Spiritual Snakes Speak Out! – Anointing Water Revival; UK

Spiritual Snakes Speak Out! – Anointing Water Revival; UK

ANOINTING WATER REVIVAL IN THE UK – DELIVERANCE CONTINUES There is power in the name of Jesus Lord to give up I’d be a fool
You are my all in all Jesus Lamb of God
Worthy is Your Name We want them to be mad! These kids are great. She is a seer. Who are you, you evil spirit? She is delivering nations, this one. Who are you, you evil spirit? Spirit of snake. We are spiritual snakes. We were brought into her life to destroy her destiny. She is going to speak about the future, about the past, about the present. You spirit of snake, what have you done to her life? We don’t want that; you know that; you know our kingdom is in danger. Why? How long have you been in this body? Since birth; we knew her plan. This woman, what is her occupation, what does she do? She is doing nothing. What have you done to her family, her home, her marriage? We brought the spirit of madness; we want them to be mad. They are great, these kids. We have got to tempt them all – six of them. Why? You evil spirit, with all your evil plans for this family and for this woman… That name is dangerous! Which name? She is trying to call it – no way. Which name? That name she is trying to speak now. Which name? We can’t say it; we are in danger! She was given a volcanic anointing fire to burn all of us. In the name of Jesus Christ. Why? Don’t call that name! In the name of Jesus Christ! Please, we are dying; please don’t! Why do you not want that Name to be called? Why do you have to call that Name? Why? Why? In the name of Jesus Christ, come out of her, in Jesus’ name! We are dying. Come out! You have no place in this body. You and your nonsense plans, you are coming out, in Jesus’ name. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Every chain that has been holding her destiny, let it be loosed, in Jesus’ name. Let every chain be loosed, in Jesus’ name. This is deliverance taking place in Jesus’ name right now. The evil spirit said it was a spirit of snake that had caused madness in the family. But right now we are seeing the name of Jesus Christ taking authority over this demonic spirit, as she is being completely set free, in Jesus’ name. You are free; rise up, in Jesus’ name. You are free. Set Free In Jesus’ Name Thank You, Lord Jesus! ANOINTING WATER REVIVAL IN THE UK – TESTIMONY TIME My name is Linda Nambili. I come from Namibia and I came to visit the UK for six months. The problems that brought me here were spiritual attacks and no progress in life. When we were going to the prayer line, I couldn’t walk. Something was pulling me, like muscles pulling in my leg. Before I reached there, I found that I couldn’t see anyone else. There was just darkness, and I was screaming. From there, a voice was talking from deep within me; I couldn’t control it. It was speaking against my control. So, you were experiencing spiritual attack, but by the grace of God you came to the Anointing Water service and were ministered to with the Anointing Water, and Jesus Christ met you. Amen? Amen! Hallelujah! Now that you have received this wonderful deliverance, we encourage you to stay close to Jesus and far from sin, so that this will remain permanent in your life. Amen; thank You, Lord Jesus; I am free! RV: Mel Flowers 27/03/2019

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Spiritual Snakes Speak Out! – Anointing Water Revival; UK

  1. JC R says:

    What is the name of this preacher?

  2. Aphrodite Goddess Of Love says:

    3:04 lol

  3. butwhyok says:

    We watched this in Religious Studies and then my teacher asked if church should be public or private and I said "public because if you're at home rolling around on the floor I doubt your husband would want to get home and see it" :')

  4. Coral Laboy says:

    God is very important

  5. Kisha Kwlwl says:

    All These deceived people..

  6. Ruksar Doraswamy says:

    jesus is the Lord

  7. Kylie Alexa Anderson says:

    This happened to me. I was a senior high student, along with my four other friends. But I met an actual demon as he was strangling me. And he lifted me up along with my body as everyone screamed in terror but soon I fought it. I muttered "Leave me alone in the mighty name of Jesus Christ" I keep yelling it at him but now the demon screamed in pain as I kept muttering the name. Until the demon get out. I realized that why I get possessed is because I disobeyed my parents, gambling and more until I asked his forgiveness and accept Jesus as my one and only true savior. Starting that day, I didn't get possessed.

  8. Haque A says:

    This is so fake she is a good actor

  9. Haque A says:

    This is so fake please don't create drama in the name of our beloved prophet

  10. aarmon lama says:

    in bible in the begening the book of genuine there were written about heavenly mother GENESIS 1.26

  11. nasko ivanov says:

    Im fart xd

  12. Jonah Grace2 says:

    I believe this. ??

  13. al reynolds says:

    Fake as hell ! Lol

  14. I said dumb stuff online So if you see it I’m sorry says:



    Lol good actors ??


    The church full of demonic spirit. I will never sleep in church give us goose bump.


    This is bull shit.I can't believed the demon went to church.????Demonic supposed to flee from church? Fake actors.

