok so press the button right there there
you go good job all right and also on the back look at
this you can open up the back part of the truck so let’s move Raph out of here and on the
back it says each shell on the back here so now it’s it’s it’s mikeys turn okay Mikey you think you should use
these little tiny nunchucks or really big ones let’s use some big ones okay
Mikey get in there and work those big nunchucks put him in there ok are mikey
open up the doors and work those big nunchucks ok whoa check it out look at this big set that you can close
that up why I will go to the other side here we go and now look at this now what when you roll this wheel when
you roll this middle wheel it’s kind of got a little rubber to it
when you roll it will spin these arms around and it will spin these nunchucks
around just like that okay now watch me drive look for those nunchucks around ok so now ok sorry about this Raph you
can have to stand here for the test okay all right Mikey come by and hit him
with those nunchucks haha we gotta do it one more time here
we go there we go with that again get a flipping through or you can flip
it up and then you can you can open this door flip the min and they’re ready to drive
again their results and open this door and put
those in there there you go there you go all right good
job Mikey come out Mikey Mikey come on there we go good job
Cowabunga dude alright so what else is pretty cool
truck yeah put mikey right here in the front
like this cowabunga dude dolet’s go let’s go get some
foot soldiers and eat shell foot soldiers is my nunchucks where is my other nunchuck there’s another one here we go put that
on there okay let’s put the net on their there we go all right this truck is pretty cool there you go ah and then mikey jumps off whoa whoa whoa whoa what the local a
perfect landing or any stands right there here’s Raph all right come on out Donnie
and Donnie and Leo there we go ready for action – all right cool alright so this turtle tactical truck is
pretty cool isn’t it you can set Leo around the front there’s
Donnie in there he’s driving Leo’s on the front you’ve got the giant
nunchucks you got Raph manning the cannon for the
net cannon that watcher and then mikeys on the back and he’s got a
little spot right here where he can stand to and says each show and this one
says the tartaruga brothers it’s a dumpster out
garbage truck this is a pretty cool truck isn’t it
yeah yeah well that’s it for this episode of show-and-tell make sure you
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