Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 18 English Sub HD

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 18 English Sub HD

Super Decisive Battle! Gogeta vs. Hearts! Fusion… HA! You seem interesting, who are you? Goku and Vegata, Gogeta! Do you really think you can beat me with this transformation? Shall we enjoy ourselves, Hearts? You still don’t understand? You’re in my way. Come at me! That’s so nice, Feel free to attack. You’re pretty good to be able to keep up with me. But, I don’t understand. With that amount of power, we could defeat even the Omni-King Join me, and let’s fight together for the true freedom of mankind! You still don’t get it? I’m already free. Well, is that so? Then why don’t you try and stop this. What’s happening? Is he trying to destroy the planet? What?! Now, disappear once and for all! Disappear! Take this! What is he planning to do?

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 18 English Sub HD

  1. AnimeAwake says:

    Edit: English Subtitles are up click CC to enable them,
    Episode 19's Title : Ultimate Conclusion! The Universal Conflict Ends!, which will be released January 9th, 2020.
    The Episode starts at 1:10

  2. Melbourne Meliodas says:

    So, the writers just going to ignore the movie with that evil namekian? (Forgot the movue and his name) i mean, they literally went to blast that meteor and with all this super saiyan stuff as well as god ki… bruh that meteor ain't no shit.

  3. One Punch says:

    Gogeta is powerful.But here in heroes he is way to strong I think they should try to change things for episode 19 plus jiren blasts are like throwing rocks 🤦🏻‍♂️


    Doesn't make sense when heart throw his power circle thing hits the ground it doesn't have more impact.
    His power level is above God it should be at least destroy the earth.

  5. prince rose._ _ says:

    Who else here thinks Hearts has Dio’s voice?

  6. Boggarapu Lokesh says:

    Gave a thumbs down.
    #1 jiren was shown like he's an amateur.
    #2 episode felt like eternity of boredom.
    #3 this episode doesn't have anything special except that meteor.

  7. Thanoosh Amirthanathar says:


  8. Ryan Caster says:

    What happened to Jiren’s ultra instinct? They make Jiren seem so weak…

  9. Big Hawk nik says:

    Tf is that

  10. Ramon Sanchez says:

    A straight rip off of madara 😂😂😂

  11. Kris Kodat says:

    Where can I find the song that starts playing at 3:05 ?

  12. The Berg says:

    All I gotta say is….


  13. The Berg says:

    Next on Dragon Ball Heroes:

    Mastered Ultra Instinct Gogeta Fuses with Jiren and still gets tossed around because this series has no power scaling. Stay tuned

  14. Vinulk Gaming says:

    Great content , keep doing more . I have created a similar one as yours please check out

  15. Beyond the borderlands 1 2 Pre-Sequel says:

    Every time it stars to get good the episode ends

  16. Asura OP Gaming says:

    I waited for this episode for so long..n now I saw a shit

  17. Sedah_ acv says:

    This man Hearts pulled a Madara

  18. Abdul qayyum Gaffoor says:


  19. Jack G says:

    We must never talk about the power scale in DBH.

  20. redhawk666x says:

    Ok, so does this put to rest the whole, " Who's stronger out of Vegetto and Gogeta" then? Cumber held his own against blue Vegetto w/kaioken and he was in base form. Gogeta is beating up on Hearts. Do we really need to continue this debate?

  21. Supremeyui X20 says:

    Whats the theme name for the music that when dun dun dun when gogeta dodged hearts attack 😅

  22. Layla Rich says:

    4:10 Now that right there is Ultimate Hearts

  23. Layla Rich says:

    Also, Hearts kills Zamasu in a matter of seconds, and immortal god, and yet gets trashed by Gogeta? It's ridiculous.

  24. Joshua Martelle says:

    I'm getting a Naruto and Sasuke vibe from this guy. Truthseeker orbs and planetary devastation.

  25. Aamir Shahzad says:

    Super dragon ball heroes episode 19 karo

  26. Skydiving Squid says:

    Heroes is complete garbage… Jiren should pretty much be 1 shotting this guy… but instead he is being portrayed as the Krillin of heroes…

  27. MwaMatthew - says:

    Db power caps don’t make sense

  28. RON daMan says:

    I agreed with you guys, Love the episodes but we want more ! We need more episodes and longer lenght as well. And the power scaling is crazy gogeta is stronger than vegito blue 20x kaioken ? That's interesting !

