– But then, this is what I
was really excited about. Guess what I just found guys, I was looking around I saw
a little baby garter snake literally crawling on the floor. We ran out of crickets, yeah,
even we run out of crickets. Our shipment doesn’t come till tomorrow. These little babies are pretty
fragile in the sense that they probably can’t wait a day or two, they need to get fed to three times a day. Do you know why we have
a Reptarium balloon? This ones about to get loose over here. Here we go, I’m gonna set this down. Ooh this is a really, oh my god that is, You gotta be kidding me. We literally hit the all
gene animal in the first egg. Hey good morning, everybody,
and welcome to the vlog, We’re gonna have a busy day today. We got some egg cutting going on, We got some baby snakes,
we’ve got some baby snakes right in front of me. And I’m going to jump into it right now because I’m super excited on this clutch. – I’m very excited. – But this was actually a pastel crystal to a pastel crystal ball python. And This is actually a little
crystal ball python here. Absolutely adorable, now
the crystal ball pythons are what they call allelic, which means that when you
breed a special Ball Python to a mojave ball python,
one and four, on average, are going to be crystal ball pythons. And we ended up with a couple of little crystal ball pythons in this clutch. And actually when you
breed pastel the crystal to pastel crystal, you
can actually get some blue eyed leucistic weirdly enough, in this cluthc, we did not do that. And then this looks like it’s
a little pastel crystal here, you can see that this animal
is obviously much lighter than this animal, because
this is the normal crystal and this is the pastel crystal. But because it was a pastel
crystal to pastel crystal, this is the super pastel crystal. So it’s even lighter than the last one, which is pretty cool,
it’s absolutely gorgeous. And this is the first pastel
crystal I’ve ever produced. But then, this is what I
was really excited about. Is because again, these
are allelic animals, you can actually get a
super version of either, the blue eyed leucistic
would be the super version of the Mojave or, you can
get these monkeys right here. These are actually super
special Ball Pythons, which I absolutely love. I mean, these ones are rippers,
I mean, I tell you what, these are some of the
prettiest ones I’ve ever seen. And oh, I’ve got snakes escaping
all over the place here. Come on little monkeys
stay in the cage there. So this is cool, because now
I can take this super special and breed it to a mojave,
and everything is going to be either crystal or
special, or I can breed it to a super mojave, which oh my god, snakes are getting out all
over the place here guys. I can breed it to a super mojave, which are blue eye leucistic, and everything will come out crystal, so no more guessing, no more
odds all that type of stuff. Not to mention, these things
are absolutely gorgeous. And I just thought it was
an absolutely great way to start the day, sharing
these guys with you. I hope that we’ll have
a great day together. A few days ago, we cut that enchi to banana enchi pin clutch. And guess what, they are
out, and there is some amazing results here for sure. I mean just a normal banana
enchi here is ridiculous, right? I mean, this is just a double
gene animal, both co dominant, pretty easy to produce,
but absolutely stunning. We’ve got a few just kind
of more normal things, like some normal pinstripes here. This is actually the
enchie gene right here without anything else, you
can see it just kind of clean things up, reduces
pattern a little bit, and just is a little bit
brighter than the normal, nothing too crazy, but
still really beautiful. And then of course, this is an
enchie pinstripe right here. So this is the enchi and the
pinstripe mixed together. Again, really beautiful animal. So essentially, you have
these two snakes right here, combined together, and
then ultimately produces this beautiful snake right here. So that’s pretty cool. Now we have a couple really
beautiful animals here. These are actually super
enchie bananas right here. So really great animals. And again, because of super
enchie is the super version, Everything we breed
these two will be enchie. Which is just an absolutely great thing. Then finally we have
another super enchie banana, but this one is bonkers. I mean, this is ridiculous. And again, there’s
polymorphism with everything, I’ve talked about it before. You can have a bunch of
animals of the same genetics and look completely different. This is one of the nicest
super enchie bananas that I have ever seen. That thing is a ripper for sure. And I’m going to go ahead and
check what it is right now. It should be a male because of
the sex length of the banana. And sure enough it’s a male. So we’re definitely going to
hang on to this little bugger, because the thing is ridiculous. Genetically it’s amazing and it’s just a gorgeous, gorgeous snake. Can’t wait til’ this
gets a little bit size and we put this into some
other animal, woo doggy! That’s going to be absolutely amazing. This clutch was beautiful. Guess what I just found guys, I was looking around I saw
