Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Episode 19 (Gogeta VS Hearts Conclusion)

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Episode 19 (Gogeta VS Hearts Conclusion)

Credit to GoreshX for the English Subtitles He’s holding it back… No, not quite You don’t get it. Resistance is simply futile! That’s it! This is the end! He can’t stop it!? At this rate the Earth is doomed… We can’t let that happen! Ka-me-ha-me-ha!! You just don’t get it. I am ultimate incarnate. I am the very universe itself! Hit? Jiren? Alright, let’s do this! What!? Leave this to us! Hearts!! Do you guys not have any limits? Zeno could destroy the universe in a single thought. I just wanted to liberate you all from that lack of freedom. But you all shone and surpassed your limits. That’s why I’ve come to appreciate mortals… Nicely done, everyone. 96…97…98…99…100! Ready? Ready! Where are you? Where, where, where? Looks like Zeno is still immersed in hide-and-seek. Not there….where where!? My job is done. If you guys can do that why not use it during the Tournament of Power? That’s becau- That’s because I don’t want to fuse with this buffoon! Hehe, that’s because next time I’ll deal with it myself! Thanks Hearts! Those were some great experimental results of universe formation! Well then, let’s begin the next experiment…

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Episode 19 (Gogeta VS Hearts Conclusion)

  1. LieutenantLettuce05 says:

    u know what we haven’t seen we haven’t seen jiren at full power vs hearts or seen hit use time skip on hearts :/ also how can gogeta blue stand up to hearts if jiren is stronger than gogeta and jiren got thrown aside i swear power scaling in this is dumb

  2. Siranat_Thanasiriwat says:


  3. stanley13579 says:

    Fuck… the resources they pumped into this stupid fucking show could have been used to make a really cool TV special, or direct-to-DVD film, or something. Instead we got this meaningless, bone-headed junk.

  4. Catalin Barosanu says:

    Ultra Instinct vs Gogeta blue

  5. milona says:

    Hello subscribe thank you

  6. Sonu Baruah says:

    Just imagine SSB Gogeta using KAOKENX20 if the situation got worse

  7. Sonu Baruah says:

    He said that he appreciates mortals yet he was the only one who died 😂

  8. Sourabh Sindhia says:

    Not a satisfying end fight guyz .. somewhere you show gogeta find hard to fight kumber and couldn't kill him and here you show heart to be easily beaten by gogeta .. not fair enough it means the god killer heart was weaker then him …? Unsatisfying climax then what was the sense of showing him so strong in start

  9. Nguyen, Pham says:

    o wari da

  10. Nick Komen says:

    Dragon ball is stupid now

  11. SlickChick says:

    Hearts had as little regard for life as the gods he despised. So what's the difference?

  12. ボクキムチぃ says:


  13. michelle zheng says:

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  14. derek sanderson says:

    So fused goku and vegeta is stronger then ultra instinct..?? Thats fucked..!!

  15. Robert Winters says:

    Now that was a real to move Spirithameha

  16. Cls says:

    This is the dumbest episode of DBZ ever. WTH… original Frieza can destroy an entire planet with simply an energy ball from his finger, but a combined SS God Blue Gogeta who's energy lvl is like billion times higher then original Frieza can't jst literally blow up a lil meteor with glare of his eyes, let alone having to resort to Kamehameha with help of two more major characters ?!?! Makes absolutely zero sense. Gogeta could have also easily jst flown right through it and blew it up. —– O, and pls ignore the glowing ball on Hearts chest like that on Kamioren where he lost his power after the orb broke. —– They've amped up all these chars power lvl so high, it no longer makes any sense to have any battle on a planet, when they could easily jst blow up the planet with a tiny fraction of their power. Think it's time to retire the DB. They expired DB with endless insane power-ups, they can't even keep track of wat they r capable of.

  17. Milon Max says:

    after all that it only take one punch….

  18. Sehnkai. says:

    They could've at least let Gogeta use his stardust breaker😭😭😭🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  19. The 3rd King says:

    Did gogeta just kill heavan ascended Dio

  20. True King says:

  21. Gates says:

    It's this the real dragon ball? Like this is what happen after the world tournament or is this like some fake dragon ball like is this part of the REAL STORY????

  22. Gates says:

    Is the what happen after the world Tournament is this part of the real story?

  23. wolf says:

    This show is fucking horrible.

