As Prophet T.B. Joshua was ministering prayer to the congregation at the Monday live prophetic service in the name of Jesus Christ, a man cried out to him for his special attention. I am a blasphemer. Are you a pastor? Yes, sir. You are a blasphemer? Yes, sir. I have a confession to make. The confession is that we have been praying that God should take away your power. We are PFN (Pentecostal Fellowship Nigeria) in Anambra State, Nigeria. I came to meet you. I have never seen a pastor like you. I have never seen your type. Why were you people praying to take away my life? We were seeing you as an anti-Christ. And even that the Anointing Water was initiation into the marine world. We said it was bewitching. The people were mesmerized; they’d just dance and fall and that it was not real power from Heaven. Why? These are lies of the enemy. I have come here for forgiveness. That’s why I came so that it would be well with me. So you are a pastor? Yes, sir. So, all the pastors in which state? Anambra. Yes, sir. You people were praying that God should take away my life? Yes, sir. And humble you. Okay, thank you. I want to see you, sir. Go and wait for me. Emmanuel!
(God with us – Matthew 1:23) I am Pastor Chidi Daniel; a pastor with Grace of God Mission in Anambra State, Nigeria. I also belong to the PFN (Pentecostal Fellowship Nigeria). Based on the information from our superiors, those I highly esteemed, I was ruined. That was the position. I was appointed as music and crusade director and as such, I went around saying what they told me to say – that was a fallacy – that the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, sleeps with snakes and lives in the water. You can imagine… And because of this, I went about telling people not to go to The SCOAN. I said it was an anti-Christ church and “the synagogue of satan” where nothing good can come out from. Because I said these things, I didn’t know I was ruining myself too. The problems continued for me. I didn’t know where to turn to. My children and family were ruined. I lost my wife because of breast cancer, and my children died in an accident. I got married to another woman but there was a problem. She left and went to her people. The ministry was in shambles, and I didn’t know what to do. I asked myself, “What is wrong? I’m preaching the Gospel and it is a gateway to blessings. Why is my case an exception?” I was confused. I went to visit one of my cousins who is a doctor, and I watched Emmanuel TV. I saw miracles that looked incredible, and I wondered. My cousin said that this was hypnosis, that they were being mesmerized and that when they were dazed, they collapsed on the ground. Then I saw the Anointing Water. I saw healing, deliverance and all manner of miracles through the Anointing Water. I said that this man was living in the water and that this was another dimension of initiating people too. I refused to accept the miracles and the authenticity of the mercy of God to humanity. I was always seeing the negative side and there were repercussions upon my life and ministry. Other pastors who watched Emmanuel TV were always telling me that the miracles were not real but stage-managed. You can’t believe it. Even on Monday after my confession, three pastors called me. I know that these are people that have Emmanuel TV in their homes. But they are like the ‘old’ pharisees who stand on the way, not allowing people to enter into their miracles. The SCOAN Sunday Service I have discovered that the appointment as a crusade director has amounted to disappointment and has brought ruin. My body is sick. Nothing is working. I asked another friend of mine who is a medical doctor. He told me that I have a confession to make, that I used to speak evil against the man of God and that the Bible says that sin against man can be forgiven but sin against the Holy Spirit would never be forgiven. I didn’t have the courage to come to The SCOAN after I had told people that nothing good can come out of this place. It was a difficult situation for me. I still went back to watch Emmanuel TV in another pastor’s house. Then I met another pastor who told me that I had wronged an authority in Christ. I said, “I have never insulted any man of God. Who could it be that I have insulted? T.B. Joshua of The SCOAN, do we call him a man of God?” The pastor told me, “You have missed it. Are you the one who makes people men of God? Prophet T.B. Joshua is the one who can deliver you. You must go to him for deliverance”. It wasn’t easy for me to come; it was another mountain before me. I had to summon up courage, and I came to The SCOAN. I came on Monday. The wise men came and attended to me. I thank God. When finally the man in the Synagogue, the man anointed, the man of the now… When Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared, he was very humble; he didn’t look like us who dressed to intimidate. I saw what I had never seen among my fellow preachers and old founders who are bishops. Prophet T.B. Joshua hugged me. He laughed. He took pictures with me. Oh, what a simplicity! What a humility! What a compassion! Somebody even asked him for his Bible and he gave it to him. I said, “No, I have not seen this kind”. Something was saying within me, “If we can produce these types, there will be peace in Nigeria”. The SCOAN Sunday Service Since I came, I have seen it in another way; I see the place as an institution in your life and your word. No one can see you on the road and believe that you are a Holy Ghost machine! The SCOAN Sunday Service I’m sorry, man of God. I have sinned against the Holy Ghost and the Anointed of God. Please, have mercy on me. He has been troubled for the past one week. I think he has expressed his feelings. My relationship with my Nigerian pastors, God is aware. If my people had seen what is happening here clearly, you people from other countries wouldn’t have access to me. Now God will begin to open that understanding. You know, this is the church of all nations. My country’s position should not be more than half percent. If they had seen and accepted me in the beginning, it would have disturbed my mission to the world. It is the will of God. The SCOAN Sunday Service If they had accepted me and seen me clearly, it would have disturbed my mission to the whole world. This church would have become a Nigerian church and it is not only a Nigerian church. God is aware. What they have been doing from the beginning was never a sin – God is aware. I repeat again. God decided to allow that to happen. God can use any foolish thing. He used that to keep me for the nations and the whole world. The SCOAN Sunday Service Just believe you are my father, you are my brother. Your pain is my pain now. Your trouble is my trouble, your pain is my pain. Two believers are better than one. Thank you very much. Hallelujah. We believe you have been inspired by the clip you have just watched. Click here to subscribe to witness more of God’s power at work in our generation today, and stay up-to-date with the latest prophecies, deliverances, sermons and testimonies from The SCOAN. Emmanuel TV – Changing Lives, Changing Nations, and Changing the World. RV: Pavel Tatyana Zheleznyakov 03/01/2019
CR Robert Begier 13/04/2019

