T-Rex Toothpaste for Dinosaurs Challenge! Halloween Science Experiments for Kids with Giant Dinosaur

T-Rex Toothpaste for Dinosaurs Challenge! Halloween Science Experiments for Kids with Giant Dinosaur

– Alright, see if this fits. Yes, it fits perfectly, man. – Hey, Park Ranger, what are you doing? – Hey, Park Ranger OB. Oh, hey, it’s good that you’re here, cause I was getting all ready
for Halloween night, huh. It will be so cool. – Oh yeah, Halloween! – Yeah, we’re gonna have the
most, awesome jack-o-lantern, in the whole neighborhood! Everybody’s gonna love it. – How are you suppose to do that? – Oh, it cause we’re gonna have
an erupting jack-o-lantern. It’s gonna, like a volcano. – Whoa, that’s cool! But, how are you supposed
to do an erupting volcano? – Well, it’s because I have all these Science experiments here, so I’m going to try it out, and see which one erupts the best. (mumbling) – Oh yeah, hey, what’s in here? – Ooo, that’s one of my experiments. That’s dry ice in there, okay. – Whoa! – Yeah, so I’m thinking, let’s try the dry ice experiment, huh. – Okay, Spoonie, let me
put you somewhere else. – Oh, is that your jack-o-lantern,
we’re gonna wait out, and do Spoonie there, okay. First, some warm water. Okay, I think it needs,
dish washing detergent. – Oooo! – Soap, or whatever it is. Then, it will capture
the gas as it comes off, and make bubbles. Oops, kinda over shot it there. There we go. [Park Ranger OB] Uh, I think
you’re making a mess, man. Let me do this. – Yeah, I’m kinda messy. See, I cut a hole here in this pumpkin, and we put it over, and that way, when it, it will come out the pumpkin’s mouth. Kinda like, blah, you know. – Wait, I got an idea! – Oh wait, you reminded me. I almost forgot. We’re doing Science, we need
the proper safety gear, right. – Oh, yeah – Yeah, here we go. Head protection here! Alright. And here’s your goggles. Okay, oh you need your lab coat. You’re ready now! – Yeah! – Okay, Park Rangers at home, remember, if you want to do
these kind of experiments, make sure you have a
grown up to help you out, and you have all the proper
safety equipment, okay. – Yeah! – So, we’ve got our soap
and water ready there. Now we need some dry ice. Did you know that dry ice is so cold, it can actually burn you. So, I’ve got proper gloves here. Let’s open this ice chest up then. – Wait, wait, wait, what I need. – Oh yeah, those are your
safety gloves for the lab here. These are the gloves that
I need for the ice chest. There’s our first piece of dry ice. Woooo! [Park Ranger] Wow, that
thing is cold right there! I can feel it through these gloves. (yells) [Park Ranger OB] Whoa, look at the ground! – Oooooo, look at that! – Yeah! (laughing) [Park Ranger] Wow, man! Whoa, that is awesome! I don’t know if the soap did much, but… Oh wait, wait, look at the soap! I just think I didn’t get enough in there. Look, it’s starting to
foam at the mouth there. – Wow! – Wait, wait, here let’s
take it out, wait, wait. [Park Ranger OB] Wow, whoa! [Park Ranger] Look at the bubbles! Okay, bubbles go back in. I didn’t put enough bubbles
in there is the problem. Okay, so, grab that pumpkin right there. This one is a real pumpkin, huh. – Yeah. – Hey, wait a minute, it
already has a face drawn on it. Okay, right now, we should
have this little hole here, and we kinda put, like
a glass in it, okay. [Park Ranger OB] Oh, yeah. [Park Ranger] And guess
what we’re gonna make? A volcano! – Oh cool! – Using baking soda, and vinegar. Alright, here we go. See how much baking soda we need. [Park Ranger OB] Yeah,
overload it with baking soda. [Park Ranger] No, you
don’t wanna overload it, cause then the vinegar
can’t get down into it. – Oh, you also need some soap. [Park Ranger] Alright,
that’s good, that’s good. That’s a lot of soap. [Park Ranger OB] Wow, it
looks like slime almost. – So, I don’t know if this is gonna work, the way it’s all mixed up in there. But hey, this is why they
call it a experiment, huh. – Yeah! – See what it does. [Both] 3 2, 1 [Park Ranger] Volcano! [Both] Whoa! [Park Ranger] Oh, I don’t think it even.. It came out blue! Let’s see if this even
