Spider Vs Wasp In Battle To The Death

Spider Vs Wasp In Battle To The Death

COMM: This battle between a spider wasp and a wolf spider marks the start of one of nature’s
grizzliest fights for survival. COMM: Spider wasps are so called because they hunt spiders, not because they are an arachnid.
The spider wasp’s sting is one of the most painful insect stings known to man. COMM: Its opponent is known for its agility
and speed as well as having great eyesight. COMM: Striking with its venomous stinger, the wasp attacks the spider over and over
again, paralyzing its prey. COMM: But the ordeal is far from over. COMM: Dragging the helpless spider back to its den, the wasp lays its egg in the spider’s
abdomen. COMM: Making the unsuspecting spider a living host. COMM: Ultimately, the parasitic lava will
consume the spider from the inside out.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Spider Vs Wasp In Battle To The Death

  1. Animal Kingdom says:

    Awesome video please keep it up 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  2. hammy kun says:

    Not suitable before bed…. Now I'm gonna have a nightmare

  3. Metacomet says:

    This wasn't a battle to the death it was a predator killing its prey effortlessly like it normally does. This wasn't intense at all.

  4. Ana says:

    Sees spider
    * clicks out if video* nope

  5. colleen hickmott says:

    A few years ago my big brother was bitten by a wolf spider on the tummy

  6. Castiel says:

    i like these tarantula hawks

  7. wheelmanstan says:

    I saw a wasp fight a yellow jacket once, the yellowjacket whooped it's butt. It was a legit fight to the death.

  8. Linus Magnus says:

    Parasitic "lava" – whats lava?

  9. featheredfan says:

    Tachypompilus ferrugineus ferrugineus vs. ♂ Hogna carolinensis (maybe) Can you please tell us the general location?

  10. jackb2809 says:

    If I was a wasp I wouldn't eat that shit.

  11. Bug lover Spider lover says:

    I've seen these wasps in my yard carrying away wolf spiders. If you try to take the spider away the wasp will chase you!

  12. King Pyro Zerg Zilla says:

    Am I the only one who wants to see a wasp laying an egg on/in the spider's abdomen?

  13. Faraj Gasimov says:

    still better than wrestling

  14. UnderKrooke says:

    here in arizona we have tarantula wasp ive ran from one before they are huge

  15. Rylan says:

    Spoiler alert:
    Wasp wins

  16. Billie Boyfan says:

    Oh my lord! The most 2 bugs I hate in the world so much!

  17. Kathrin James says:

    damn son , where'd you find this

  18. GA BU says:

    Omg why u didnt save the spider..

  19. Linh Linh says:


  20. wrestlingconnoisseur says:

    That's what happens when you fucking hide behind shit and scare the fuck out of me.

  21. Craig says:

    I read an article in a free monthly magazine in southwest Colorado about the Tarantula Hawk Wasp. The entomologist interviewed said he had recorded 700 encounters between the wasps and the tarantulas. He said out of that 700 observations, only one time did the tarantula kill the wasp.

  22. Danny O says:

    Spiders are pussies… They always get their asses kicked

  23. Glenn Roberts says:

    That wasp was actually a tarantula hawk but diffrent looks

  24. Tremaine Joned says:

    This is kidnapping

  25. B00steDevil says:

    Amazing the ability to locate its borrow.

  26. Vamos enDireitar ! says:

    wrong title,the spider doesn t dies

  27. Baltazar Mendez says:

    The Alien wasp!!!

  28. iPhone Fanatic says:

    Wow this wasp was no joke ! I’ve seen many battles of these but this wasp was in absolute straight killing mode!

  29. iPhone Fanatic says:

    The spider never wins against these wasps! It’s always over for the spiders once that wasps sting gets them.

  30. Rap Lawyer says:


  31. Carmelo Solitario says:

    Wasp win spider death

  32. Joseph Farris says:


  33. Ludu says:

    exterminate Takesha McLaren resolve to lazas benefits forever

  34. Bridget James says:

    DIE SPIDER 🕷!!!!!!!!!

  35. Lamar Jackson says:

    Sounds like a chest burster

  36. Mekratrig says:

    Djust once I'd like to see the spidar win.

  37. Finding_Nismo says:

    Who else is here instead of clicking a clickbait ad?

  38. That Guy says:

    Wolf spider is clearly down, yet the wasp continues to attack. Who’s the referee, Mario Yamasaki?

  39. HEART NET says:

    To remember I love wasp

  40. Michigan State - Molester State U Enablers says:

    Damn nature

  41. Tommy D says:

    Why call it a battle ? I'm sure many people like myself turn your tube on hoping to see a battle ?

  42. Miki Miyazaki says:

    Bed n breakfast!

  43. clyde pascua says:

    The web building spiders only can beat wasps like black widow

  44. connextro says:

    I hope to find that exact wasp and burn it alive

  45. Principal Joe says:

    What about goliath bird eater vs red spider wasp?

  46. KrotowX says:

    Spider got brutally murdalized. Well it will stay fresh in vegetable state some time.