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on ““T.B. Joshua SLEEPS With SNAKES And LIVES In WATER…”

  1. Hima Samm says:

    Thank you Jesus ? he expected God is aware

  2. MaiMai SuiSyn says:

    Wowo….I love the genuine confession of the music director! He must have taken so much courage to do that!!
    And what a godly response!!!
    Truly inspiring ?
    I kind of fall in love with the lovely culture of the Africans the way how they celebrate happy moments together by dancing and rolling or laying on the ground, how they address each other between the married couples, the family ties and the Pyrenees of their heart!! ?

  3. Veronica Jato says:

    Pastor you have play your part my will 4give u

  4. Kudirat Adejoke says:

    Why church will be against each other hmmmm hour father's in the heaven forgiveness all hours sin

  5. Honey Tea Rabbit says:

    Who is not against Christ will be on His side. If you read the Bible carefully, you will see what TB Joshua did alike Jesus did. But more than that, I'm really impressed by how Man of God reacted with all the praise and hatred toward him so humble and calm, specially as a servant and co-worker of Christ. Because with normal people, these things could push someone to broken, stressed, sin or even destroy him. It reminded me to try hard and I have a longgg way to go. Thank you Lord that in a sinful world, we could see such of people have the image of Jesus so clearly to be encourage, heal and learn each other. God bless TB Joshua and the SCOAN very much. Amen. ❤

  6. cay riyan says:

    mohon terjemah kan take bahasa indonesia

  7. David Boehmer says:

    I'm sorry. But Following T B JOSHUA IS IDOL WORSHIP. If you are going to follow him now. You will follow the Antichrist when he comes.
    Jesus NEVER puts any human being up next to him and tells us. FOLLOW THIS GUY.

  8. love levy says:

    I have a testimony to share
    I was sleeping around with my family members in my dream Nd most of the time I am in the water..
    After he prayed for me I didn't have that those dirty dreams thank you.. Emmanuel TV..

  9. Eric Mwenda (Ambassador) says:

    Don't Fight the Anointing of God

  10. Teniola Dada says:

    Emmanuel you are true man of God heaven confirmed!

  11. christina mckenzie says:


  12. esther wanjiru says:

    Touch no my anointed, says the Lord.

  13. Clifford Chakauya says:

    MAN OF GOD, MAY GOD BLESS YOU for everything

  14. Azike Austino says:

    God bless you prophet Tb joshua you are indeed a true and great man of God

  15. Miss ChiChi says:

    Nigerians and their stupid church drama. Drama king and queens

  16. subash rai says:

    God bless you more Sir

  17. BEN SAYE says:

    If u believe man has any kind of supernatural power you are naive….tb Joshua a simple magician aka con-man….man can not heal dont be fooled only God can…and God dont need tb Joshua to heal people

  18. Debra Augustine says:

    Tb joshua you are a man of God. God bless you with the good work you do amen hallelujah

  19. Debra Augustine says:

    Amen it is the will of god.

