SPINOSAURUS VS INDORAPTOR! Jurassic World Dino Rivals 6 Pack 12″ Dinosaur Action Figures Unboxing

SPINOSAURUS VS INDORAPTOR! Jurassic World Dino Rivals 6 Pack 12″ Dinosaur Action Figures Unboxing

Wow keep watching to see all six of
these awesome 12-inch Dino rivals Jurassic world dinosaurs out of their
package okay it’s good to see you today we have the Dino rivals six pack of 12
inch figures this is exclusive to cold stores so you could buy all six of these
in one package SPINOSAURUS VS INDORAPTOR! Jurassic World Dino Rivals 6 Pack 12″ Dinosaur Action Figures Unboxing Owen was separate and in the Raptor I
have not seen the Dilophosaurus or the pro Ceratosaurus in the 12-inch figures
so you know they might be out there but this is your chance to get all six of
them together which is awesome and there is the blue battle damage spinosaurus i
just reviewed all the wednesday as packaging also is kind of funny because
you got tails everywhere there’s velociraptor blues the pro Ceratosaurus
the Dilophosaurus and in the rafter tails wow that’s a cool scene the battle
damage spinosaurus busting out of the gates of jurassic park to eat our giant
Dilophosaurus oh that is cool okay but guys remember with these 12-inch figures
they’re huge but they are pretty cheap quality I mean these are more like
cheaper dinos you would buy maybe for younger kids to like beat up and stuff
like that but you know there’s still fun and they’re big so with the
Dilophosaurus you get the frills that pop
all the arms go backward and forward the legs they don’t have the sideways
movement so if you basically up and down let me see yeah okay so this one could
stand up and about half way but you can’t push her down to the ground the
tail moves back and forward so this one uh I would say out of all of them
the Dilophosaurus is the coolest-looking from this set and I have not seen her
separate if she comes in a separate pack I don’t know I’ve never seen her at the
stores and then we’re gonna move to the pro Ceratosaurus this one – I have not
seen if they sell her separate or not but again really cool scene there the
Spinosaurus just Boston out and decimating her but again you get a nice
big figure with the carnivores one thing I don’t like all the mouths don’t open I
mean what what how hard would it have been made to make the mouths open it
would have been nice I mean I know kids would like it a lot more I mean with the
mouth open you know I could basically chomp and it to act bum but this is
pretty much almost display material but uh the coloring in the texture and
everything is awesome okay with these cheaper ones they don’t paint the nails
or the toenails but it does look like the pro Ceratosaurus so I’ve got the
smaller one with this one you only get movement on the arms and
the legs oh okay this the legs do go off sideways so I’m wondering if you could
get but still doesn’t want to go down it
will go up like that but it won’t go down to the ground with this one you do
also have movement on the tail so there is our 12-inch Pro Ceratosaurus there we
have Velociraptor blue inspecting the Spinosaurus is teeth that’s not gonna be
a job that’s gonna last very long I think it will be over quickly for our
favor blue unless she is really fast which she is so maybe she could get away
but I have showed you guys this 12-inch blue before again no movement on the
mouth the arms do move up and down the legs she could go mid position and all
the way up so you know that that’s kind of cool she does have a third claw but
it’s not painted or anything and then again movement on the tail over there
so she’s cool looking but I would use these more for younger children or
displays and then there we have the end or after creeping forward on its arms
and legs so it’s a cool lock but again I wouldn’t really use it for anything
other than a display because no moving the mouth doesn’t open or anything so
soon I wonder I think that’s bought the highest you’re
gonna get so basically she is this one is made to crouch and off or sort of
like when she’s crawling across the roof of the mansion is what the look I think
they’re going for does get the spikes in the back the mouth again does not open
or close big huge fingers toenails pronounced third claw here which they
are painted like a shiny black so that that makes it look cooler rather than
you know do it it just gone with like a flat black so there is our in director
that looks hilarious so there is our 12-inch Owen figure next to the spinous
or does it definitely not in scale but uh this Owen figure is you know this one
is actually pretty cool oh you’ve got really good movement on the arms the
elbow the hands do actually turn so it’s not I don’t know it doesn’t seem as
cheap as some of the Dino ones because you do got really good movement all
around a really nice saw head like the mold of the head I mean it looks exactly
like Owen his classical vest good movement on the legs up and down
sideways it does bend at the knee so you could have oh in like a karate pose I
wonder if we could get understand oh I got him to stand check that out haha
either he’s doing karate or ballet one or the other but like I said this one
actually is really cool and if you put him with the
Velociraptor blue then they would be more in scale and then weirdly enough
the Trinitite is the only one with the movie mouth I mean this is the one I
would think you wouldn’t really have to have a moving mouth because it’s not a
carnivore or anything but this is the one with the movie mouth
so as the cool feature does open all the way up like there the head turns the
wings do flap up and down it’s a little stiff at the beginning but they do
actually flap up and down so that’s cool and the legs move so I was I was
surprised with the movement of this figure because out of all of them I
would have really thought the trainer Don would be probably the most like hard
to move but I guess not let’s see if we could get her to stand up okay so she
could support herself with her wings like that so that’s a cool feature okay
so there is all six of our 12-inch dinos out of their packaging ready to attack
cool so this would be a nice like huge dinosaur zoo so like I said I would use
those more for display but you know what they look really cool playability is
kind of limited what day look awesome all dinosaur here in today’s secret word
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Randy Schultz

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