  24. whoisjukes says:

    this is garbage compared to db super..

  25. Why My Head Look Up says:

    That heart sound like dio

  26. That Guy says:

    They can destroy a planet with a single blow right? and is Fu voiced by the same va who voice usop from one piece?

  27. jose ferreira says:

    bom video

  28. Yewsef Cabero says:

    why is Jiren and Hit getting nerfed so hard?
    and the more I watch SDBH, the more I want to not watch it and just wait for another show

  29. /FREPPONG/ F1 says:


  30. Fany Galeano says:

    That was cool

  31. 丶缘 says:

    Jiren : garbage
    Vegito : garbage
    Zamasu : garbage
    Gogeta : Well done. Toei

  32. king goku says:

    Goku , Vegeta , Jiren , Hit are most powerful fighters.
    Who will be the winner if they fight together.

  33. king goku says:

    What does SSJ means?
    S = super
    S = saiyan
    J = ?

  34. re3 says:

    We got to hear one of Dio's iconic shout again at 4:57

  35. Rogelio Ramirez says:


  36. Raishin Yeager says:

    I'm so glad Gogeta concluded it. FUCKING LOVE THAT GUY

  37. ShortGaming Hippo says:

  38. Marvin Medina quispe says:

    Ciaro cesalga el capitulo 20 🏢😎

  39. Sunkara Rojaw says:

    Goku is incredable we cannot compare to any one

  40. Jose Torres says:

    English subs help

  41. Iverson Nicolas says:


  42. Eddro Nixon says:

    That last power up from gogeta was short I wonder why

  43. Mahin Morsa says:

    So ssg is able to destroy a universe with punching but gogeta in ssgss couldn't destroy a giant asteroid

  44. Emeraldgamer EG says:

    Keep In Mind Everyone, The Reason I Think Why Gogeta Is So OP Because Of Goku, This Heroes Goku Is Post Daishinkan/Grand Priest Training, Which Is Why Goku's SSJ Blue Could Stand Up To Hearts.

  45. Guillermo Verde says:

    Everyone else: This was such a great episode, I'm almost in tears.
    Me and some others: Now, THAT'S a JoJo's reference.

  46. The Randomizer says:

    hang on,i'm confused after what Jiren asked gogeta.Does it mean ssb gogeta>mui goku?

  47. Bruno Carvalho says:

    Entendi nada kllkllkkkkkkjkkkk

  48. トイレ王子 says:


  49. Daniel Prodhan says:

    Oh my god i thought gogeta going to open ultra instinct

  50. CoolMiner says:

    5:36 in case any of you don't know this he says incredible

  51. CoolMiner says:

    Who else forgot what champa looked liked till this episode 7:00

  52. CoolMiner says:

    I feel like I'm the only one that actually enjoys this Anime

  53. Shadow Hedgehog says:

    Beerus probably remembered the multiversal hide and seek which he botched by falling asleep while hiding which made Zeno angry.

  54. Shadow Hedgehog says:

    So Hearts is a good guy after all? Maybe the real reason why Hearts want to kill Zeno is because Zeno erases a universe on a whim and he wants the multiverse to be free from that. Hearts' love for mortals could be the real reason why he betrayed Fused Zamasu since Fused Zamasu wants zero mortals.

  55. sam dziemboen says:

    Saitama heroes one punch meteor

  56. Zoltán Kollár says:

    Ezek hol vannak magyarul fent?????

  57. Raptor 1218 Talon 1218 says:

    Let's be honest power levels and power scaling is broken in dragon ball in general.

  58. base form goruto says:

    0:26 .25 speed
    0:37 .5 speed
    0:44 .75 speed
    0:50 normal
    Rest of the video x2
    It rlly cool just spoes up the time and yah it's pretty cool

  59. Crispy Lexis says:

    Just like DIO he turned into dust

  60. 空白 says:

    ゴジータ 身勝手の極意とかあったら 激アツ

  61. WIN says:


  62. Unknown User says:

    Alternate endings:
    1st Goku turns MUI and curb stomps Hearts. (Not available due to nerf)
    2nd Jiren goes full power (Red MUI aura) and does Owari Da to Hearts. (Not available due to nerf)
    3rd Beerus jumps in and Hakais Hearts.
    4th The Grand Priest comes along and ruins Hearts entire career.
    5th Zeno deletes Hearts out of existance.