  20. Yolanda Lujan says:

    God bless you Pastor. God saw your heart. Msy he restore your life. GOD help us all not to judge. Thank Jesus for your unfsukjng love ???

  21. Anderson Phiri says:

    Emmanuel God with us, Praise the Lord ×3 who ever said we aren't and can make it I don't care but let them not die so that they can testify to the goodness of God for Prophet T.B Joshua live long and be blessed. Amen

  22. Labu Doctta says:

    The devil is s liar.They shall all confess.Betyer is not good enough the best is yet to. Hallelujah Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus Christ Amen.

  23. Jackline Ntinyari says:

    I wish to visit here

  24. Jackline Ntinyari says:

    Indeed HolybGost machine

  25. naomi bisimwa says:

    Please Help us, Tb Joshua, to come there to the Scoan Church ? of all nations in Jesus name Amen Amen Amen God bless us at always

  26. Samwel Lwiza says:

    By their fruts…not by their appearence…not by their miracle..TB Joshua fruts are telling me He is real man of God. The new name of TB Joshua is "Love"

  27. Skclara Matete says:

    for sure u Ar a real man Of God whom God has sent for this genaration.

  28. J M H says:

    Who really watches Emanuel TV? This guy..jd, jd, bj,,whatever his name,,he's an outright fake..

  29. Aquila Wallace says:

    Don't be fooled the man is F

  30. Aquila Wallace says:

    Fake paster

  31. Violet N Nxumalo says:

    Who was their when he sleep with a snake why always create news

  32. Kaniholi Jacca says:

    Ipelono axukushu shilu pelo Amen

  33. olowokere john says:

    Ha there will be a lots of surprises on d judgement day.keep deceiving d gullible ones with arranging testimonies

  34. Ikechukwu Ugwu says:

    T.B Joshua is a God sent to rescue us,may the Almighty God continue to bless you in Jesus name Amen.

  35. Ruqqoyat Abiodun says:

    More power sir ??? my father #prophet TB Joshua ❤️❤️❤️??????

  36. Megad Maggz says:

    Those who are destined to be captured will be captured……very sad.

  37. Sam Das says:

    Staged performance well done, God knows does that are he’s. They shall do many in my name.

  38. Africa Diaspora Channel says:

    Agba woli

  39. Kate Splendour says:

    Holy Ghost machine

  40. Jose Achu says:


  41. Augustd Boy says:

    Please read ma comments…

    I think he is not man of God…I have seen many pastor, prophecy…
    But this man what he does not satisfied my heart…

    Let me tell u story….real story that I. Have seen with my own eyes…
    1man he claim as man of God.. every body go to him…I myself too…he heal people….but never pray I wonder y….after 1month he was found out that he is witch craft…with long tongue…..u know I was hurt…badly…hurt….

    The same way with the man ..there is no much difference….
    . sorry if I was really wrong may God forgive me….amen

    And sorry for my bad english

  42. Issimal abdul Ndayikeza says:

    his is a real man of God

  43. oleg cretu says:

    Privet Emmanuel. Iz moldova mne deaf Amen Amin

  44. Pasteur aman jules says:

    T. B. Joshua est un oint de Dieu a ecouter et a obeir, honorer le au contraire. Gardez vous d'ecouter ces personnes mal converties qui vous poussent a vous rebeller contre les oints de Dieu. Elles sont elles-memes egarees et egarent encore des croyants hesitants. Attention je vous le dis, c'est la nouvelle strategie de Satan et ses disciplines pour refroidir la foi de plusieurs enfants de Dieu.

  45. Easther Johnson says:

    I love you papa

  46. Njiah Tata says:

    I like the humility of this pastor confessing.

  47. Moise Teko says:

    No one can trick me in anyway that TB Joshua is not a true prophet. I believe you TB JOSHUA you have suffered a lot before reaching this level that God has placed you

  48. FOLA SE says:

    Christ has delivered us from all these sons of Belial who call themselves pastors including T B Joshua , the Lake of Fire is waiting for all false Prophets.

  49. Ideju Ogugu1 says:


  50. Chris Columbus says:

    And we shall know them by their fruits….. Those of us who have been to SCOAN via Emmanuel TV can boast of harvesting a good fruit through Christ Jesus.

  51. Benzon Duque says:

    Tb Joshua please visit also in the country of Philippines.

  52. Jolly Kholum says:

    Thank you Jesus, Amen.

  53. MOTO FUJI says:

    I would have committed suicide if I didn't find emmanuel,TV on that fatefulday in 2014.
    He is the true man of God who made me understand forgiveness and freedom in Christ.
    Thank you, Jesus ! from Japan.

