– Look at how awesome it is! He absolutely loves it. Oh my gosh, what a snake. (laughing) (R&B music playing) Hey, good morning everybody. Welcome to the vlog. I hope the start of your day is absolutely incredible. And this has been a vlog
I’ve been kinda thinking about ever since we installed this pond. And of course, you guys may be thinking what I’m thinking. I think we’re gonna have to pull Bowser out because we don’t wanna go in the pond with Bowser. And then I wanted to see if Elvis, the water monger, could swim. Now interestingly enough, when it comes to water mongers, sometimes they swim
really well, and sometimes they’ve never been in a bunch of water, they don’t know what they’re doing. So we’re gonna have a good time with that. And then, we’re gonna take Lucy out. We’re gonna do a little
swimming with Lucy, my big reticulated python, too. But first, we have to get Bowser out, which isn’t exactly the easiest thing. So let’s see how that’s gonna go. Come on, Bowser. He’s already upset a little bit. Come on buddy, up you go. (panting) So of course, Bowser,
is about a 40 year old, male alligator snapping turtle. You can see that big mouth right there. He’s definitely not very happy right now. But you know what’s
funny, is it seems like everyone that has a big
alligator snapping turtle has the same exact story. And that story is, oh my
god there was a musket bullet hole in ’em and
they pulled it out and they dated it all the way
back to the civil war. I’m gonna be totally honest with you, I don’t think that any
snapping turtle has ever had a musket hole in it. But maybe I’m just being cynical. In this case, Bowser
definitely is only 40 years old and doesn’t date
back to the civil war. Regardless, I’m gonna put him in here. Just let him hang out in here while we’re messing with his pond. Alright, what do you
say I get on some swim shorts, get in the pond,
and mess with Elvis. And like I mentioned,
I have been kinda dying to do this ever since I put this pond in. Cause I think, well I
wanted to be in here, put some animals in here and actually have a good time. I will say, it’s a little chillier than I thought it was gonna be. I mean, being at 84
degrees in here, I thought the water was gonna be a little warm. But maybe that’s just what it is and I’m just a wussy or whatever. Let’s go ahead and see if Elvis can swim. And again, I’ve actually
heard on occasion, that these water mongers literally have to learn how to swim. And again, you would think these guys would be natural. But let’s go ahead and see what Elvis thinks of this water. Come on, buddy. You wanna go for a swim? Climb up me? Go for a swim, buddy. Oh, look it, his arms go back immediately! (laughing) Elvis, do you like it? Oh my gosh. Look at how awesome it is! He absolutely loves it. Oh my gosh, Elvis, that is awesome. Come on, buddy. Let’s go swimming together. Oh, he is a natural. I mean, he’s buoyant as could be. He definitely knows how to swim. He is – oh my god! This is something we’ll have to do more often, for sure. Because he is absolutely seething. Like, look at him! Oh my gosh, is that awesome or what? I think people would even
get a kick out of it. As much as I love Bowser
in this tank, it’s almost like I wanna just
keep him in this thing. It also makes me start
thinking about maybe a future exhibit for
Elvis, where he has a big water feature like this
because there is no doubt this animal is suited for the water. Come here. Look at ’em. Oh, Elvis, you’re amazing! You’re gonna go buddy, go. Oh my gosh, that is awesome. This actually went way better than I even expected. Again, I thought it
might take him a minute to figure out, but he is
just completely natural. And this is the very first time that he’s ever been in a big amount of water. We soaked him in a tub
before, and he certainly gets in his water bowl
that’s a nice big bowl, but this is the first time that he’s actually in a couple feet of water. (laughs) Ya did that. Oh my gosh, that is freaking epic. Hey, buddy. Look at him just put his
paws back, aerodynamic as could be, right through the water. Oh my god, these guys are built for this. This is absolutely awesome. So guys, that was absolutely a success. Elvis loved the water. He got a little bit of exercise, which I think is great. It’s a great enrichment thing. This is something I’m absolutely gonna be doing more often. Gosh, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll ask Lori if
I could actually let people come in and swim with Elvis. What do you think, good idea? – No, bad idea. – [Brian] Bad idea? What do you mean? – Really bad idea. – This is a great experience, people would love this. – Oh no, no. Not gonna happen. Sorry people, get your own. (both laughing) – Alright, let’s go
ahead and pull Lucy out and see if she likes the pond. Now Lucy- up and we have to, of course, get her out of the cage. Hopefully she’ll be in a good mood. She loves water, so I think she’s gonna be absolutely amazing. But we gotta go in after her and hopefully wish for the best. Lucy, come on girl, I’m here. Come on, sweetheart. It’s okay, come on. Aww, I got some fun planned for you today. You’re gonna love it. That’s right, girl. You’re gonna have fun today. Don’t you look at me that way. Ope, nope, nah nah. She’s already going in the water. Aagh, aagh, I’m committed now. Alright good, I’ll get this side. You wanna just start pulling? Okay, good. Alright, you guys got a free second? Okay, come on, Lucy! I know you’ll love this. – Wh- whoa, whoops. – Whoop, it’s okay, this guy’s okay. Alright so, Lucy in the water, we’ll see. She should be a little
bit harder to – ooh. Look it, she’s going right to the bottom. Oh my gosh, she’s just
totally in the water. Underneath the water like this. Look at this, holy cow. She just disappeared in this water again. Lucy absolutely loves being in the water. Look at her over there, she’s completely submerged. She’s just comin up for
a little breath of air. I tell ya, I have never
seen a snake that seems to love being in the water more than Lucy. Come on, girl. I just know there’s a
lotta things she can kinda get herself tangled in, in here. We got this tree, we got
some wires for lighting, you get back in the waterfall. So I’ve gotta keep a close eye on her and hope for the best. Come on Lucy, come this way baby. Come on, there you go, sweetheart. Oh my gosh, just look at that. Oh, I tell you what guys. I love spending time with
