Tarantula (2020)

Tarantula (2020)

[Music] so we decided we want to keep things interesting we want to connect with more people in the area and introduce you to some of the local breeders other reptiles and animals stuff today is going to be our first time going to visit we’re gonna visit 13 tarantula and they breathe guess what they breathing free what do you think read you know dB oh you got apple sauce all over your face we were snacking on applesauce they braid spiders spiders see weensy spider climbed up the AV bear take older hard and climbed up into her hair okay so that’s gonna be fun are you excited are you excited we’re gonna go see some spiders I don’t even think Avery knows what a spider is oh you don’t know what a spider is no but we’re gonna find out when a spider is today are you excited whoa let’s do it so we’re gonna get dressed and then we’re gonna get going sounds exciting okay let’s do it take care okay ready say bye everyone we’re going George Wright yes we hi George tt about spiders never seen a spider before never anybody here this is like another version of Matthew it’s like so crazy you can see Hey Hey You Missy stay up here please but how do how do you maintain them like if you can’t oh well it’s just careful honestly I use like paint brushes catch cups everywhere like yeah I’m very careful especially because of my hate yeah I mean to get lost in there don’t touch anything nude the flesh she said spider so do you have to clean the ones the soils I’ve just been getting into nicer rods and springtails because it helps a lot they put those creatures in there and then they eat though yeah it’s the garbage those are little ones like of equal area of equal area is the general janin the pink toes just pink daughter and show lies the most known in the Hobby it’s very easy going species like happy this guys gets up maybe four and a half inches when they made sure they’re on the smaller side of our boreal species really good I wouldn’t say beginners because it’s trying to need some knowledge to able to keep them properly you have to watch the humidity with them like you know with all tropical species this is the Antelope Pinto they are from the Caribbeans like the word versa colors I think they found it Brazil those Central American countries but I think this is the Antelope pink toy it’s called so oriental so when they’re about to multi you don’t want to hold them it’s the risk of damaging very soft no before molt they are really hard and tight because the skin itself hard and stop there they have access skeleton right so when it hardens up they have to break it to able to get out from it and that’s that’s the part the most of the obesity can lose a tarantula because of the not good humidity requirements in their camp mode properly and pain yes you need definitely good spraying with no you can help definitely like I even help with babies last year I I have four two sometimes they lose a leg or two but is still a better then then just let them you know die there in the mold oh that’s the only thing but you can’t these are the vinegar rooms they are technically tailless scorpions they just have a stick coming out you can see spiders that like eat birds so she’s your biggest so they’re gonna get another female that’s the same species here that’s where she do both you see look look it’s a big spray you see it mmm spiders are nocturnal no it’s just the skin I wanted to show you a buzzy yes oh my god is so the mouth like this this is how you sex it do you have to fold up the main apart and there is the male has not any day okay so the females have this thing hanging out yeah they have a little cut there this little slot no they are these white things or the bottoms they have for lumps between the four they have no between the white things are you gonna show you a bigger one actually more visible in the freak out where are you guys where are you from yeah that’s not your lollipop and it’s very good no no the lollipop I said it’s booked on I just a couple eggs did get mangled off the hook so how long your spiders live yeah it’s oh my god is that lining it itchy that’s so weird oh my god like this is a female and the female part is right there see this flop right there that’s technically that’s the spermatic II and this is like the Bible for the females like this is who you know what what you’re looking for there and this species is the non due to therapy as an office so this is a fairly results it yeah so this one looks like this when you zoom intellectually see she’s like this is like one month before so this is from last year and she already had these big fangs some of them reach is like a cat food size this is already like what we ate probably now it’s closer to 3/4 Thanks and how often do they say goodbye maturities are really interesting frankly tarantulas like not letting the venom out at the end of the thing they have a little hole on the side of the fence so they technically puncture a hole to make route for James Bond of the drainage estranged and we keep the fang game but the venom is not coming from the people Tellis scorpions they move back and forth but they are just like this one is the case by their little score they have the big species those get up like I don’t even know how big so what’s your favorite there is no favorite like it’s just so hard oh there are all these favorites like the first ones you know what actually get close to you to the Hobby and there are always favorite ones was like kind of crown jewels you wanted all the time but you couldn’t have it you have to wait for it so I have different kind of favorites I one of my favorite is the most simple some of those come richer I named her turtle because she just so green seems that she’s called a common name the Trinidad Chevron they are like very so that’s really your first ones one of the first one are you steering Canada and you can’t handle her I did handle her once well she was smaller and she’s one of those I wouldn’t risk myself because she’s a what a good seven seven and a half inches now she yeah she’s in the last tank she was out in the morning she she actually last year dropped anoxic she ate it I was so pissed he says my friend was supposed to come down on the fourth weekend and we were supposed to be the accent but he something came up so they came following weekend so I kept one more week the heck second and she just so now if you see the exercises take it after four weeks here sit on it you have to wait for me you have to wait certain time or otherwise you have to engage this is different different species this is called vinegaroon don’t get too close so she’s this one has no ocean no more anything but she can spray spray yeah under the they have like a little we just love defense mechanism they can spray this acid like it’s like it’s not like no I never experienced this you have to come down on the like like you can even lift her if she drops she dies but she can break herself on the on the tile we made that phone video of it how long does it take to get that base what is he doing is one day is like it look like he’s sharpening up this claws like a tab I don’t I just think don’t like the feeling that lays on me no this one is like a little insect or bug on you like a little Lobster I never was a really nice to them but they are pretty cool just to get into our acts and all these ape-like creatures you wanna see it’s your favorite spider I don’t really have a favorite I like the Bell for a communal at the moment when Julie really heavy just like little tunnels and holes but there’s six of them in there so I like the give me that means she’s this really cute watching the Minturn looks like she’s all puffy okay let’s try I don’t like I know that feeling a blade probably that’s why I don’t mind thanks so much cuz it’s just like it’s just a good giant muscle move they can’t exhibits that delicate you’re gonna poke it it’s be like yes there’s more upstairs I’m actually sprayed I can smell no can you okay that’s the exact same thing just itty bitty so you can read those no I just wanna go see how long it takes to grow because we had a big one we’re going home you like seeing the spiders oh no you say bye you say thank you for letting us see you

Randy Schultz

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