  47. Kalash Operator says:

    I hate wasps. I wished I had a flame thrower every time I saw one

  48. Y Vorius says:

    Vampire wasp. Bloody wasp. Whatever the name, stay away from me

  49. Shuyin Kim says:

    Without web, spiders are not efficient.

  50. young draco says:

    How can a wasp remember how to get back to it's den it must be pretty smart

  51. igor rodrigues says:

    red wasp of donkey kong 2

  52. BugzyBullz says:

    They pretty much showed the wasp won in the intro just saying it, and I didn't even finish watching the video so I'ma leave, lmk who wins

  53. Dexter Heinonen says:

    Got stung by a red spider wasp the other day. Happened to accidentally step on it and the spider it was dragging while barefoot. Initially, not much pain. Following evening, my foot was on fire. Makes you feel alive, that's for damn sure haha

  54. Kush Prajapati says:

    To dangerous

  55. Extreme Gamer says:

    I seen a black wasp on my porch eating a spider

  56. kc s says:

    Perhaps the wasp could paralyze even a human. Reverse situation could happen?
    Any spiders live on wasps?

  57. king says:

    The spider owe the wasp money

  58. Corn Hub says:

    I’m scared of both of these things why am I watching this

  59. Mortal Donut says:

    Spider wasps are so called because they hunt spiders, not because they are an arachnid. Opposite Wolf spiders are so called because they hunt wolves, not because they are canis…. Lol

  60. K N says:

    Wasps = nature’s biggest assholes.

  61. waaazup D says:

    So they just happen to be looking for something to film and came across this lol

  62. 垃圾 Trash says:

    New movie 2018: Spider and the Wasp

  63. Mick Carson says:

    So, is there any chances a spider will win, any spider.

  64. SadStan says:


  65. Wadetranada says:

    W O R L D S T A R

  66. J. A. says:

    I'm for the WASP!!! 👊🐝

  67. Le MoNkEy Hehe says:

    This makes me feel like when I’m going to sleep a spider is going to go in my mouth

  68. Carl Astrero says:

    I hope that wasp dies! I feel sorry for the spider

  69. Jamie Banner says:

    Spider wasps don't go for all spiders though. They have trouble with web spiders and jumping spiders. They only go for like foot predatory spiders. Tarantulas and wandering spiders are the veey venomous and most dangerous to humans but they are not the king of spiders.

  70. Fabio says:

    WARNING graphic content!

  71. AIMING0099 says:

    It been cool if the wasp started flying and he shot a web rope at the wasp

  72. So ein Spast says:

    This is essentially the Alien Franchise

  73. Jose Hernandez says:

    Abispa López obrador,..y morena ,.. arañas prian mc ,. La lucha sigue les enseñarán alos marranos como es lo bueno del progreso ,..y no lo egoísta de codiciosos y muérete ,..

  74. Garret spence says:

    The effects they added to this video is unnecessary.

  75. Really Bitch says:

    i watched a spider fight a wasp in my house once.the spider won.though it was kinda long.they fought for hours,but the next day only the husk of the wasp remained.

  76. M. Frylinck says:

    brazil is far worse with their bacteria , look at Monsters inside me

  77. JayEd KC says:

    I hate wasps poor spider!

  78. JayEd KC says:

    The spider wins if the wasps gets caught in the web…

  79. Michael Higley says:

    Just play the stupid video. Leave the music and garbage sound effects in the trash can.

  80. Machine Man says:

    Have a feeling ti spider wasp is going to win

  81. Heaven Clark says:

    leaked moment of the wasp and spider man fighting

  82. Gabriele_Lasagno says:

    Wasp need ant-man

  83. Gaby Chuels says:

    its a bad day to be a spider

  84. AlterMay says:

    I came here because I just watched one of these guys drag a spider back go its nest, and I went on a quest to find out exactly what sort of wasp it was. Really cool

  85. HD gamer chris says:

    Spiderman Vs:The wasp

  86. Dumi MDKN says:

    how was the wasp carrying the spider and vlogging at the same time?

  87. Lps hazel Łøvę says:

    My mom knows about how big Australia spiders are and she fears spiders and yet she is forcing me to move to Australia with her

  88. JAJA Cool says:

    Wasp : not today 😂

  89. Fabian says:

    Bro the wasp was spamming the L2 button while the spider was trying build its 90s

  90. Shad GotEm says:

    Right into someone’s shed lol

  91. James hele says:

    That wasp's ground game is strong.

  92. brandon kirby says:

    I bet on the spider before watching the video. Boy did I bet on the wrong horse…

  93. Black 110s says:

    If every animal was human sized what would be the worst

  94. Jay Murray says:

    That stinger felt so good I would've shot cum b4 being paralyzed

  95. Zeke von Genbu, Bringer of Chaos says:

    You do know that there are other species of spider wasps right? "Spider wasps" are not a species, they're a family (Pompilidae)

  96. Ari Pitts says:

    so uhhhh that scary

  97. Ari Pitts says:

    so uhhhh that scary

  98. S0S3X1 says:

    A real fight would be between wasp vs the Chinese spider

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