Spirit Riding Free Game – Crocodile Hiding with Lucky, Pru, Abigail and Horses – Horse Playset

Spirit Riding Free Game – Crocodile Hiding with Lucky, Pru, Abigail and Horses – Horse Playset

Lucky, Pru, Abigail from Spirit Riding Free There’s a crocodile in this room with the horses and we need your help to find him. Spirit! There you are. Have you seen a silly crocodile hiding anywhere? Lucky, stay here with Pru and Abigail while Spirit and the kids help me find that crocodile. Come on Spirit! Baby Jack Jack! Uh excuse me! Have any of you seen baby Jack Jack anywhere? He’s wearing a red suit just like me and he has super powers. Spirit, let’s help Mr. Incredible find baby Jack Jack! Maybe he’s hiding in the ball pit. Where could baby Jack Jack be hiding? There he is! He’s hiding between the red and blue balls! Thank you for finding my baby Jack Jack! You’re welcome Mr. Incredible! Spirit, did you find something else? You found the crocodile! You get out of there you silly green crocodile! He’s gone! Let’s keep looking for that crocodile Spirit! Look! It’s the PJ Masks! Gekko, Owlette, Catboy, have you seen a crocodile hiding around here? Nope. They haven’t seen him but they know where he might be hiding. Let’s play a game called What’s Different! Here are five Mickey Mouse toys. One Two Three Four Five Can you tell which toy is different? It’s Mickey number four because he has squares on his pants. But the other Mickeys have circles. Here are five Princess Amber toys from Sofia The First. One Two Three Four Five Can you tell which one is different? It’s princess number three because all of the other princesses have flowers on their dresses but princess number three does not. Oh look! It’s the crocodile! But which crocodile is the real crocodile? This crocodile is different because he has a smile on his face. Ha! We found you Mr. Crocodile! He’s gone! Come on! Let’s keep looking for that crocodile! Spirit look! It’s Peppa Pig and Mommy Pig! Peppa Pig! Have you seen a crocodile around here? Spirit listen! There’s a sound coming from inside that box. Kids, can you guess what’s inside the box? That is an airplane! Peppa Pig! What else is inside the surprise box? Spirit, was that you? No? Then whose inside the surprise box? It’s Boomerang, Abigail’s horse. Silly Boomerang! Where’s Abigail? Wait! You’re not really a horse! Baby Jack Jack you silly baby. Go back to your daddy! I think there’s one more thing inside the surprise box! What could it be? It’s the crocodile! We found you Mr. Crocodile. Now you go home and be with your family! Goodbye Mr. Crocodile! Good job Spirit! You helped me and the kids find that silly crocodile! Lucky, Pru, Abigail, we’re back and the crocodile is gone! Thank you for helping us Spirit! Keep riding free! Thank you so much for playing with us today! If you would like to play more of our games, click on one of these videos now to play more! Or subscribe to Just For Kids! See you next time!

Randy Schultz

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