Talking About Iguanas Feat. My Axanthic Iguana

Talking About Iguanas Feat. My Axanthic Iguana

Skip to 2:36 if you don’t want to hear the ‘life update’.

Randy Schultz

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11 thoughts on “Talking About Iguanas Feat. My Axanthic Iguana

  1. Karlie Powell says:

    Yayyyy your back

  2. Baby Doll says:

    Can you do a whole video showing us all your reptiles /pets n.n

  3. Oscar Segovia says:


  4. Miranda Pottorf says:

    I live in Georgia too.. lol btw ur really pretty and I love ur hair..

  5. MANUEL GARCIA says:

    Nice video I like to know about other experience reptile owner and your are kool…

  6. frick frack says:

    what type of lizard would you suggest for a first time reptile owner? :/ ive been wanting to own an iguana because my friend used to have one and i just fell in love with the little guy, but i only saw and held him twice.

    ive always loved lizards and snakes but ive never been able to own one of my own, and now i may finally have the chance to, but i just dont know if i should still consider getting an iguana for my first time pet lizard or not.

  7. frick frack says:

    im really late to comment im sorry its fine if you end up not even reading this aha

  8. alex barbosa says:

    how much has the iguana grown up since this video??

  9. Chelsea Kinas says:

    2:33 for actual iguana

  10. Shade Tree Wrenching says:

    You are great! And cute!I just got a rescue iguana down in Daytona beach. He's about a year old and a nice guy and I love him!

  11. Molly’s funny And random videos says:

    I have a male iguana but he is a baby

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