have any umph left in it. There we go! – Whoa! [Park Ranger] Cool, it’s
not quite a volcano, its more like a, toupe, or a hair piece. I don’t think that one was as impressive as the dry ice was, was it? – Nah! – Maybe, we should clean this up, and we’ll try the next experiment, okay. – Yeah! – Alright, it’s all cleaned up. What are we gonna try out now, huh? Which one? – Boom! [Park Ranger] Oh, it’s a Wubble Bubble. [Park Ranger OB] Yeah, we’re
gonna put my Tiny Wubble in the jack-o-lantern. – We can put it in there,
and its gonna erupt? – Yeah! – Okay, we’ll give that one a try, it’s a different approach. – That’s the Wubble Bubble. Is it gonna fit in that hole there? – Yeah, probably. – Wait, how do you blow it up? – You use this little thing. (blowing) – Oooo, it’s inflating inside! Oh, here it goes! Go, for it Park Ranger OB! Oh, oh. You might bust open his face. Whoa! (breathing heavily) Oh, oh, you don’t have enough umph. Oh no, that’s pretty cool though. It’s not quite erupting. So we need to get back to
our science experiments here. – See if we can make
something erupt. Okay. – Yeah. – Okay, so grab some, Coca Cola over there. – Okay. – You know, this experiment, you’re supposed to use Diet Coke, but I thought, well, what
about regular coke work. [Park Ranger OB] Yeah. – You wanna give the
regular Coke a try first? – Okay, yeah. – Okay, so you use some Mentos. [Park Ranger OB] Mentos. [Park Ranger] Mints right there, okay. – Okay, Mentos. – This is gonna make a lot of foam, right? [Both] You’re gonna do four, [Park Ranger] Okay, there you go. Just remember to do the same
amount in the Diet Coke, so we can compare it. – 3, 2, 1. (yelling) – Man! – The last one didn’t go in. – Wooo! Alright, time for Diet Coke,
let’s see if the Diet Coke can out do the regular Coke
here, with this experiment. [Park Ranger OB] 3, 2, 1. Whoa! – Oh, I don’t think that was as good as the regular Coke was, was it? – No! – Well, we can use either
one for our pumpkin, right? – Yeah. [Park Ranger] 1, 2, 3. Alright, quick. ( yelling) – Ooo, the whole Mentos
packet got in there. Oh, look it’s still going though. Look at that! – I think that’s what the Diet Coke does, I think it lasts longer
than the regular Coke. Now, we’re ready to make T-Rex toothpaste for our jack-o-lantern, huh. – What, T-Rex toothpaste, I thought it was called
elephant toothpaste. – Yeah, I guess they do
call it elephant toothpaste, but this being T-Rex ranch,
everything around here is T-Rex toothpaste, okay. – Oh, okay. – We’ve got a special ingredient
we’re gonna put in it, to make it T-Rex toothpaste. So, this is gonna be the kids
safe version first, okay. So remember, Park Rangers
at Home, you definitely need a grown up for this experiment. – Yep. – So, you start off
with, some of your basic H2O2, hydrogen peroxide, okay. – Yeah, – It’s like what you put,
you know, when you get a cut. So, you do like a half of cup of that. It’s already got that. There we go. Now we’re gonna put some
food coloring in there. What color, you wanted to use blue? – Yeah, no green, that’s green. – Green, okay, we’ll put
green food coloring in there. There we go, putting quite a bit. We need to put some soap in there too. This will make the bubbles
capture all the gas, it’s going to be giving off. Oh yeah, I need a stirrer
here, man something… – Hey, what’s this? – Oh, that’ll work, there we go. – I’m going to stir it. – Okay, you’re going to stir it up. Then, we’re going to put it in this flask [Park Ranger OB] Okay. [Park Ranger] We’ll pour that in. Alright, there we go. – Great job. – Make sure you got your
proper eye protection there. – Okay. – Okay, and I already made this up. This is yeast, and you need like a packet of yeast, mixed with a couple of
tablespoons of warm water. 3, 2, 1, see what this does! (yelling) – Cool. – Hold on, wait, let’s see if this… Yeah, oh wait, I forgot
the secret ingredient, man. Glitter! – That’s what makes it T-Rex toothpaste. But, you know what. – What? – That didn’t really work good enough for our jack-o-lantern anyway. – No – I think we’re gonna have to go to the big boy stuff now, okay. – What’s the big boy’s? – Yeah, this is not