  54. Win AIG says:

    Emmanuel Tb Joshua forever ❤️??

  55. Buchille ne says:






  56. Phiona Adoko says:

    So wot should we believe in some says Dat man uses evil power from under water in Jesus name n he do so many thoughts of things that no one can even imagine, n ur there telling people his goodness, at fast u were right but wen he said he wanted to see u personally den there he bribe n brain wash u already but truth will always one day come to light for everyone to see n know.

  57. Phiona Adoko says:

    Only God alone wu truly does wu worship him in spirit n truth,but al ino is Dat there are so many false pastors and prophets n does wu tend to b serving da lord out side there, wot we need is da holy spirit of God to lead us to the truth. Halleluyah

  58. Everything Life says:

    Wasn't Jesus himself blamed as casting out demons by demonic power???????????
    But was that true????????????

  59. Everything Life says:

    As I watch ETV videos, all I see is, that TB Joshua has fear of Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit.
    His deeds are also deeds of good, not evil
    That says it all. An evil man would be caught in his evil deeds soon or late, but TB Joshua deeds all I see is consistent good. I do not like at all that he belongs to charismatic stream, because charismats in here USA are mostly rotten people, it's just sadly what it is…
    But I have to admit that TB Joshua evidently is not like our USA charismats here. Far too many of our Charismats in USA seem to NOT have fear of God, and are evidently morally rotten, which dismays me a lot…
    But this man, TB Joshua seem to be different… I see that he is actually afraid of God, of Lord Jesus Christ.
    TB Joshua would definitely be better off to NOT belong to charismatic stream, because it seems like they were developed here, in USA by satanists to destroy Pentecostals, which Charismatic stream has done too well destroying Pentecostals here in USA. And I tell you again, for the most part, Charismats here in USA do not exhibit Fear of God, live rotten lifestyle, and turned many Pentecostals the same way. In many ways if you look at USA charismats, what you would see is modern day Nikolaits, and that is horrific.
    That said, TB Joshua visibly is different than USA charismats, he obviously has fear of Lord Jesus, and I welcome, and respect that.
    Another thing I do not condone is rock music in Charismatic churches. There is no such thing as Christian rock music, that is hell's delusion, again, there is no such thing as Christian rock music.
    Yet Charismatic churches popularize what they call Christian rock music, yet it still is music developed by devil himself, as many rock musicians who are versed in occult, do admit. So you can try put sheep's skin on the wolf of rock music, but it still is a wolf, and has no place in true Christian church, and USA charismatic churches are crazied on so called Christian rock music, which in fact there is no such thing as Christian rock music, it still is occult music, brought to church, to do what? Worship the Holy God with it… is not that an abomination before Lord Jesus?
    I do want to welcome charismatic churches here in the USA, but they literally deny living Holy life, to the bestest of your ability in Lord Jesus Christ, and this definitely is not of God, its NICOLAITIC.
    You just can't be washed, and go do swine thing in the swamp again, that is what God warns against.
    African charismats seem to do better fear of Lord wise, but looking at what the charismats are like at USA, it's only better to have nothing to do with charismatic way at all, still I would welcome anybody who says they are charismat, but have true fear of Lord Jesus Christ. As said, sadly, hard ro see that nowdays

  60. Kej Akintola says:

    Folks are fed up of rhetoric.You said this God is all powerful let see what He can do or we go feast ourselves on YouTube and movies!The great man Prophet Joshua is blessed Holy Spirit is his helper….

  61. Sunday Umarou says:

    God have mercy on this man.

  62. everaldo march says:

    any human bein who is popular in this wicked and adultrous generation is not of the god of heaven but of the god of this world who is satan, he shows himself clearly ,his emphasis is on miracles, that is show biz

  63. Michel Man says:

    Another stage confession. People look for real message of Jesus-Christ please do not go to hell. Give your life to Jesus-Christ and be born again. Do not waste your time these fakers.

  64. Mensah Rejoice says:

    I bless the day I started following you… I thank God for ordaining you for us… Hallelujah!!!

  65. anna maneno says:

    TB Joshua. God will surely use you mightily. No weapons of the enemy fashioned against you shall prosper

  66. Jolty Merry says:

    This man was just misled by by the power of darkness we can be misled too these are just some of the tactics the devil use to destroy and to plan seed of doubt into God's people and to ruin this ministry that has helped people so much by drawing them closer to God

  67. Francos Nkosi says:


  68. marycatherine wangeci says:

    Am widow,mother of three small kids,i wish you can invite me and my kids,and pray for as ,itrust you man of GOD,kenya

  69. Akindipe Rotimi says:

    Pastor TB Joshua God will continue Empower you in Jesus Name

  70. Akindipe Rotimi says:

    TB Joshua The Holygost machine

  71. Jane Dough says:

    The "false preacher/teacher" infestation is all over the globe. Stand up and speak out against ALL of them – in the Holy name of JESUS CHRIST !!