a little baby garter snake literally crawling on the floor. We have a couple females
that are due to have babies but obviously we didn’t
realize this one gravid. She has a bunch of babies, hoo doggy! So we have a little albino here, and then we have a little normal, Of course this was a het granite
bread to an albino granite so we could have a bunch
of different things. Let me go ahead get, mama
you’re okay sweetheart. Look at we have a couple
of granites in there. We have some little albinos, here’s another little albino here. And I’m just puting them
in this bucket right now. This is a little albino granite, look at how absolutely
gorgeous that thing is. Course we have another
little albino granite here. Oh my god, I love when you
find surprise litters of snakes that you didn’t even know. We have two little baby checker garters that are double het for albino granite. Another one right here, we’ve
got let’s see one, ooh Mama. Ooh, is she trying to bite me? She’s trying to protect her babies, now it’s pretty rare for garter snakes to be totally honest with you. And then of course we have
a couple albinos back here. One right there. Another little normal, that’s
het for albino granite, another little albino right here. Oh my god, this is so awesome. And then we got two little granites, I love granites, they’re
probably my favorite of the checkered garter
snakes more to be honest, and this is actually granites
that are het for albino. Woo! I tell you what, that was so awesome to literally find a litter of babies that I didn’t even know was coming. Good job mom, you did so good. We’ll go ahead get her cleaned
up, get these babies setup. I tell you what, that is awesome. And the total here was
five normals that are double het albino granite. We have one two three four
albinos that are het for granite. Two granites that are het for albinos, so, not bad for a litter of snakes we didn’t even know she was gravid. Againg we have a couple other albinos that are het for granite,
bread to albino granite that are due to pop at anytime. But we didn’t think this
girl was going to go, and again with garter snakes, just like the other
colubers that lay eggs, they can have two litters per year. So this is this girls
second litter, oh my god, I love it. The baby frillies are so absolutely cute, and they need to eat like
two or three times a day. And we ran out of crickets. Yeah, even we run out of crickets, our shipment doesn’t come till tomorrow. But hey, my animals gotta feed. So I’m going to go ahead
run down the street to this bug company that
delivers our crickets, and just go pick up some
crickets for the frillies. So again, you gotta do what you gotta do to make sure the animals
are happy and healthy. (hip hop music) Again, you gotta do
whatever you gotta do it, if it means I have to drive 30 miles to go get some crickets. These little babies are pretty
fragile in the sense that, they probably can’t wait a day or two, they need to get fed
two, three times a day to really keep them healthy. So hey, an hour long round
trip, to get crickets to keep my lizards happy,
it’s all worth it to me. Hey guys. – What’s up? – Look at the new balloons! – Oh my god! – And do you know why we
have Reptarium ballons? – Because the movie “It” came out? – Because there’s parties
and parties there’s balloons. – That’s right, we have our
anniversary party the 22nd Sunday from noon till eight o’clock. And the thing that’s cool, it’s not only gonna be
hanging out with the animals and all the other stuff,
but it’s also going to be like a meetup really,
Eric’s gonna be here, Mary’s gonna be here,
Noah’s going to be here, Laura is going to be here. Everyone in the crew. So if you guys want to come on the 22nd, for our annual party for the celebration of our year anniversary. Again, 12 to eight eastern standard time, here at the Reptarium,
link in the description. Come party with us, everyone will be here. Since we’ve been looking at
a lot of baby snakes today, let’s just jump into some colubers too. We have a beautiful clutch of albino Nelson’s milksnakes here. Look at how gorgeous these ones are. And surprisingly, they’re not biting me, which is pretty unusual. So that’s a pretty good sign. They’re absolutely incredible, and I’ll give you a real
quick history lesson. A guy named Doug Moody
spontaneously produced the first albino Nelson’s milksnake out of two normal milksnake breeding, and then ultimately, when they
were first being reproduced, they were sold for $2,000 apiece. That’s right $2,000 for this little worm. Now they’re like 100 bucks and they’re absolutely incredible. So if you want a really
beautiful colorful snake, That’s an absolutely great thing, they do really well. Speaking of another milk
snake that is really cool. Of course we’ve got pueblen milk snakes, and again, I’m just going to keep going with the little history lesson here. Believe it or not, only
13 founder stock animals were ever brought into
the country legally, of pueblo milk snakes, so
all the pueblo milk snakes legally in the country come
from 13 original animals collected way back I
believe it was in the 70s, so there you guys go, you