  29. Mak Are You Guitar says:

    i believe jiren is saving his energy and let the supersaiyan duo do the initial talking. we'll wait to witness his great power of a god later on.

  30. ThatUserGuy YT says:

    So basically we looked at goku staring at a bulky meteor for like 3 minutes at the end of the vid?

  31. Active WELPBYE says:

    So this is where the budget went

  32. Kobo says:

    Why do I feel like they got inspired by the series naruto? He got like 10 balls in the back like Madara Jinchuriki. Dropped a meteor like Madara, got shinra tensei(the push i think, long time since i wathced naruto shippuden) which is a rinnegan ability. Wow, that is nice. I'm I the only one?

  33. Khoa Phan says:

    So SSB Vegito and SSJ4 Vegito get wrecked by cumber but SBB Gogeta can hold is own against universal seed Hearts? Dafuq?

  34. ZPEKILLERR says:

    With that much f*cken power how is the universe intact, battle of gods literally almost broke the universe and DBS BROLY literally broke reality now jiren looks so weak and yet the universe is still not gone, yeah this logic is bullshit, nice episode btw

  35. Axtey says:

    Who else thinks the
    Mentor will cause Goleta to go in ultra instinct

  36. Joe Papa says:

    What happens to cooler and the others

  37. Blåçk Hėárƫ says:

    This show is becoming more far bullshit WTF, it should have ended with dragonball gt.

  38. batuhandegamer says:

    Those wrinkles looks like a pussy

  39. DN says:

    Everyone: Tf happened to Jiren?

  40. Jack Max says:

    Ima watch episode 19 with my grandchildren

  41. Super Saiyan MK says:

    Hearts pulling Meteor like Thanos in this episode 😂

  42. 17jun1989 says:

    Im expecting Gogeta Blue to do the same thing Gogeta SSJ4 did to Syn Shenrons Negative Death Ball.

  43. FN Aron YT says:

    Who thinks dragon ball did some copy cat from naruto the gold dude looks like 6 paths hint 1

  44. MdMonish Hossen says:

    Jiran are real power koi

  45. cedy 321 says:



  46. SNAFFUR says:

    Why the heck jiren is so weak 😭

    I should leave watching dragon Ball 😠

  47. SNAFFUR says:

    Remember the time when jiren was overpowered than mui

  48. NAO says:

    Well this was bullshit

  49. JuanitoPlays says:

    He gonna use the power when he fused the last time with vegeta

  50. Broken edits says:

    Krillin vs jerin
    Krillin wins because it’s dbh logic

  51. suka dik says:

    Ok what the hell , why is jiren Not able to stop a meteor , like bruh🤨🤨🤔😑

  52. Rus says:

    Hearts went full Madara by the end

  53. พาล สุวรรณ says:


  54. DodoTheDog says:

    They be doing Jiren dirty here even if it isn't canon

  55. Erry Ermal says:

    Really?? Only 1 video in this chanel

  56. Dragon Crack says:

    7:10 Song name pls

  57. Jotaro Kujo says:

    Hearts sounds like Dio

  58. PoProstu Wixo says:

    D… DIO?

  59. spyros kronto says:

    we waited for months to this bullshit
    ok thats fair

  60. No_Kill Gaming says:

    What the??? I dont understand is jiren weaker than gogeta

  61. No_Kill Gaming says:

    Jiren just go full power so he can one shot the god destroyer

  62. SOY says:

    Nah this ain’t it chief lmao. I’m waiting on Super from now on

  63. Behold Omega says:

    I can understand why viewers get upset with SBDH. I actually really enjoy this series and am greatful more episodes continue to be created. This has been something to fill the viod of no Dragon Ball super animea.

