SPIDER-MAN & Mary Jane vs The LIZARD – Real Life Superhero Battle!! TheSeanWardShow

SPIDER-MAN & Mary Jane vs The LIZARD – Real Life Superhero Battle!! TheSeanWardShow

[bright, bouncy music plays] [monstrous growl] [Mary Jane screams] [Lizard growls, Mary Jane struggles] [action music plays] [Mary Jane whimpers] [Mary Jane yells] [Lizard growling] [action music continues] [Mary Jane screams] [action music continues] [Lizard growls] [action music continues] [Mary Jane struggling] [Whack] [Lizard snarling] [whack] [dark sinister music plays] [Lizard growling] Mary Jane: Wait! Let’s get him! [action music plays] Spider-Man: Look! He’s changing! Spider-Man: Dr. Connors?! Dr. Connors: Peter! Don’t tell my wife I was the Lizard! [dies] Sean (voice over): Comment below to be this video’s featured fan! Sean: If you liked what you saw, subscribe for more just like it, every week!

Randy Schultz

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45 thoughts on “SPIDER-MAN & Mary Jane vs The LIZARD – Real Life Superhero Battle!! TheSeanWardShow

  1. art queen says:

    looooove it awesome I wish i was Mary Jane 💞💞💞💋💋💋💋

  2. Canal Girl Power says:

    Domino and Deadpool next pleaseeeeee love

  3. Khaidenn Plays says:

    sean i loved it do you know how to get a spidey suit

  4. Spider-Man says:


  5. Spider-Man says:

    im spidey

  6. Mauricio Rodriguez says:

    that lizard is bad but the spiderman suit is like spot on

  7. J814 says:

    Atleast you made it to 100,000 Glenn Webb died today before he can enjoy that

  8. Harambe With a button phone says:

    I'm a new subscriber

  9. Jeremiah Spidey Jovanovic says:

    Brandon kicked ass with the black suit & I hope those bricks were fakes the lizard suit looks awesome Sean. Elise did the right thing to beat up the Lizard

  10. Spastic pug says:

    I love how cheesy this is
    It's as if the rug rats made the spider man movie

  11. Joey Style says:

    That's the Mary Jane Watson I'd smash,Not Zendaya's Mary Jane

  12. R-Mon Solace says:

    RIP Glenn Webb 🌹

  13. TraP ViruS says:


  14. TraP ViruS says:


  15. TraP ViruS says:


  16. Spider-Man says:


  17. Spider-Man says:


  18. Jitterycharge101 Jones says:


  19. Reem Alj says:


  20. Ty.depod says:

    I literally love the part when you see the guy walking by with his phone and recording it XD

  21. the_new_spidey_ says:

    Awesome vid!

  22. brickstothefuture says:

    Will you and spiderman be at fan expo ?

  23. venger says:

    MJ aka Elise Lauren. Is incredibly attractive.

  24. Adam Sadekda uno says:

    Great video keep it up

  25. SH MV says:

    damn she fine af.

  26. Josh Neuman says:

    that ending though

  27. Snowking587 says:

    Do carnage!

  28. Alexander Torres says:

    Sean can you subscribe to my YouTube channel

  29. Terry Montalvo says:

    new subscriber

  30. Terry Montalvo says:


  31. Nguyễn Hương says:

    e nhỏ nhà mk thích lm

  32. BeAHero says:

    sweet video!

  33. Ayman El Bouljaoui says:


  34. Quintin Duverce says:


  35. GAMING WITH Alucard says:

    Canyou kiss black cat

  36. Vânia Freire says:


  37. adriana viscuso says:


  38. Sam Kresil says:

    Spider-Man AND Mary Jane vs Lizard?

  39. Sam Kresil says:

    2:07 That`s actually you,is it Sean?

  40. 李怡勳 says:


  41. אחמד הרשה says:


  42. Dần Nguyễn Duy says:


  43. paula Sanchez says:


  44. Naser. Ok;booipno3 /lok3 3 Almasri says:


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