Lucy in the water cause she’s just a different snake. And when she’s in the water she is just a sweetheart. She seems to be so happy
and just so deliberate. Oh my gosh, Lucy, that’s so awesome girl. Are you having fun, honey? Again, now I just wish
I had a big zoo where I could have a huge pond
for Lucy, and Elvis, and all these animals cause obviously they absolutely love it. Oh my gosh, what a snake. (laughs joyfully) Is that freaking awesome, I mean. Again, Daisy doesn’t seem to like it. All my other burmese that I’ve tried, they don’t seem to like it. I think Casper may very well like it, cause when I soaked Casper, he seemed to really love the water. So maybe at some point,
if you guys want to, I’ll bring Casper in here, too. And again, I think we
should talk Lori into letting people have this experience. I mean when are you gonna
ever get an opportunity to swim with a 20 foot python like this? Okay, Lori’s probably
smarter than me because there’s probably some
liability issues that you shouldn’t be doing, like definitely. I just think it’s such
an amazing experience and I wish I could just
share it with everybody. Oh, there you go girl. Aw, there you go. (Brian giggling) It’s making a little bit of a mess of the actual pond. We’re gonna have to clean up the pond a little bit. But it’s certainly been worth it. What an amazing experience
with Lucy and Elvis. Look at her down there. Oh my gosh, I love this. (water rushing) Oh my gosh. Seriously, you guys gonna have to do this sometime. Seriously, you really do. I mean, this is freakin epic. (water drowns out crew talking) We’ll literally have to do it sometime. Seriously, cause this is so awesome. As much as I could sit here and play with Lucy and Elvis all day in the pond, and I certainly could. We do have to open up for The Reptarium in just a short while. So, I think I’m gonna go ahead, hand lucy off to the crew, let them get her back in her cage and then we’ll clean this mess up that I made. Okay Lucy, you ready go back, honey? I know you are. You’re probably like
no, please, let me play. You guys gonna get a little wet. You okay? Okay, there we go. Hop on in, Andrea. Quick, quick, quick,
quick, quick, jump in, yep. – [Lori] Can her face go in? – Okay, good job. Oh doggy, was that absolutely incredible? I love it. That was so much fun. Thank you guys for helping out. I couldn’t have done it
without my backup here. Not only did they help me get Lucy out, Lori was my camera person on this job, and I did rip her a little bit about the swim experiences. But the truth is, she’s probably much smarter than I am. Let me know in the comments if you guys enjoyed this, if you wanna
come swimming with Lucy, or Elvis, or whatever
the case is, let me know. I’m gonna go ahead, get
dried off, get this pond cleaned up, and get
ready for The Reptarium. You guys have no idea how much I am just shining on the inside right now. That was incredible. And I seriously mean it. I wish I could somehow devise a way where you guys could come and swim with Daisy or swim with Elvis. I don’t think it’s possible, honestly. I really don’t think it’s possible. But man, I wish you guys could share an experience like that. I hope that you enjoyed
at least watching it. It was absolutely epic. But with that said, we have to open up The Reptarium in a few minutes, get all our last minute preparations done, and have an amazing night together. (children babbling) – She’s, he’s not gonna eat you. – We had another victim tonight. The first time you held a snake? – Hey, yes. – [Brian] And you were scared? – A big snake – [Brian] A big snake. And you did good with Snazzy. – Yes, she did fabulous. – I love it, I love it. And this is the person
that made it happen. Right there. – Hi. – [Man] When you’re done just let me know. (visitors chatting) Definitely having a great time here at The Reptarium. I try not to bore you guys with the same thing every night. So, just give you a little tidbit of what’s been happening here. Absolutely incredible. A lot of kids today,
which I absolutely love when a bunch of kids come
in, because they get to hold everything and they really enjoy theirselves so it’s
been a really fun night kinda educating kids, especially. Of course, a lot of great
adults were here too, but the kids were
absolutely amazing tonight. As things are winding
down at The Reptarium, we actually have- tomorrow is a big ship day, right? – Yes it is. – You gonna be alright? So tomorrow I think we’re gonna take you on a journey with Lori, who’s probably gonna be
losing her mind because of course we had the
big Black Friday sale. Thank you for everyone that bought stuff. It was really successful. – Yes it was. [Brian] Yeah, which means? – A lot of work for me. – Yeah, means a lot of work for Lori. So we’re gonna take you, tomorrow, through the day, of how it is to pack up. What do we have, like a hundred something shipments going out tomorrow? Something like that? – Um, yeah I’m not sure. A lot. – A lot. So we have about half
the shipments are gonna go out tomorrow and then the other half are going out later this week. So like I said, like a
hundred and something packages are gonna have to go out with a lot of animals in it. So we’re gonna take you on a journey. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it. As for now, I’m gonna go
shut The Reptarium down and end the night. And there it is, guys. The day is come to an end. Really awesome time with Lucy and Elvis. Again, I don’t know, I’ve been brimming all day long about it. We had a great time at The Reptarium, too. But the night has to end
and so does this vlog. With that said, I wish you guys an absolutely amazing day, evening, night, whenever you happen to be watching. As always, your support
means the world to me. And as always, I’m gonna
tell you I love you, because I truly do. Can you do me a couple favors before we get outta here? Can you smash that like button? Turn the post notification on so you know when I upload video, which is everyday, seven days a week at nine o’ clock in the morning eastern standard time. Remember to comment down
below because I love reading about your beautiful faces. Be kind to someone today. And I promise I will see you tomorrow.

Randy Schultz

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