STINGLESS Jellyfish lake | KAKABAN Berau Borneo TRAVEL VLOG

STINGLESS Jellyfish lake | KAKABAN Berau Borneo TRAVEL VLOG

(calm music) – Good morning and
welcome to Kaakaban Island in the Derewan islands off island of Berau that’s a lot of islands. And that’s because Indonesia
is a lot of islands and that’s where we are now! It’s paradise! This particular place,
this island is called Kakaban because it means
“hug” in the local language. And what it’s hugging is
a little bit interesting. It’s a brackish water lake. Brackish means half salt, half fresh so somewhere in the middle. And it’s hugging thousands
of stingless jellyfish. And that’s the plan for today! (calm music) Sometimes bare feet are
great, sometimes you gotta suck it up. And make the soles tough. Where is it? (inaudible) Wow, he’s so loud! Definitely a jungle and this is definitely… A lake. Alright alright, so actually,
let me put my stuff down. Lot of stuff. For gear we’ve got one A7S
inside underwater housing, we’ve got a mask and a
snorkel, I’ve got skin, dive skin on the side. What I don’t have is flippers. Because flippers are
not allowed in the lake. Also sunscreen, not allowed in the lake. Some of these jellyfish
lakes around the world have received some damage by humans, so they’re trying to keep
this one nice and pristine so no sunscreen, no fins, so
if these guys can swim around, they won’t be hurt by people. There are four different
kinds of jellyfish here. I can see maybe two right now. There’s these ones, you see
the small red ones floating on the top? On the very bottom, there’s
something that kinda looks dead, they’re not actually dead. They are upside down jellyfish and you might say they look
a lot like sea anemones because jellyfish and sea
anemones, they’re cousins. There’s two more jellyfish here. But we might have to get
in the water to see them. (serene music) Okay, so besides the
jellyfish, there’s a lot more living in this lake. I am hanging out, well
my camera’s hanging out. (laughs) I guess I am too. On the side, its all
mangroves, which are the plants that live in salt water. And you see the roots? They’re almost like a maze. And it’s great for small
little fish to live in. If you saw the crocodile
video, where we went night diving with crocodiles,
also in the mangroves, a great spot for things to hide. But besides the mangroves
and the jellyfish, if you look down underwater… (serene music) It’s all kinds of soft little creatures. Sea stars, tunicates, sea
cucumbers, and for those guys, the soft guys, it’s
pretty much paradise in here. (snorkeling sounds) Alright so, two of the species are really easy to find. The big orange ones that float
on top, there’s thousands. The big orange ones, red
ones that are on the bottom, bet there’s more than a
thousand of those, there’s tons. If you go down deeper,
there’s big, white ones that have little tiny filament
like iridescent tentacles on the rim. That’s number three. There’s supposed to be a fourth one. We’ve been in here about
30 minutes, maybe we have about another hour left. Let’s see if we can find the mysterious jellyfish number four. (serene music) I think that little one,
little box guy, four tentacles is jellyfish number four. I’ve only seen one of
them in about an hour. (serene music) Alright, two hours at the
jellyfish lake and the jellyfish have now all gone
to the bottom of the deep part which makes our part shooting them quite more difficult. I saw this on the way back
up and it’s a break down of the jellyfish and why
they’re here and what they do. And remember the fourth
jellyfish that we found? That little tiny guy,
hopefully it was in focus? It freaked me out a little
bit because it looked like a box jellyfish. And box jellyfish are
the most deadly jellyfish in the world. One species in particular
called the Irukandji jellyfish can kill you extremely quickly. It’s the most dangerous,
most poisonous animal on the planet. And here it says there are
box jellyfish in the lake, but like all the other jellyfish they’ve lost their need for
self defense and that means it is a box jellyfish. Normally they’re extremely
dangerous, but here they’re non-poisonous,
non-venomous like all the other guys. Anyway fun fact. So, hope you enjoyed jellyfish lake. I’ll catch you back at the dive center. Quite dive shop. It’s my hometown back in Canada. I’m here for Christmas, so I
wish you guys a happy holidays as well as I take a couple
of days to chill and see my family. The jellyfish video was a good one for me. I’m happy we found the
fourth jellyfish and I’m also happy he was not venomous. If you liked it, make sure to press like. If you haven’t subscribed
yet, you can do that. And if you missed the last
video, it’s at the top. If you haven’t checked out
my partrion behind the scenes community, you can do that at the bottom. And like I said already and
I’ll say it again ’cause I mean it double, happy holidays.

Randy Schultz

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