  72. Emeka Umeano says:

    I love how he swallowed his pride humbly.

  73. Eldin Calino says:

    Tb joshua spent 15 months inside her mother's womb…what a miracle! Truly he has a calling from God thru Christ Jesus!!!! Your brother from the Philippines!!!??????

  74. Joseph Omalla says:

    God bless scoan. Out here have also been misled via internet in regards to Prophet TB Joshua's power as being of the dark world. I ask God to have mercy upon me from having listened to such misleading information from the net. Lord have mercy am sorry!

  75. Angel Medium says:

    There saying he is real bot fake

  76. K karaiba Joseph says:

    Watching Emmanuel TV is never a boring one. It always uplift my spiritual life. Thank you Jesus for introducing Prophet TB Joshua in my life.

  77. christine Ibrahim says:

    Indeed dad,now I understand ,why it s the church of all nation
    God is aware?

  78. Mr. lone wolf says:

    Fake bastard.

  79. Ngassa George says:

    God of prophet tb Joshua father please have mercy on us and forgive us in jesus Christ name i pray amen

  80. Nk Padichambou Dicham says:

    This is the prophet of this generation thank God for sending your prophet in this wicked generation … God bless him .

  81. Farida yanney says:

    I have never been to the church of SCOAN but I believe God's power is full and abundant there… I like the channel and follow all instructions given by T.B.J because I believe it will work for me

  82. Tea P. says:

    Ye shall know them by their fruits

  83. Jeanne Asante says:

    Merci Seigneur pck bocu t'insulte mais moi j'ai confience en vs et j sais k'un jour j vs verez d mes propre yeux .

  84. Jeanne Asante says:

    Parfois je prie Dieu d m donné c k tu as papa. L'humilité, l'amour, le pardon,la simplicité ,aaah du jms vue chez d'autre serviteur qui ont une gde mission comme vs. Reste comme ça . merci papa

  85. Nado Dadi says:

    TB joshua please pray for me u are a man of God so please heal me I have high Blood pressure

  86. Patrick Ngoma says:

    No servant is greater than his Master. If they persecuted Jesus then they will persecute His followers. This is a true servant of Christ. Prophet TB Joshua has come to lead us to salvation. No doubt, that can not be done without a fight. Satan is our common enemy.

  87. ELIYA WILLIAM / MAGESA Marwa says:

    From TANZANIA thanks man of God

  88. Gorette Bwalya says:

    our Father in Christ.. prophet TB Joshua??

  89. Rober Cleiton says:

    Cade a traduçao?

  90. Mchungaji Paul says:

    My Jesus christ thank you for Emmanuel tv to proclaim the message of Redemption to the entirety of the world .God.bless your servant.

  91. Esther James says:

    I give Tb Joshua a holy ghost

    blood bath in Jesus name you are a true man of God, God bless you and your ministry.

  92. Theresa Dalrymple says:

    Wow what a mess! Stay far from these establishments far, far away, let them and God sort it out. Lord if I want miracles blessings anointing I will come directly to you Father God, to your son Jesus. I ask for forgiveness for them who usurp your office and cause others to sin. Not good!!!

  93. Pedro King says:

    Our God is good Emmanuel

  94. Natasha Mofia says:

    the world is against this man because he is indeed a true man Of God…I got very sick this year and went to this lady ,a prophetess in my country to pray for me…She firstly asked if I believed in TB Joshua ,I said yes and nothing will ever make me change ..She told me she could only pray for me if I cursed the Prophet…She said she will rise and T.B Joshua will fall.She said the worst things and against him,and all her church elders cursed him,I was alone and cried because no one else defended him but me .She refused to pray for me because I believed in him..I said its fine let my sickness kill me because this man has done nothing wrong…Six months later I am very OK and didn't die…one day when I go to the scoan I'll say this…

  95. Edra Edith says:

    Jesus have mercy on us??

  96. rachael akello says:

    Glory be to God!!

  97. Sarah Peter says:

    Pray for me prophet TB God bless you

  98. Tau musara says:


  99. Tau musara says:


  100. Veronica Enni says:

    No one can destroy a true man of God..???

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