  18. Arif Irawan says:

    Lol. Bad actress. Can human kill spirit? Jesus is not god, but god's slave like me and you. God doesn't have children. We are not god's children, but we are god's slaves. Jesus was an ordinary human like you and me, and not god or god's son.

  19. flight wing says:

    Whhooaa there

  20. life as rere says:

    I think this is kinda fake because. if she was possessed the people in the back sitting wouldn't be so fine and dandy but if its real thank God

  21. Azita Rad says:

    Stupid guy ll go to hell with that bitch .he has interview with evil .fuck u

  22. Wing says:

    the thumbnail tho

  23. Aneliswa Mgwaba says:

    Acting much…? ?

  24. Lizzy Bee says:

    How much are they paid?

  25. Angela Hurst says:


  26. Superior fantasy says:

    Hahahahahahaahahahhaahahahahahahahaha. Lol LoL

  27. pavan pradeep says:

    Over acting babe
    Live action
    Better than Tony starc

  28. 5 inch globglogabgalab says:



    Possessed by bad actors

  30. Antoinette geeven 144 says:

    Dus bij deze I rebuke you in Jesus name. I

  31. Coral Rain says:

    The fat overactor ????

  32. Isaiah Garcia says:

    She is just trying to get attention and put snakes in a bad place!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  33. Kiwi The Cannabis says:


  34. Risenga_Junior says:

    Scary staff

  35. M-Fitr Hdean says:

    I saw in bible in Matthew 7: 21-23

    21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

    22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

    23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity

  36. Russell Avery says:

    Say it with me, "GIVE…ME…YOUR….MONEY"

  37. Making hard levels in games says:

    Maybe a demon gets inside him

  38. Brenda Spoon says:

    Some of these people who taking light of this? Should ask, is a spirit hiding inside them are there friends? I been there didn't know for years? When I was younger the anger I had. With lust and no doubt others demons. Over the years rejecting Christ. And in and out of church. It got bad for me. But one day ? I heard the Lord call to me again? I was ready and running back to His Love and protection. Yes I heard those demons saying , oh no! No! No! But the light of God came in. And the rider inside felt light a new me. So much peace and love took me somewhere ? For a few minutes.. Then everything I saw was so crispy clear. And I even loved my enemies. Oh its so real. Am a witness and testimony . demons is real and Jesus Christ is too. Thank u God.

  39. Brenda Spoon says:

    Water has a lot to d o with it. When prayer and faith and Gods approval over His works. Just like the clothes the Apsotals used for contact of faith. And the man that was told dip 7 times in the pool. To be healed. Obidence is better than a scafrice? Believe I know about taking God light and His works. He helped me to become a believer. Humbling myself.and realizing destruction was too near to take me out of this Earth. But God. No fool no more.. I seen the Light. With so much mercy and Love..

  40. baselogic9 says:


  41. Gap says:

    I just dub the vid with metal music.


    I wonder how much did they pay her

  43. IT'S ME the inkling says:

    Me when I'm fucker upped

  44. Parade The Gospel says:

    Instead of doing things for show on camera and in front of an audience….preach the real Gospel. Preach about repentance and belief and be born again.

  45. Eliz Taylor says:

    Maldita loca

  46. Abraham John says:

    my god Jesus real god

  47. Kyle Tissnolthtos says:

    What kingdom demons don't have nothing losers

  48. david nthua says:

    hallerujah, We have the power to heal the sick,trapple over the scorpions and drive outdemons

  49. Arch Angel says:

    gottt damn

  50. Omega Effect says:

    So fucking sad . Fuck Jesus that’s shit isn’t even real ??‍♂️

  51. Asmerom Kbrom says:

    ohhhh my gad i am orthedeks

  52. Joshua Smith says:

    No comment.

  53. Kurt Arroyo says:


  54. Random Videos says:


  55. DurtDevil 803 says:

    Proof that church is the only place besides a Marilyn Manson concert that one can go and act like a fuckin idiot without getting arrested. Good performance tho. Thx for the laugh.

  56. Lorraine Kelly says:

    These people are being demonically possessed in the service.

  57. Siva Canjeevaram says:

    Wow! Humans , what potentiality they have for stupiditu

  58. Siva Canjeevaram says:

    They should have added a “peeing in pants” to the script, that would made more dramatic, per and poop

  59. Elle The Bat says:

    Omg dude she's just a psycho path not possessed Jesus Christ these people are not possessed they have mental illness and btw snakes aren't evil they're just animals

  60. SquigglyFetus says:

    Why am I Catholic and wheezing over this?

  61. Papa Joe says:


  62. Luminarian 111 says:

    Lmao, all 956k subscriber are in hell..

  63. Fannie Collins says:

    Y are they not praying….i can't with y'all

  64. Sheryl Castro says:

    Every chain that has been holding my destiny, let it be loosed in Jesus name.

  65. Deepak Jagadale says:

    damed she simply just want to pee.. let her go..

