– Oh my gosh! This is a pretty one too. Yeah, this one’s definitely
a still born here. This one’s a still born here. Oh no, that’s a still born there. What kind of disaster is this litter? (upbeat horns) Hey, good morning everybody. Welcome to the vlog. I have to rush over to the shop. Because I had a shipment
from Universal Rocks of a bunch of just, like, things that make the zoo even more cool. Well guess what? I was supposed to be
at the shop an hour ago ’cause I knew the shipment would show up. Laurie just called me. It’s there, they have
to unload it without me. So I better get over
there and help them out before she kills me. Oh my gosh. Are you guys still unloading now? – Yes, sir. – Oh my gosh, look at all this stuff. Holy moly. Holy cow this is awesome. You see this? Are you excited? – Yeah, no thanks to you. Where the heck were you? – I was, I seriously I
swear to gosh I thought it wasn’t gonna get here
till a little bit later, so I am so sorry. – How convient
– But I forgive him. – My gosh look at. So, check this out, check this out. These are all the backdrops
for reptile prime. So all the cages, like exo-terra zoo med, these are all the backdrops
that you got, yes. – Okay, I was wondering,
what why do we have all of these? – These are all literally
stuff that will be selling on So if you guys have a tank
and you want a really cool backdrop, we’re gonna
be selling all these. I mean these particular ones are just here for display and stuff like that. What else do we have in here? Oh my gosh. – These are the little water things. – Oh see there’s some more backdrops. We’ve got water bowls that
not only are we gonna use for our cages, but also will sell these for reptile prime. Water bowls and hide boxes. These are branches for the Banyan tree. This moment I’ve been not really
happy with this over here. So this Banyan tree right
here (grunts) is actually gonna go up, it’ll go in
this corner right over here. Oh! Okay, bad idea, bad idea. Okay, bad idea, there I go. We’ll put this back in here, we’ll worry about that. So the Banyan tree goes
up in the corner there. Oh let me show you guys this. This is cool. So these are actually… Ya know how, ya know how
I been talking about. (laughing) I get excited. So ya know how I’ve been talking about, you can see the two by fours, so these are the inserts that go in here, so that they’ll hide the
two by fours, ya know. So all of these, you won’t
see any two by fours at all. So this is the actual side panel. So that’s awesome. He made quite a mess over here, guys. – Yep. – Yeah, you just made a mess. We kinda had it organized. – Yeah (laughs) we had
it a little organized. – And you shit everywhere,
thanks, thanks a lot. – Oops. Okay, so I’m excited. So we got our work cut out for us, we’re gonna be awesome. And look at that. Hopefully, people have
asked me about the reptile prime cages and backdrops. Hopefully in about a week we’ll have both available, so that is awesome. Oh yeah. Oh we got that, too. – The rocks. – These are rocks. These are actually step ups. Look at these are all new
step ups that you can just you can just use the
step up to see things. So that’s awesome. So we’ll have these all
around the reptarium as well, we already have some over here, like this one right here, but we wanted to get more. Because kids are dragging
them all over the place. Trying to be able to get up and see stuff, like Casper over here. So, these are awesome. These are gonna be super cool. Ah, that’s super cool. Alright cool. Universal Rocks I am so tickled. Thanks guys, you did a good job unloading. – I know. – Whaddya guys say we take a little break to un-box a couple of things really quick. This first one is actually
from a guy named Henry that reached out to me
and said that he had a Blizzard Corn and he wanted
to donate it to the zoo. Now the Blizzard Corn’s
are very, very beautiful. They’re actually
anerythristic and an albino so essentially almost like a white snake. Very, very amazing. And I am excited to put
this over at the zoo. Apparently it’s a really docile one and it looks really good. So let’s take a look and see what we got. And you guys know that I
absolutely love corn snakes. Oh my gosh, this is a pretty one, too. Ya know, some of them have
a lot of yellow in them and even some pattern. This one almost looks like a leucistic. Oh my gosh, that is one
gorgeous Blizzard Corn snake. Woo-doggie, that thing is beautiful. I mean just take a look at that. Wow. I tell ya what, this is
legitimately one of the prettiest Blizzard Corn snakes and it is a boy, so we’re gonna definitely
put this over at the zoo because I think this is
gonna be an absolutely incredible ambassador animal. We need more corn
snakes, we only have Mazy over at the zoo. So this is gonna be really amazing. So we’ll find him a place
and he does need a name. So if you can think of
something for a Blizzard Corn, male, let me know in the
comments what you think it should be. Next box and by the way
Eric just came up with a fantastic name for the Blizzard Corn. He said “Why don’t we name it Yeti?” I think Yeti for a Blizzard Corn snake is absolutely incredible. Let me know in the comments
if you have a better idea. And if you do, let me
