Surprising the Kids With Courtside Basketball Seats!

Surprising the Kids With Courtside Basketball Seats!

– Hey Dada, I caught a frog! – Oh, I see movement. Karma wants a ride too. Daddy. (Finn squealing) Ants, ants, ants. You were so brave! – I hope she’s not a poisonous frog. – I’m so excited to see how Finn reacts. (cheering) ♪ Wherever you are, that’s
where I wanna be, yeah ♪ ♪ That’s where, that’s
where, that’s where ♪ ♪ That’s where I wanna be ♪ ♪ This is home ♪ – Good morning and welcome
back to our channel. Make sure you click that
subscribe button down below. We are hanging out outside
in this beautiful weather, oh my god, it is so close
to being summer, huh? (laughs) Good Luna. Ollie is needing you guys something, Luna’s little booty though. Okay, what are we building here bud? – A campfire. – [Missy] Wow, why do we have chairs in our backyard like this? – It’s ’cause I wanted to make a campfire. – [Missy] Oh, you brought these out here. – So I could sit down and pet my animals – [Missy] Oh you’re so cute. So you’re making a campfire here? – [Ollie] Yes. (dog noises) – [Missy] Luna, so dramatic. This is amazing, so you’ve got a campfire, you’ve got a bike, is that your bike? – I’ve got stuff up there too. – Oh you’ve got some stuff up here, oh wow, I haven’t even seen this. So, he packed this bag,
he’s got an iPad, wow, a flashlight, fishing line,
some string, and a lantern. You could literally camp
out here, you know that? – Yes – [Missy] You even have
entertainment (laughs) You guys are just the cutest things ever. And you’ve got your lizard,
and a treasure chest, why do you need a treasure chest? – Because this is where my snake lives. – [Missy] Oh wow, oh wow, yep
I’ve seen this guy before. He is awesome looking. I bet you we’re gonna catch so many cool snakes this summer, huh? – Yes – Who else is so excited
for winter to be over, and for summer to be here? Give this video a thumbs up if you agree because oh my goodness,
this warm weather is just making me want to swim in the pool and sit by the pool and enjoy the sun. If you guys haven’t seen, we got a door and it’s been so nice ’cause the chickens can come in and out
during the day and eat, be able to kind of like roam the ground. But we’ve had a little bit of trouble with something getting inside of our coup and stealing our eggs. If you haven’t watched that video, I have it linked up in the I-card, it’s like the cutest video but also (sighs) we’ve had some issues. You guys, I can’t find the chickens, we gotta go on a hunt for them, okay? Let me know if you see
any chickens around. Where are they? I honestly usually see my
chickens just wandering around my yard in the morning
and I haven’t seen them, so now I’m like, kind of concerned. Luna, did you take any chickens? Where are they? Oh, I see movement, I think I see them. Oh my goodness, they’re all
just sitting over here resting. They’re like, don’t disturb us. Aw, they’re all just hanging
out in these little bushes. Like I said though, we definitely have some yard work to catch up on. Come spring we’re gonna
have some work to do, huh? Okay, come here, lemme see that hat. You look so cute with this
little explorer hat on. You ready to go ride some ATVs? Okay, let’s go. You want me to get on first? Karma, you wanna get one? All right, you can try and get on. Karma wants a ride too. We’re on this ATV and he just hopped up. All right, you wanna hold it? Okay, let’s see if Mama can start it. (ATV starts) Karma, you crazy dog. I’m riding with the baby, a
dog, another dog chasing me, and a camera, might be a little dangerous. – [Ollie] Mama, Mama,
look at what I caught. – [Missy] What’d you
catch, what’d you catch? – [Ollie] I caught a frog. – [Missy] Oh my gosh, I cannot
believe you just did that. Look at this little guy. You caught that. You’re so brave.
