Sun & Citrus: Harvesting Oranges In Malta’s Countryside

Sun & Citrus: Harvesting Oranges In Malta’s Countryside

Beneath a 400-year-old watchtower on the island of Malta’s northwestern coast we would have a unique agricultural experience on an excursion with Merill Ecotours. Atop a hill teeming with strawberries, we found a citrus grove bursting with oranges. The trees were filled with vibrant, blood
oranges, perfectly ripened tangerines, and lemons as yellow as the sun. Tricia and I would try harvesting the oranges
by hand. It was an event the whole family could enjoy. Simply twist the orange on its stem a few
times, and then inhale that fresh scent of citrus. It didn’t take long to fill more than a
few boxes. And, as our guide Christian, would explain, over a hot cup of spiced Maltese coffee, these deliciously sweet oranges were sustainably
grown, helping to preserve the island’s agricultural
gems, for future generations. Following our scenic orange harvest, our new friends at environmentally-focused
Merill offered us a quick look at the film location
for the 1980 movie Popeye. The rugged western coast of Malta was also an ideal spot to take in a sunset with incredible hues of orange.

Randy Schultz

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