know and if you like Yeti let me know that, too. I think all in all we have pretty amazing What do we have here? Now this actually is a
shipment of Ball pythons. This is a friend of
mine that’s been sending me some really beautiful
things all year long, so I’m excited to see
what he sent me this time. Okay, here we go. First bag, what do we
have in this bag here. Let’s see. Oh okay, nice pretty babies. Just take a look at all of those Oh my gosh. These are a bunch of crystals and what look like either
Mojaves or Mystics. Wow, that’s amazing. (laughs) This little monkey right
here is pretty crazy. But of course the Crystal
come from a special to Mojave, they’re allelic. And when you breed the two together one in four come out Crystal. Oh my god, these things are gorgeous. Here’s example of what
the Crystals look like. Oh my gosh, they are absolutely gorgeous. This next bag actually has
a bunch of Hertford Clowns. And what looks like at least
one pastel Hertford Clown. And then there’s these gorgeous guys here. Of course these are Clown Ball pythons. Woo-doggie, I love Clown Ball pythons. We have a bunch of really
cool new Clown stuff that we’re breeding this year, so hopefully we’re gonna
have some crazy stuff. They’re always one of my favorite of the recessive
mutations in Ball pythons. And then the final bag
here, let’s see what we have in there. Ohhhh, there’s some nice stuff in here. And take a look at these
right here woo-doggie. Of course these are some Pied Ball pythons and it looks like this
one right here is actually a pastel Pied. Oh my gosh, that is a really good one. This one here is kinda
like a, maybe a 50/50, but man it has a really
incredibly beautiful pattern. And then this one here, oh
my gosh that is beautiful. That is definitely an 80% white Pied Ball python right there. So guys, that was
absolutely amazing shipment of snakes, look at this little Pied. He’s absolutely upset. I’m gonna go ahead and get these set up. And I guess we have some
baby Sand Boas downstairs, whadday say we go take a look? Just messed around really
quick and I got the Banyan tree kind of upward. Definitely be adjusting it a little bit. But how awesome is that. I mean what a difference. I been saying this all along, ya know, not that I been disappointed in anything at the reptarium, but if there was one spot
that I didn’t really like it was this wall right here. Just seemed a little bit bland and empty so I think this Banyan tree adds a ton of character to it. We’re still gonna do some stuff over here, kind of a little bit over
here and stuff like that, but this is a great first step. I love it. Let me know in the comments
if you guys like my new Banyan tree. I mean, I think it’s absolutely incredible and just what I was hoping for. Ya know, when I woke up
this morning I literally thought, like, god
today’s probably gonna be a kinda boring day. Well it’s been nothing but crazy insanity. And that’s right, I’m
so excited when I hear “You have baby snakes.” So this girl right here had babies. It’s a Sand Ball, oh my gosh,
look at all those babies. Oh my gosh, looks like there’s
aneuthristic and normals. Unfortunately, it does
look like there might be a couple of still borns, too. Oh no, I hope that the
majority of them are okay. I hate that I keep coming to you guys going oh there’s still borns. But listen, when you have a lot of babies it’s gonna happen. Oh yeah, this one is
definitely still born here. This one’s a still born here. Oh no, that’s a still born there. And a still born there, oh my gosh that’s a lot. Oh it looks like this one’s barely, this one’s actually alive. This one might make it. This one might be okay. It looks like definitely
three still borns in here, but it looks like there’s a bunch of good babies back here maybe. Let’s see, oh no. Another still still born here. What is going on? This is a horrible litter. Oh no, more still borns. Oh my gosh, this whole litter. Okay, this is a good little baby here. This is actually an aneuthristic. Oh my god, what kind of
disaster is this litter? Another still born here. Like I said, this baby looks
like it’s gonna be okay. That’s a normal right there. Oh mama, what happened. Oh my, oh geez, this is terrible. Another still born. Another still born. Another still born. Oh my gosh, okay we’ve got
another normal baby here that looks okay. Looks like there’s some
good ones down here. Yes, there’s one, two,
three more good ones. So three normals, definitely angry and that’s okay. Oh my gosh another still born. Oh my gosh. Okay it looks like another
good aneuthristic right here, so we definitely have some good babies. But the majority of this litter, another anerythristic right there, that’s good. Let’s see what we have. Okay another anerythristic right here. This was a big litter, but oh my gosh, what a disaster with babies. What do we have here? Another still born? Is that still born? Yes another still born. Oh my gosh, this is horrible. Geez, I was not expecting this at all. Okay here’s another good
anerythristic right here. Gosh, this was unbelievably big litter, just too bad that it was
such a terrible litter. Look at all these still borns there. Oh my gosh, mama, what happened? Okay, I tell ya what guys, that definitely was not what I was expecting. She looked so good, I
