SpaceX Crew Dragon Flies in Pad Abort Test

SpaceX Crew Dragon Flies in Pad Abort Test

10 T-minus 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and we have ignition. The super Draco have ignited and are pushing
the crew Dragon off the pad. Engines have shut down as planned after about
a five and a half second burn. The trunk has detached, the Dragon is tumbling
as planned. The drogue chute has deployed as planned. Drogues look good. Sequencing . 600 meters. Downrange distance Main parachutes all three have opened, gently lowering the Dragon test article to
the ocean surface. Hang tight everyone. One minute into flight. Dragon is at terminal velocity. Dragon is at terminal velocity. Spacecraft gently being lowered to the Atlantic
Ocean. And we have splashdown. The crew Dragon test article has splashed
down just offshore from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. This view from Dragon. Dragon is in water landing. And the three parachutes This concludes the Dragon pad abort test. All stations proceed to recovery operations
on launch vehicle net. Gently lowering into the water. And launch conductor Erin Beck announced to
the team that this concludes the SpaceX pad abort test

Randy Schultz

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21 thoughts on “SpaceX Crew Dragon Flies in Pad Abort Test

  1. ArabAstronomy says:

    if (god forbid) something wrong happens in the launchpad, isn't this kind of acceleration dangerous for astronauts? just a thought. the amount of G that this abort system might generate is a bit high according to my eyes in the first 2 seconds 🙂

  2. Mike Supczenski says:

    Good work SpaceX!

  3. Дмитрий Щёлоков says:

    SpaceX провела первые испытания спасательной шлюпки (катапультирующейся капсулы) пассажиркой модификации своего космического корабля Dragon – Crew Dragon

  4. Brian McMillan says:

    Excellent job @SpaceX   Let's get those Men & Women into space. No reliance on the Russians can't come soon enough !!

  5. Сергей Субота says:

    1:21 – one drawback – parachutes move too independently of one another, it is dangerous

  6. toreswe says:

    Gratz on a good test result

  7. enabrin tain says:

    0 to 100 in 1 second
    while fighting gravity unlike dragsters

  8. Andrew Förster says:

    well done !

  9. shutterbug98 says:

    GREAT JOB, Space X!!  But, was the weight of a full crew simulated?  Also, the capsule tumbled a little too much for my taste, but my opinion doesn't matter, the point of the abort system is to save the astronauts lives, it isn't about their comfort. Now, all we need is a successful landing of that booster!!

  10. gascat100 says:

    This is surreal, looks like a supper realistic ksp 😛

  11. MikeM8891 says:

    This is SpaceX's first launch in KSP career mode

  12. Chad Snow says:

    Awesome, this is so much safer and better than the Orion 35,000 lb escape solid rocket fueled tower.  They don't have to go through a dangerous tower ejection process. They don't need to completely waist the tower and 35000 lbs of dead mass. They can eject at any time they want while a tower only works for the first part of the launch.  The don't have to use an expensive over-sized heavy lift rocket because of the tower is so heavy.

  13. Wahl says:

    Ну и что, ну и что… Зато у них нет скреп, духовности и Православия!

  14. Billynomate Mopp says:

    nice! but looks like one of the engines cut out before the rest and tilted it slightly upwards. may have been an emergency cut off rather then a full burn. still a good test to iron out the bugs.

  15. Bram Groeneveld says:

    gives a new meaning to projectile vomiting..

  16. Tesla Nick says:

    Looks like an abort would be quite a ride…

  17. Joyce 19811 says:


  18. Ryan C. Engineering says:

    A half a second after 0:36 is where the astronauts have another mini heart-attack. The main chute releases, but the capsule goes into a brief free fall that probably feels like your chute ripped off.

  19. ryckett says:

    The Dragon ride is too intense for me!

  20. Daniel Yoo says:

    waitbuywhy brought me here.

  21. Lina Umpierre says:

    All its three chutes had red and white candy striped canopies.

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