Spring is in the Air! Bearded Dragon Courtship!

Spring is in the Air! Bearded Dragon Courtship!

All right, since this little girl is out
of brumation officially for a few weeks, we’re gonna try putting her with one of
the males. She’s a little bit of a sassy beardie, so she might, she might be a
little naughty when we put him in there, so. We’ll see what happens.
Okay, see what happens. You’re the girl, you’re not supposed to be bobbing your head. You’re the girl,
you’re supposed to be submissive to him. Are you gonna show her who’s boss this time?
Yep. She smacked you. Good boy. He knows what he’s supposed to do. Last
year she wouldn’t let him do this, like he wasn’t as confident as he is this
year. Now he’s going to bob his head, yup. He’s got to stand his ground. Come on bud, you can do
it. You gotta show her who’s boss.
I think you’ll be able to do it this time. Yeah, I think he was a 2017 baby. You gonna let her do that to you bud? It just shows you why you have to monitor them
when you first introduce them because sometimes the females will get a little
weird. And she’s being good and submissive that’s how a, that’s how female beardie
should be. Look how, look how much she’s bowing. That’s how you need to be, girl. Yeah, you need to be like this one. That’s a good girl, that’s a naughty girl.
Naughty girl. Yeah, happy spring everybody. These guys are putting on a spectacular example of what it should be like. You’re
not doing a very good job over here. You’re not a boy.
Stop it. Stop it. He’s the boy. Well it looks like good news. They uh, they are
obviously getting along together. He’s letting her sleep on him, so. So I’d say
they feel pretty comfortable with each other this year. Last year she didn’t
tolerate him very well so, that’s always good news. So, awesome. Glad you two are
getting along. And here’s big boy over here, still
feeling frisky. Look how black his beard is, and she’s still bowing. Yep, his whole
body turns dark when he’s in the mood. Yep. Well, we’ll let you guys go and hope
you enjoyed seeing some of our beardies show off their courtship behavior, so.
We’ll see you guys later.

Randy Schultz

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    Wonderful education. Ty:)

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    This was so cool!!! Tyfs God bless you

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