  66. Just Another Loser says:

    To all the naysayers… this was TOTALLY a legit possession.

  67. Master Gaming says:

    When you chew 5 gum

  68. Trenna Morris says:

    I need prayers. Please deliver me from a evil spirit.
    Pray that Jesus will deliver and cleanse me from a venomous snake bite on my left leg that happen in my sleep. I hear the evil spirit talking. I need help please. I felt the evil spirit tremble in my lips during this prayer receive a hearing heart. Please help cast out this evil spirit.

  69. Anthony Barrett says:

    Lol ?

  70. Wendy Esther says:

    Could be pepper spray they sprayed on her face. ..

  71. David Abia Ariellesen says:

    You mislead people with the scripture. Isaiah says the anointing breaks the yoke. Not that water that is anointed breaks the yoke. You add to the writing with your water + the anointing. This is not biblical. find ONE scripture/biblevers in the new testament where Jesus, his disciples, apostles or prophets used anointed water in there ministrie.

  72. J. James Sr. says:

    I should have made popcorn for this foolishness

  73. real life says:

    Emmanuel. Praise God.

  74. Sojourning TeddyBear says:

    I’m just realizing that the woman in the orange shirt during the “exorcism “ is looking like, “I am unjoining this church to damn day.” ?


  75. Sarah plays games says:


  76. peacemaker sir says:

    scams just pure scams

  77. Monica Barnes says:

    What those white folks doing there

  78. Marq Lock says:

    She looks like a walrus

  79. The Duchess says:

    Lol. Jesus….please. Can't we have someone that looks more like black people. If were going to be so dramatical? lmaof.Jesus never existed. Folks are waking up!

  80. Rudd Chamomile says:

    Haven't you read in Genisis ch2:9. God does things as he pleases. They would eat of the tree of Life to stay immortal. God could have said "I make you immortal", but no he made the fruit of a tree that made them immortal. So many plp say that this anointed water is fake, but the day will come when you wish you never spoke against it, and you'll wish you had it to be healed, and set free. This lady has a career and a family. Why would she do such a thing to herself.

  81. Giuz F says:

    I just through up a little

  82. Communist Mapping says:

    They’re bad actors you know

  83. Peachy Peachworth says:

    EmmanuelTV hires poor people and makes them act like morons in exchange for food and shelter. I heard of a guy who was employed by them talk about it.

  84. Irfan Ansari says:

    Lol is this people are really exist on this planet? ?
    I was pinching my self and thinking that am I human or ?…?
    And I suddenly realise that ooppppps I don’t like to eat frogs ? and rats ?…
    Naaaaah raw? ?
    It is true that now days more human turning in to snake by day by day example is my manager… ? He is fat bastard like python ?
    And our coordinator Miss Grassy slim grass snake ???
    What is going on????

  85. SHH CHENEL says:

    everything is possible in Jesus Name. Amen

  86. Ekluvya Nundoo says:

    god is great,if you belieave in him say amen when and where are you say amen

  87. Puplo Man says:

    AAHHWWOOOOOoooooWWWWHHHHHY? ooOoooooh!!!!!!!!

    SHE IS A SEE' E R*
    RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU oooooooooooooooooLllllllLLLLLLLLLLLE R!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!


    WEEEEEEEE ARE SPIRITUUUUUUUUAAAL?????⛼?⛼??????????????????????????????????⭐?⭐☄☄☄✡✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴ SSSSNAAAAAAAAKES!!!!!!
    TO DESTROY HER destiny!!!!!


    We DON'T waaaaAAAAAN THAT……….


    Replay the viedo and follow and read my comment,

    And comment back,
    If you guys think that's funny?

  88. Moe Lester says:

    I am the witch.

  89. Jonii Vemai says:

    Guys this is not joke or fake . It real do you believe that Jesus has authority over every demon. Jesus is lord who can only save you from demon. Plz don't think this is joke or fake. As you call the name Jesus you will experience great peace in your heart. He is your lord and saviour. May God be with you all. Amen. I am from India manipur. Thank you

  90. Silivia Ncube says:

    Thank you for the anointed water Emmanuel,

  91. Silivia Ncube says:

    Hallelujah!!!!!! Praise God!!!!

  92. SD says:

    Snake with boobies. Lol

  93. dvalahelvete says:

    Looks more like she's being possessed by the spirit of a walrus.

  94. Jakob Daviz says:

    where do they find these canadians?

  95. so noob better dont be youtuber says:

    so cuteeeeee????

  96. Neutrois God says:

    I watch this video every time I'm depressed.

  97. duhawma Lda says:

    Thank you, Lord!

  98. Imcomparable Bulldog says:

    hopefully man of God will visit here in my country Philippines for a service to deliverance us Filipino…….

  99. Atropelando O mundo says:

    Reprendido em nome de jesus Cristo do céu filho de Deus

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