  64. jhonny ayala says:

    i wonder if Gogeta will use Ultra Instinct and Royal blue at the same time in the next episode, maybe kaioken

  65. Jet Pagal says:


  66. jbap7777 says:

    man i always forget about this series and everytime i remember it again there's a new episode

  67. You KNIGHT says:

    Beerus should fight.. he wouldnt be able to do anything either it seems.. if your gonna nerf jiren like that…

  68. You KNIGHT says:

    ma dude looks like omega shenron with the spikes on the back

  69. Muhammad Firdaus Edris WA22 says:

    Just another Madara brings another huge ball from space

  70. Erruption says:

    I mean this is still a sideshow but could we get like a 20 min episode?

  71. Erruption says:

    Oh btw its was proven that UI was stronger, much stronger than Gogeta or Vegito.


  72. 36/36s says:

    Hey! I am searching your video by copying and pasting the title and I cannot find it. You should look for yourself. I think it's because of subtitles. All the other videos have different subtitles around min 5:20 look it up.

  73. Paradoxical Gaming says:

    Jirens like I’m glad they didn’t fusion in ToP

  74. DX KIRAT says:

    wooooooooooooo im to strong

  75. No name Better name says:

    1 episode =only 1 punch

  76. No name Better name says:

    They made jiren more weaker than krillin😂😂😡

  77. Kapil Dehariya says:


  78. Emberzz says:

    Is this canon or no??

  79. Lazy Bum says:

    I know this series isn’t canon but it seems like they’re hinting that the fusion dance is slightly superior to the potara as two Vegitos had to beat Cumber but Gogeta is a match for Ultimate Hearts. Hearts who can easily suppress Jiren. Jiren who can match Cumber, apparently in the manga version Cumber still couldn’t get the upper hand on Jiren even in super Saiyan 3.

  80. matt mc says:

    I wond er r what goku and jiren merged would look like

  81. shivankit sharma says:

    Jiren can move time but can't move bad writing. You might as well just call him Chiatzou

  82. Guerreiro 723 says:

    Who will win:

    1 Blue boy or a massive golden nugget from outer space

  83. GoFu Arts says:

    I Wish Dragon Ball Super Kakumei Wasn't Cancelled But They Only made This😔😔

  84. OTAKU CLUB says:

    I tried to fuse with my brother once. Didn't work though and I don't even know why I thought I would. We're at two completely different power levels.

  85. Enrique Rocha says:

    Gogeta about to use all his Dragon Stones for that Summon

  86. Leojie Ebas says:

    Remember in dbz older kai said potara fusion is better than dance fusion

  87. suqd says:

    That's some of the worst translation I've ever seen.

  88. Kirigaya Kazuto says:


  89. Ultra Dende says:

    didnt piccolo destroy the moon in z, and why isnt jiren clapping hearts?

  90. John Waters says:

    6:30 flashback to the old series!

  91. Luiz Calimpon says:

    I think jiren isnt still recovered his strength since his last fight with goku

  92. Atul Vidyarthi says:

    So does this prove that gogeta is stronger than vegito? We have already seen vegito in the series. And now gogeta

  93. Vybz Psyrath says:

    Ok buddy this is just literally planetary catastrophic devastation from naruto and naruto could erase this shit and your telling me Jiren and everyone is worried about that meteor

  94. Kevin Wilson says:

    Such short episodes. Wake me up when there's more than a few minutes of amusement. Actually wake me up when super releases more content.

  95. Puki Garcia says:

    Late to this but why does it look like a summon on dokkan battle but instead of vegito it's gogeta?

    You even got piccolo, trunks and 17 in the back of the summon.

  96. Madara Breeze Uchiha says:

    He pulled a Madara & summoned a meteor 🤣🔥

  97. Chocolate Shogun says:

    Yelling and staring at each other…as expected…

  98. Prince Fit Leggette says:

    Dragon ball heroes is some bullshit, you wait all this time for 7 fucking minutes, why even do it

  99. chinexia love says:

    so broly is definitely stronger than jiren

    waiting for butthurt jiren fans

  100. Strawy, Reloaded says:

    I'd like to point out that, while yes virtually every Heroes character surpasses the Grand Priest and Zeno of canon, Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta and Ultimate Super Universe Heart Golden God Hearts are nowhere near the Heroes version of the Grand Priest, let alone the Angels. Thank you for your time.

    Also, niggas really being dicked on by extra gravity like they haven't experienced it before.

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