Stegosaurus Loses Her Egg! | Dinosaurs for kids | Tyrannosaurus, Raptor, Stegosaurus,Triceratops

Stegosaurus Loses Her Egg! | Dinosaurs for kids | Tyrannosaurus, Raptor, Stegosaurus,Triceratops

Hello Everyone! I’m Kiwan! Today a special dinosaur is being born! Let’s draw 4 dinosaurs and find out, which dinosaur will hatch from this egg! Let’s get started! This dinosaur has a small head for a really large body! It has 4 legs! What do you think this dinosaur is? Wow! It has some plates on its back! This dinosaur had between 17 and 22 plates! And it also has 2 pairs of spikes at the end of its tail! Light Green color body! The plates are Orange! Light Green glitter over its body! Orange Glitter on the plates! Hello! What’s your name? Hello! I’m Stegosaurus! Hey guys! Have you seen my egg? I’m pretty sure I left it here but now my egg is gone! Oh really?
Are you sure you left it there? Hey! I would never forget where I left my egg! Look at these footprints! I think some other dinosaur
must have taken my egg by mistake! Oh I see! Looking at these footprints, We might be able to figure out who took your egg! Which dinosaur do you think these footprints belong to? This one has a very strong jaw, and some really large and sharp teeth! A gigantic tail with 2 big legs to support it’s big body! But look how tiny those arms are! Let’s color its body Green! From his jaw to the stomach, Light Green! Green Glitter! Light green Glitter! Hello! What’s your name? Hello! I’m Tyrannosaurus Rex! Call me T-Rex! Hey T-Rex! Let me see your feet! This is your footprint isn’t it? Hmm…They sure do look like mine! Did you take Stegosaurus’ egg? Hey Stegosaurus! Why are you hiding? Uh… I don’t want him to get mad at me… He’s the king of the dinosaur! What? Why would I take your egg? I don’t eat eggs, I’m a carnivore! A meat eater! I would rather scavenge
for dead meat than eat your egg! Are you sure? Stegosaurus is worried sick of her egg! Then can you help me identify the other 2 footprints? There were 2 more footprints left around my house! Sure! Why not! Let me take a look! Hmm… I know just the dinosaur
who’s feet look like that! Y’all follow me! I hope this is the dinosaur who took Stegosaurus’ egg! Its mouth looks like the beak of a parrot! And it has very pointy horns! It has a frill on its neck! Maybe it hid the egg under there! A giant body with big and flat feet! It has an Orange body! And Silver horns and claws! Orange glitter over its body! Silver glitter on its horns! Hello! What’s your name? Hello! I’m Triceratops! Hey Triceratops! Let me take a look at your feet! These are your footprints, aren’t they? Well, yeah I think so! What’s going on? We found your footprints around Stegosaurus’ house! And her one and only egg has gone missing! Do you know anything about that Triceratops? Bless your heart! Yes I went over to your house to say hello, But you weren’t there! Did you see any small dinosaur? Probably with small feet like this one? Yeah! I saw this little dinosaur when I was there! It had a blue color body and it was really bouncy! I know where it went! Come on let’s hunt ‘em down! I have a good feeling, that this dinosaur took Stegosaurus’ egg! It sure does have a small body, compared to the other dinosaurs! Yet really sharp claws! It has a Blue color body! And Gold color belly! Sky Blue glitter over its body! Gold glitter on the belly! Hello! What’s your name? Hello! I’m Velociraptor! Hey Velociraptor!
These are your footprints aren’t they! Hello Everyone!
Uh… Why do you guys all look so mad? Well, well, well! That’s because we think you took Stegosaurus’ egg! Why would anyone do something like that! Why did you take my egg Velociraptor? What? What are you talking about? It’s right here! So it was you! Why did you take her egg? Woah woah woah… Did you forget about our
conversation again, Stegosaurus? You asked me to move your egg
to a sunny place around noon! Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry! My teeny-tiny little brain makes me forgetful sometimes! Stegosaurus Look! You egg is about to hatch! Wow! Hello Baby Stegosaurus! It turns out Stegosaurus forgot that, she asked Velociraptor to move her egg! Thank goodness baby Stegosaurus
made it to the world alright! Thank you for watching guys! See you next time! Bye!

Randy Schultz

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