  63. pongsakorn Boonwongsa says:

    i love dio voice

  64. Unknown_Data says:


    Friendship Kamehamaha

  65. Bucky Boy says:

    So, what are we going to call hearts meteor attack? "Actual golden supernova"?

  66. phong thang says:

    I'm Viet Nam

  67. Maxwell Lynch says:

    This hearts character is the least fascinating villain, corny and annoying. Seriously, cubes is his thing? Couldn’t come up with a better villain?

  68. jaka kelana says:

    Saitama will destroy that meteor with only One Punch…not serious punch..only normal punch…

  69. Ductho Dang says:





  70. DEX HGW says:

    Y cuando sale la otra mierda de capitulo

  71. XBautrax 23YT says:

    Beatiful music

  72. Sunil Merugu says:

    Gogeta is very strong

  73. Marco says:

    Blue gogeta would’ve easily stopped the rock but it but it would cut time in their fusion and wouldn’t have enough time to beat “24K Gold” in the hand to hand fight part.

  74. Shawal Ayub says:

    Plz dont make new experiment plz

  75. sunday02 trazona says:


  76. Yeet6000 - says:

    This show has fully killed the hype for me. The upload schedule is so slow and it always ends on a cliffhanger. It just annoying at this point. Usually when I see this in my recommendation I don’t bother watching. The hype was killed at episode 8.

  77. 黒崎京也 says:


  78. Kapan nikah? says:

    This kabuto from naruto hehe..

  79. Free Fire says:

    Isso é uma merda

  80. StarFinder says:

    Please don't take the power scalings seriously. First, why did it take so much energy to destroy the moon? Freiza easily wiped out a whole planet in his base form. This anime tells me that it takes 2 saiyans who've surpassed freiza a fusion which multiplies their power and a god like form? Bull shit.

  81. shhh its me says:

    Wtf dbz creator might be weak in physics or maths coz he dont know how to compare power levels …

  82. Rian Feliciano says:

    Muito legal

  83. Long Hoàng says:

    Neff my Jiren 👎🏼

  84. Jacobi Leoo says:

    hearts looks like booster gold from justice league unlimited

  85. Ahmad Dhani Amir says:

    Never thought DIO brother would be in dragon ball heroes when first see him.

  86. Xeno Goku Super Saiyan 4 says:

    Even gogeta blue can't defeat jiren many would think that gogeta ssb is stronger than mui and jiren what a shit the man who shook whole world of void challenged mui impressed other gods and angels pushed a powerful spirit bomb even he transcends time itself. These Broly gogeta fans are totally bullshit

  87. Frieza Sama says:

    They made gogeta so broken ;-;

  88. Frieza Sama says:

    I hate how this is just a card game

  89. キノコ太郎 [ロコモコ] says:

    人 間

  90. UGMUSIQ TV says:

    Why are they struggling with a meteor when the can destroy whole planets

  91. TheLegend says:

    Power scaling is fucked.

    Jiren could wipe the floor with his ass alone, let alone hit and gogeta.

  92. cammandoookhalsha skyblue captain nephew says:

    hearts 10+
    Super hearts 11+
    golden hearts 12+

    Cumber 10+
    ssj 10.5+
    ssj2 11+
    Ssj3 11.4+

    jiren 10 +
    Super Jiren 11 +
    Inraged 11.5 +

    gogitaa / vegitoo 9.5+
    ssj 10.25+
    ssj2 10.5+
    ssj3 11+
    ssjg 11.25+
    ssjb 12.5 +
    Ussjb 12.6+
    Kaioken 20 13.5+

    goku Ssj sliver 12 (11 in t.o.p.)
    ssj white 13 12 at t.o.p.

    and power scaling is all according to Toriyama and cannon 😎

  93. Rasmey Kyo says:

    If GOKU and vegeta fuse in tournament of power then it’s EASY and there ain’t no climax at all. 😂

  94. Golu Yadav says:

    Please release next part

  95. wing zero says:

    Canon or not

    Gogeta always finish his job

  96. BUDDHA TESLA says:


  97. CYBER BroPro says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that go gets might go ultra instinct? Cuz like isn’t that what happen in every dB anime like the opponent overpowers the fighters then they exceed their limits then go to a new form

  98. legens skul says:

    Tuvieran echo el 20

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