– I hope she’s not a poisonous frog. – [Missy] We don’t have
any poisonous frogs here. That was so cool. You guys see any other frogs? Your first real one, ’cause
you love setting up big frogs to catch, but you just
caught your first real one. Careful, careful, careful! – I know what the perfect thing, there is a little bucket over here
full of a little water. – [Missy] Okay. Oh my gosh. – [Ollie] He swims around. – [Missy] Look at that guy. That’s a cute little guy. – [Finn] I wanna touch him – [Ollie] Okay, touch him. Jump. – [Missy] Daddy is gonna
think this is so awesome, shall we go show Daddy? (Finn squealing) – [Missy] Oh yeah, ants, ants, ants. Let’s go up to the house, I
think Papa’s gonna be here and Daddy’s gonna wanna see. – I wanna ride with Ollie. – [Missy] Okay, you ride with Ollie. – [Ollie] Okay, get on
the back, get on the back. – [Missy] Okay. (motorbike zooming) – Oh look, I see him, Papa, Papa! I caught a frog. – [Missy] (laughs) He’s like (mumbles). That is so cute, he’s so excited to show you what he just caught. – [Papa] What did he catch? – [Ollie] Papa I caught a frog! – What? When? Where? – [Missy] In the pond. – It wasn’t a pretend one, was it? – [Missy] No it’s a real one. – Papa I found a frog. – It’s kinda like a tree frog. – He just went up to Uncle and he goes– – It’s not fake, it’s real. – It’s not fake, it’s real,
look at this little guy. – I always hear them down here at night, but they’re always such good hiders. – [Missy] They are, I mean he blended in, the fact that Ollie saw him and he just went down and grabbed him. – I mean, that looks like
a tree, the colors on him. – [Missy] What kinds frog
do you think this is, a bullfrog or a tree frog? – [Ollie] Oh I’d like the bullfrog. – [Missy] Oh remember
there’s ants over here, why do we keep standing over here? It’s on you Uncle, they’re everywhere. – [Uncle] I’m gonna feel
like I’ve got ants on me the rest of the day. – [Missy] I know.. – Hey Dada, I caught a frog. – [Bryan] What, that doesn’t look like a frog.
– [Ollie] I caught a frog. – [Bryan] Oh you have him in there? Oh now he’s in my office! Ollie just caught a frog and now he has to catch a frog again. Did you catch him again? – Yes. – [Bryan] Wow, let me see him. He’s so cute. What do you wanna name him? – I wanna name him Froggy Grumpy Toad. Actually not Grumpy Toad, Froggy Toad. – Oh yeah. Okay you guys, vote in the I-card poll about which of those
names that Ollie suggested do you think we should name
our little frog friend. Or if you think we should
name him something different, let us know down below in the comments. – I wanna go clear the
tank so we can keep him. – Okay, but hey, clean yourself up ’cause we gotta go to a
basketball game, okay? – Oh yeah. – Oh yeah, okay (laughs) – [Missy] All right it is
finally time to let him go. We’re gonna be brave though, right? ‘Cause why do we let our
animals go that we catch? – So they can go home. – [Missy] Yes and they
gotta live happy lives, huh? But that was so fun and
I bet we’re gonna catch– – I think he loves us, oh! – [Missy] Oh, there he goes. – [Ollie] Bye froggy. – Aw, see how fun it
is to let him go home? Good job bud, that was very nice of you. That’s the best way to
be an animal person. Sometimes you gotta let
things go that you love, huh? I’m proud of you. I know how hard it is
to let little animals go after you catch them, but it
is definitely the best thing and it’s good that we can teach him. You gotta go head
somewhere really fun, okay? – [Ollie] Okay. Daddy’s waitin’ for ya. I’m proud you big dude,
you did a good job today. Let’s go wash your hands. – It is time for the Harlem Globetrotters! You see Firefly on the bus? Look at him, he’s up there. I’m so excited to see how Finn reacts to his first Globetrotters game. We’re definitely gonna have
to get you a jersey too, so that you can match Ollie and I, okay? If you guys haven’t see the
last time we went to a game, we had some much fun, I’ll
put it up in the corner. Like your jersey? So I got him number two you
guys, ’cause he’s little. Three, two, one, Harlem
Globetrotters time. That’s who’s jersey you got dude. (applause) (background noise drowns out announcer) – [Women in crowd] I’m in
someone’s seat, I can move, sorry. (background noise drowns out announcer) (applause) (siren blaring) (clapping) (background noise drowns out announcer) (clapping) I don’t know if Finn
knows what’s going on yet. You know what’s goin’ on, right Ollie? – Yeah. – So if you guys don’t
know, the Globetrotters always play the Washington Generals. They’re basically the bad guys and it’s actually really embarrassing because Dallas always wears their jersey and cheers for them. – They’re coming back. (background noise drowns out announcer) – [Announcer] In slow motion. (“Chariots of Fire”) (background noise drowns out announcer) – [Announcer] What are you doin’ up there? They’re almost there. – They brought out big Globey
this time you guys, he’s huge. Like an inflatable Globey (laughs) They asked for five kids and
a bunch more ran down there, I’m like, yeah you guys
are staying here with me. Finn ran down there to do the
YMCA and didn’t get to dance, but he got a high five from