the child safe version. This is the stuff that a
grown up has to do, okay. So, now we’ve got some high
concentration hydrogen peroxide, and we have some solution over here, and we’re going to combine those. We’re still gonna do the soap, and the food coloring though, okay. So, won’t you put the food coloring in. No, that’s good, that’s good. Alright, and we still need the soap. But, to make it T-Rex toothpaste, we’re gonna put in some silver glitter. There we go, okay look at all that nice T-Rex toothpaste glitter there. You stir it up real good there, here. Pour in hydrogen peroxide here. Now, this is gonna get
really hot in there, and it should shoot out. – Okay. – So, why don’t you stand
back when I pour it in, okay. – Okay. – And then, the whole goal, is to put our pumpkin over it, okay. – Okay. – And it’s gonna, who knows, we’ll see. 3 2 1 Go for it! Oh, its filling up! (yelling) There it goes! (yelling) Wow, I can feel the heat off of it, man! – Whoa! [Park Ranger] Wow! [Park Ranger OB] Wow! – Pumpkin went green with
T-Rex toothpaste, man! – Yeah! Man! – Let’s try it again now, alright. – Okay. Wow! [Park Ranger] This time
it’s gonna be gold glitter, to make it T-Rex toothpaste. There we go. Ooh, and that’s a lot of gold. Oh, then, and we need the soap. – Oh yeah. Wow. Go, take it out. What’s happening? Nothing’s happening. – Oh, oh. [Park Ranger OB] Oh, there
it goes, there it goes. [Park Ranger] Oh, wait, wait, wait, here it goes, here it goes. (yelling) [Both] Oh, look at that! Wow! [Park Ranger] We made
even more than last time, oh you see all the steam coming off? – Wow! – Whoa, cool man, that is so awesome. Oh ,i can feel the heat over here. It feels like we’re in
the shower, or something. – Yeah. – It smells like soap. I think the pumpkin’s
getting too hot again here. Oh yeah, it’s really hot. What do I do with it? – The pool! – The pool! Oh no, Park Ranger OB, it’s sinking! (panting) Ooo, that’s cold! Ooo yeah. Don’t worry jack-o-lantern! Alright, he’s all safe. [Radio] I need Park Ranger. – Oh, wait a minute, – I hear Park Ranger Jay calling
on my walkie talkie there. Let’s see what that’s all about huh. – Yeah. – Oh, this is pretty cool,
man it’s still in one piece. – Here you go. – Thank you. – Whoa – Oh wait, what happened to
your lab coat there, man. – Oops. – Ooo, you better bleach
that bad boy, huh. – Yeah. – Go head Park Ranger Jay. [Park Ranger Jay} Hey,
you guys haven’t seen T-Bone have you? – Uh, no, we haven’t seen T-Bone, nope. [Park Ranger Jay} Well, he’s not here. – T-Bone’s not at T-Rex ranch! Okay, I doubt he came here, but we’ll go check and make sure, okay. – Yep. – Come on, lets go check,
just in case he’s here. – Oh no, – Alright, let’s see if we
can find T-Bone, if he’s here. I think Park Ranger Jay probably just misplaced
him on the monitor. – Yeah. – T-Bone, he is here! – Yeah! – What’s he doing here at the old.. (roars) He’s supposed to be at T-Rex Ranch. – Yeah! – Okay, this can be bad, he can really mess up the neighborhood, if we don’t get him out of here. We gotta think of some way
to get him to go back to T-Rex ranch. I don’t have a sleepy dart blaster on me. – Blaster. – No man, you can’t blast
him with that new blaster. You might make him disappear. That can be bad. – Maybe I’ll scare him. – Oh yeah, you can scare him. You just gotta aim up
over him with that thing. – Yeah, okay 3, 2, 1 – Go for it! (blaster roaring) [Park Ranger] Yeah, yeah, it’s working! (roaring) Yeah T-Bone’s really upset now. – Yeah, yeah, yeah! – Come on T-Bone! Go, turn around! There he goes! Wooo, high five dude! Awesome man, T-Bone’s
running back to T-Rex ranch. The neighborhood’s safe. – You’re still wearing your goggles, man. Oh, I was wondering why
it was so foggy out here. – Oh. – Okay, T-Bone, see you later. – Bye! – I’m gonna go inside, and
make some T-Rex toothpaste. – Yeah! Maybe we should combine them all into one. – No, bad idea. – Oh yeah. Hey, Park Rangers, if you like this video, please subscribe to our channel, and give us a big thumbs up.

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