Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier QR LC Review

Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier QR LC Review

Hey what’s up brothers Instinct here
for yet another video, and as mentioned in one of our previous videos we’re
going to talk about my new plate carrier. The Tasmanian Tiger plate carrier QR LC. Now before we’re going to talk about my new plate carrier make sure to LIKE,
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for your quality tactical needs. So as for today we’ll be talking about my new plate carrier and in the meanwhile we’ll be comparing it to my brother Viper his
older plate carrier the Tasmanian Tigers plated MKIII, this way we can see the new features and the differences between both carriers. So let’s first talk about the material both the QR LC and the MKIII are made of 700D Cordura® which would apparently be the ideal combination between the lightweight 500D Cordura® and the strength of the 1000D Cordura® in
order to stay durable. The QR LC carrier is a unisex carrier which weighs 1,300 grams which is 50 grams more than the MKIII. Now the added weight comes from the quick release systems but to compensate that they chose to use laser cut molle
instead of the stitched molle In practice laser-cut moly is a bit harder to use but it keeps a very smooth and clean look, now if you have some troubles
yourself with molleing your pouches onto your carrier or belt, have a look at the
link in the description down below because we already made a video about
how to Molly with some handy tips and tricks. Also like with the MKIII the QR LC has some nicely finished stitching. The front and back panel allow the use
of SAPI sized plates and the thickness won’t be a problem as this one features
a stretchy material on the side unlike with the MKIII. Also the removal and insertion of your plates has become easier than before with the MKIII. Whereas you needed to adjust multiple internal straps with Velcro you now only need to adjust one. Now as with any backpack or plate carrier from Tasmanian Tiger, the inside features a mesh lining
system for maximum ventilation in physically demanding situations. Now as
mentioned before the front and back panel feature laser-cut molle on which
the back panel features a nine by six panel with two rows of molle on top.
Whereas the MKIII featured a Velcro loop on top. The front features a 7 by 6 panel
just as the MKIII on top of that is features a 3 by 4 panel whereas the MK 3
had a 3 by 6 panel, but on the side it features two bigger Molly loops in order
for you to quickly change your front panel. In order to quickly switch your
setup the bottom four rows feature velcro in order for you to quickly
attach or removed velcro pouches or entire panels. The top also features
three rows with velcro for you to attach your personal ID in addition to that the
QR LC features a slick admin pouch for you to store documents Maps or other
small stuff. This is definitely an added value as carrying an additional admin pouch mostly interferes with your magazines or other pouches. The shoulder straps have had some
improvements as well just as with the MKIII they’re adjustable but the way
to do it is way easier. The Shoulder pads feature mesh for venting unlike the MKIII in addition to that you can also easily fixate your tubes and wires. Now due to
how the new shoulder straps are designed they have the ability to slide out of
position while the MKIII version has fully fixed shoulder straps now my
experience says that it doesn’t happen that often. The new shoulder straps also
feature a quick-release system on both sides which are made of a very strong
plastic and are very easy in use for you to quickly remove your carrier. As for the cummerbunds you get with this QRLC plate carrier, are both the vented sides as well as the closed sides which allow you to use side plates. The cummerbunds are also length adjustable through the back panel, but overall this
is harder to do than with the MKIII. Just as the shoulders both cummerbunds
feature a quick-release system which is not only very easy usage it also allows
for a silent removal of the carrier. Unlike with the MKIII which has cummerbunds with Velcro that have there own particular loud sound. Another good thing about the quick-release
system is that you will always have the exact same fit as when it was fitted to you.
Only downside is when you start wearing more layers depending on the weather it
might get a too tight fit and you need to adjust the whole thing on the back again.
Now besides the quick-release system TT also added two integrated front pockets
behinds the quick-release system. These are ideal to store your radio system
which makes it easy accessible or for additional magazines for example. The
downside is that these pockets are pretty big and have no retention so you
need an additional fixation in order to not lose your stuff. Anyway due to your
radio for example sitting close to your body it might feel like it’s pushing
against your ribs. Some may like it others may not at least I’m liking it this way thus far. In overall the QR LC plate carrier shows a
lot of improvements compared to the MKIII I used to use. It’s a very lightweight
and comfortable plate carrier with a slim design and a small profile which
allows for a lot of movement capabilities. By the way if you guys want
to learn more about fitting your plate carrier setting it up and testing your
setup have a look at a link in the description down below as we made a
video about that already in the past. If you’re looking for either carriers you
can find them at our online store, shop.reconbrothers.com, they are both available in a Coyote Brown, Olive Drab and Black version. Thanks for watching make sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, HIT the bell button, and we will see you next week.

Randy Schultz

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5 thoughts on “Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier QR LC Review

  1. HunterM6 says:

    I was waiting for this review! good job brothers
    May I ask about the SGL Mag Pouch – how do you like it and
    what are you using now for the triple pouch on PC.

  2. swatkatfan says:

    Looks like a nice improvement. And every system has it’s pro’s and cons. But the extra pouch for the radio or mags, it’s not possible to use the lasercut and some elastics to create retention? Something similar as you guys did with your mag pouches? Just an idea. Thing looks nice👍🏼

  3. Timo Daems says:

    Nice! What do you guys think about the TT MK IV?

  4. Mark Webb says:

    You guys are in Belgium?

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