Dizzy, which is his jersey. Was that cool, you got to meet him? He was nice, yeah? – [Dallas] C’mon, go, go Generals. – You’re embarrassing me. (applause) (background noise drowns
out game announcer) (cheering) – Defense. (cheering) They won! (applause) – [Announcer] Globetrotters win. – Generals, generals are number one. Generals are number one. Number one, generals. Generals are number one. – [Bryan] Nice, you can do
it all on your own now, huh? – Yeah. – Finn’s getting close to
doing it on his own too, huh? Yeah, yeah. What’d you think of the
Harlem Globetrotters, Finn? – Good. It was cool, huh? The boys always have so much fun when we take ’em to Harlem
Globetrotters games, and who won? – Me. – You? The Globetrotters won of course, that’s how they do it every time. Let us know in the comments,
have you guys ever been to a Harlem Globetrotters game, or have you ever been
to a basketball game? Let us know how it was
down below in the comments. What’s you favorite part
about going to the games? – Cotton candy, dancing. – [Bryan] Dancing’s fun too, huh? – Popcorn, but Papa forgot
to get me cotton candy. – [Bryan] Oh Papa, did you
forget to get him cotton candy? – That was my bad, me. – Papa forgot cotton candy, Finn. – I want cotton. – I know you do, you always do, it’s not even really a question,
he just always wants it. – That means we have to go to Disneyland and get cotton candy. – Oh my gosh. Yes this is Luna’s resting place. We often find her here still,
as spread out as can be. Silly puppy. So we just got back from
Harlem Globetrotters and Missy made me a pizza, that I don’t think she knew
that the cardboard was under it. No? (laughs) – [Missy] I didn’t know. – [Bryan] That’s okay,
I’m sure we can just throw it back in the oven and crisp it up. – I’m glad I didn’t start a fire. – [Bryan] Yeah that’s true. I don’t think you’re supposed
to put cardboard in the oven. – No and it was, oh it was on top of this and then on top of that, so at least it wasn’t
straight on the oven. – [Bryan] Finn did you tell
Mama how much fun you had at Harlem Globetrotters? – So much fun, he told me, he
was like, I had so much fun! – [Bryan] We always love taking
’em to Harlem Globetrotters. – I know, you guys had fun. – [Ollie] Watch this. – [Bryan] What, you got a trick for us? Let’s see it. Oh, you’re going backwards, whoa, nice. We are just wrapping up things at home, playing some video games
with Carl and playin’ the new game Anthem, it’s so much fun. If you guys have heard about it, let me know down below in the comments. – This is Finn’s new thing
because he can’t twirl his hair right now ’cause it’s so short after his haircut
– [Bryan] He just got a haircut. – And so he’s twirling mine. – It’s cute. By the way, Missy is wearing
YouTubers React merch. If you guys haven’t seen
us in the latest episode, where we reenacted famous kisses, I’m gonna have it linked up in the I-card, so you can check it out, it’s super fun. All right, you kiddos are goin’ to bed. – [Ollie] Yes. All right, I love you. Here Ollie, you wanna take the
camera and end it with Mommy? – Yeah! – [Bryan] Okay, apologize for the people listening with headphones. – [Missy] Whoa, so we got
this at The Learning Center and they are bars and then
these little red things, and you can build it to create
whatever kind of shape fort you want, and then you
just cover it in blankets. So, it’s pretty neat and they have all kinds of blankets inside and pillows. Were you hanging out in here this morning? – Yes. – Aw, how cool, such a cool little idea. ‘Cause I feel like the hardest
part about building a fort is trying to get it to stick and stay up and it’s so cute. – I wanna hold it. – All right, you wanna hold it. Shall we end the video? – Yeah. – I’m so glad you guys had so much fun. I had so much fun today, too, I actually got to do a lot of cool stuff. Riding my horse, and I hung out– – What, I didn’t get to go the barn. – I went to the barn, it was so nice. I actually Instagrammed quite a bit of it, so if you’re not
following me on Instagram, make sure you check the description, I have links down there
for my Instagram handle and also the boys’ have Instagram handles and they post stuff all the time, too. I actually also hung out with my sister and we did wedding stuff
because she’s getting married in a month or two, it’s so crazy. But anyways, I think we’re
gonna end this video. Look at this boy, he’s like,
wants to hold it so bad. All right, anyways, give
this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed watching today’s video. We had so much fun– – Good morning! – Good morning? You mean good night. We’re gonna go ahead and head to bed, so make sure you guys
subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already. ♪ Check in the mirror,
your hair is dancing! ♪ – Anyways, we’ll see you
guys in the next video. Bye, boop. (scratching) I haven’t really had the time, What were we thinking? – Hanging out in the studio. (horse galloping) – But I have to say goodbye. – Mummy! – [Missy] What? And then look what else I got? (fun, upbeat music) ♪ I am home ♪ ♪ I am home ♪

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