Snorkeling at Isla de la Plata!

Snorkeling at Isla de la Plata!

I’m Emilio Pazmino and today we’re gonna be diving in the equatorial waters around Isla de la Plata As soon as I got into the water, I was surrounded by an incredible diversity of fish the most numerous by far being the scissor-tailed damselfish these tiny fish live in schools made up of thousands of individuals for protection and are experts at moving in synchrony to confuse potential threats Speaking of I noticed that they began acting erratically and I didn’t understand why until I saw a long snake-like figure cruising below this strange-looking creature is the blue spotted cornetfish and they belong to the same order as pipe fishes and seahorses They prowl around reefs in search for small fish and crustaceans they prey on and can be found in tropical and subtropical waters all around the indo-pacific Another colorful native of this reef is the king angelfish They can be identified by their dark shield-shaped bodies with a bright blue edge Their yellow tails and vertical white stripe running down their shoulder Also present were the sergeant majors who at first I didn’t recognize because they didn’t have their iconic black stripes that give them their names as It turns out they have the incredible ability to change their pattern depending on where they are swimming Becoming much lighter when they’re swimming high above the reef like in this case I spent about half an hour exploring the remainder of the reef and as I swim back to the boat I noticed a familiar shape resting on the seafloor about 20 feet below Don’t see it yet? Well, let’s take a quick dive This is a longtail stingray measuring about five feet across This species going to be easily recognized by their diamond-shaped body and their iconic long tails that give them their name originally, I wanted to talk about stingrays in general in this video as I had encountered them multiple times before and felt an episode was long overdue However, I later had another encounter with a stingray that was much more “personal” so stay tuned for that episode later in the season as I didn’t have enough material to make a video of their own I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about the reptiles of Isla de la Plata I didn’t get to see any of the local snakes But I got tons of looks at the two native species of lizard The first is the knobbed pacific iguana which is not actually an iguana but a colorful lava lizard the second is the bocourt’s ameiva and here we can see a little one chomping down on a spider A third species the coastal leaf-tailed gecko is not native and was accidentally introduced to the island from the mainland Well that was an awesome adventure I don’t know if the camera picked this up but when I was was diving I could hear the whales calling out pretty incredible, Bueno muchachos, till next time A special thanks to the Ribadeneira family for making this adventure possible And even though our time on this amazing island has ended we’ll be heading back into the ocean very soon If you guys enjoyed this video be sure to leave a like and comment down below and if you haven’t already Subscribe so you don’t miss out on any new adventures there clicking the channel icon right above Or click here to watch another video and as always Thanks for watching

Randy Schultz

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    The cornetfish is alien-like

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    Excelente vídeo Emilio!! Súper interesante y unos días fantásticos explorando Isla de la Plata! Looking forward for the next videos!

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    Incredible stuff Emilio! Underwater videos are notoriously hard to film, and you did a great job of isolating your subjects and keeping the camera steady. I think my favorite find was the King Angelfish, they’re such a distinctive species and their range is absolutely massive. I can’t wait for the rest of the underwater episodes this season!
    – Harrison and Evan

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    Great video as always Emilio. I am so excited to see the future videos with what looked to be some sort of nurse shark. All the stuff u do is like my dream. Tho sadly right now I limited to Spain (not to say it doesn't have awesome wildlife. Awesome video!

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    Thanks for your Isla de last Plata scuba footage, beautiful reef fish, and such interesting commentary – always learn something new – enjoyed the additional footage of the three lizards too. That was a big (5 ft across!) longtailed stingray, is that a common size? (That’s how tall I am, lol) They’re so graceful to see swimming, curious about the future stingray video now ..

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