guys are getting smarter by the minute, aren’t you? Let’s see what we have here. It’s actually just a bunch
of normal corn snakes here, just really beautiful normal corn snakes. Of course this is just a Florida verson of a corn snake, and it’s
actually het for for scales. Absolutely love them. And of course a baby just like this was the very first snake
that I ever produced. That’s right, a little corn
snake was the very first snake that I actually bred
when I was just a kid so, I still love hatching these guys, and uh, there’s your history lesson,
and snakes for the day, and this ones about to
get loose over here. Here we go, I’m gonna set this down, get these snakes back in here. And that’s a wrap. Not a whole lot of egg
cutting left for this season so let’s just jump into
another beautiful clutch here. This is actually a, bleh, bleh, bleh. This is actually a fire ball
python bred to a pewter lesser. The pewter lesser, of course,
is pastel, it’s cinnamon, and it’s lesser, so we should get some pretty cool combinations in here. Let’s go ahead and jump
into egg number one and see what we have. All right, what do we got going on here, right off the rip, ooh this is a really, Oh my god that is, you
gotta be kidding me. We literally hit the all
gene animal in the first egg. This is a pewter lesser fire ball python. And it is gorgeous. I’m not really sure that
I’ve ever seen one before. That’s not to say someone
hasn’t produced them, I just personally haven’t seen it. So to me this is the first
time I’ve ever seen one, and whoo hoo doggy! That thing is gorgeous. And that darn owl popped
up again, didn’t it? Let’s go ahead and jump
into egg number two. What do we have here? Okay. Hmm, interesting, I
think this one is actually a lesser fire ball Python. So I gotta go back to that
first egg for a second. That thing is gorgeous. I cannot wait to that
hatches out, oh my gosh, that thing was cool. So again, second egg looks
like just a fire lesser Ball Python, which is cool, that fire gene just really lighten things up
to make them really beautiful. What we have here, looks like we just have a really interesting fire ball python. Got a cool dorsal stripe to it, but I don’t think there’s
anything else other than that, but just a fire. Egg number four, what do
we have? What do we have? What do you have, let’s see
what we’ve got going on here? Come on little monkey. Okay, looks like this one
is actually a pastel lesser fire ball python. So This is everything except
for the cinnamon gene in it, and that one looks really awesome too. Again that fire and the
pastel mixed together, unbelievable a fireflys, and
of course the lesser stuff is gonna be amazing too. All right, we’ve got a few
more eggs left in this clutch. What do you have here. Nope, looks like this is actually a pewter fire ball python, so
we’re getting a lot of fire ball pythons right now,
but we missed the lesser on this one, so, everything
but the lesser so, so far, the odds have been
really good in this clutch so, I couldn’t be more excited about that. What do we have here? Ooh, wait a second here, that’s crazy. So okay, so this is also a pewter lesser fire, but it looks nothing like the other one. Which is interesting, the other
one has tons of busy pattern this is much more of what
they would call a lithium, which is a cinnamon and a lesser. But this is definitely a
pastel and a fire too so, wow, that thing is awesome. So we got two all gene animals that look completely different. Can’t wait till they hatch out. Oh my gosh, what the heck is that? That is, what? Man, this one is a wild one. Wow, this is another pewter lesser fire. But this one looks different too, so we’ve hit three, and all
three look kind of different. Which is not something
that I would’ve expected. Wow, these look great,
they’re real purple-ly looking and really amazing so,
that’s pretty awesome. Last egg, but I tell you what, this clutch has been a ripper for sure. Unbelievable, let’s see what
we’ve got here in our last egg. That last egg is literally
just a cinnamon ball python, just a normal cinnamon ball python. So, wow, that was pretty
crazy. I mean, I tell you what, some pretty awesome odds in that clutch. (hip hop music) Well that was a little anticlimactic. I had this vision in my head that I would throw these crickets in, and that they’d all go just ballistic, running around grabbing crickets. A couple of them ate a couple of crickets, but i’ll be honest with you,
if the crickets didn’t run right in front of their face,
they would just look at them. – Look at this, look at that. – So maybe with some age, they’ll get a little bit more excited. But nevertheless, if they eat later, I guess it was all worth it. It is always so awesome
to get live babies, garter snakes, rainbow boas,
whatever the case may be. Here’s another video of
some live babies that have, and an entire playlist
of some babies hatching. Over here you can subscribe, and please turn those post notifications on. Remember to be kind to someone today, and I promise I will
see you guys tomorrow. (hip hop music)

Randy Schultz

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