thought she was gonna have a ton of good babies. But it does looks like we got what, two, four, four, six,
eight, 10, 11 good babies. But it sure looks like there’s at least 10 or 11 still borns. I mean they’re completely
perfect, you can see that. But guys that’s just
part of breeding snakes. You’re gonna have good litters, you’re gonna have bad litters. (sighs) This was about 50/50. I am just so bumpmd up
because that’s a lot of babies that went full
term and didn’t make it. But, again, I been doing
this long enough to know that that’s part of the game. We still have a hand full
of female Canyon’s to go, let’s hope we have some
better litters than this. But in the meantime I just have
to be happy for what I got. We definitely have a
handful of anerythristic and a bunch of normals as
well that do look really good. Alright, so I’m gonna
get this mess cleaned up. Poor mama. And again guys that’s
just kinda how it goes. This is sometimes the things you don’t see because most breeders really
don’t share the negatives or the downsides or the failures. You only see the successes. And trust me, as many
successes as you have, you sometimes have failures,
that’s all part of it. So if for some reason down
the road you wanna breed snakes, just realize
you’re gonna face these types of adversity. It’s just all part of
it, but that can’t take the wind outta your sails. You gotta still forge forward
and you’ve gotta be happy that we had 11 good babies. You can’t look at it as oh my gosh, there was 10 or 11 bad babies. You gotta just be happy for what you get. A good friend of mine, Mark
Adams, out in the Chicago area, was super excited
when we had eggs from Lucy. It’s one of his favorite
snakes that I have and he asked me to pick
out a beautiful Citron female for him. So Mark, this animal is gorgeous. Tame, beautiful, I love it so I know you’re gonna love it, too. Packing it up, it’s
gonna be to you tomorrow. It’s like I always mention, ya know, you have to try and see
the positive instead of dwelling on the negative. So, again, yes I’m bummed
out that there was a bunch of dead babies or still born babies, but the fact is I’ve gotta be happy, that’s part of it. And one more thing to do today
is I have to feed reptiles. I’m not gonna do a
really big feeding thing because some people
have said “I don’t want “to see feedings.” But, I do have to feed the reptarium, that’s just part of my
day so let’s go ahead and jump right in. (heavy metal music) It’s so weird that really
the majority of my career keeping reptiles was mainly snakes. And now as much as I love feeding snakes and keeping snakes, I’m just
becoming a lizard maniac. I mean they’re just so fun, ya know. Their level of intelligence
and interaction is something else. Ubusuku is really not a handling animal, but it’s still super fun to work with. So let’s go ahead and see. (heavy metal music) There ya go, there ya go, good job. (heavy metal music) Way to go girl. What more can I say about Elvis? I mean this animal is such an amazing, amazing animal. (heavy metal music)
Come on. There ya go. Yes, yum. (heavy metal music) There ya go. One more for good luck. What an animal. Ya know again, we’re gonna vary his diet, not just rodents. Ya feed ’em all kinds of stuff. Sometimes ground turkey, some eggs. We’ll give him chicken,
different stuff like. Get that variety going, but
he is absolutely amazing. You’re such a good boy. You’re a good boy. Way to go Elvis, thank you. Ya know, Argimus is always ready to eat. (heavy metal music) That animal eats so fast and look it, he’s ready for more. Oh my gosh Argimus you got plenty, buddy. (laughs) Monitor’s are so crazy, but I love ’em. Might as well give Sunrise another one. There ya go, girl. Oh, you’re hungry today. We just had a little
staff meeting today about varying the diet of these guys. Come on, Tazi. There ya go, bud. There ya go, sweetheart. It’s so much fun to feed ’em rodents, but the truth is they
do need a varied diet, so Taz has been eating bananas, grapes, different things like that. We’re also offering them chicken
and other things like that. So he’s getting a complete diet. But he loves his rodents,
there’s no doubt about that. (heavy metal music)
There ya go, buddy. There ya go, bud. I mean, it’s just hard to
even explain how much joy I get out of these animals. I tell her, Taz you’re
such an amazing animal. And that basically wraps up the feeding here over at the reptarium. And since I got done
with feeding the snakes, I may or may not have just
eaten six Oreo cookies, but regardless, I’m gonna go ahead and end the vlog here. And just wish you guys an
absolutely amazing day, evening, whenever you
happen to be watching. I am so, so, so thankful
for your guys’ support with your comments, with your
likes, with your watching. All that type of stuff. You guys are truly amazing and
I do love you guys so much. Do me a couple of favors,
again can you smash that like button, turn
those post notifications on. Subscribe if you haven’t
already subscribed. Leave a comment down below so I can read about your beautiful faces. Be kind to someone and I promise I will see you guys tomorrow. (easy jazz horns)

Randy Schultz

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