Tai Chi Movements : Tai Chi: Snake Creeps Down

Tai Chi Movements : Tai Chi: Snake Creeps Down

In this segment I’m going to be talking about
snake creeps down. What’s most important when performing snake creeps down is not how low
you go. What’s most important is doing it correctly. So if you need to stay up high,
stay up high, if you can go all the way down put your butt on the ground, go for it. But
don’t give up the quality of the movement for the sake of the quantity of the movement.
This is a basic Tai Chi principle. So in the yang style Tai Chi we begin at single whip
in our school we take a very small step back to extend our stance. Dropping the heel so
we’re in a long stance. We turn the back leg so the foot is at ninety degrees but don’t
just turn the toe you have to turn the whole leg as this opens your hip joint. You shift
straight back, keeping yourself very vertical here, so you are vertical sitting down. Now
as you drop down turn a little bit to your right, this will let you drop down, drop down,
drop down, keeping the front leg straight if possible, it’s not like me keep your back
as straight as you can. Ok, so this is the idea of snake creeps down. You want to have
a sense that you’re sitting down and then we take this back leg we push off the back
leg as we do that our front leg bends, coming forward, coming forward out of snake creeps
down. Ok this is a revised version of this, as I said it’s not the quantity of the movement,
you turn the leg come back, sit down what’s natural for you, so you are just sitting down
natural, making sure this leg is straight. You sweep the ground with the hand, this is
a very appropriate snake creeps down, but if I’m here it’s no good. So nice and straight
vertical then come forward into the rest of your movement.

Randy Schultz

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4 thoughts on “Tai Chi Movements : Tai Chi: Snake Creeps Down

  1. Shantianita says:

    very helpful modification. thank you

  2. Nittacci says:

    Thanks for doing this video. It helped, especially where you said "Don't just turn the back foot outward, but open the whole leg" which of course opens the hips and allows for a more properly vertical, deeper yet comfortable move.

  3. secondgate says:

    basically, make sure your feet and knees are aligned at all times during weight-bearing

  4. N Kamm says:

    This is an excellent teaching tool for Snake Creeps Down – I work with seniors and this move scares them because they think I expect them to go all the way down – even though I've told them it isn't necessary. I appreciate this video VERY MUCH — thanks

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