Sneaking My Bearded Dragon Into School! ?

Sneaking My Bearded Dragon Into School! ?

– I’m like a little bit nervous about this whole idea. – Sneaking in there! – [Missy] You wanna sneak him into school? I was about to vlog
and say “Good morning!” “It’s bright and early!” But it is not even bright. It was actually a completely dark sky a minute ago. We got up really early. Me and Finn did. Good morning, Finn! You’re my bright and early boy, huh? – Yeah! – Yes, today actually is a school day, and so I have been waking
up a little too late for school, not being able to give myself enough time to eat, get
ready fully, boys ready. So I thought, “You know what?” “I’m just gonna get up
when Finn wakes up,” “Get him some breakfast,
get what I need done” “For today, because I do
have a very busy day.” Ollie’s still fast asleep,
and Finn’s out here, eating his very weird breakfast that he begged me for. (laughs gently) – Yeah! – What are you watching for your cartoons? – I dunno. – You’re watching Sofia the First, huh? – Yeah. – Yeah. But if you’re not
subscribed to this channel, make sure you click that subscribe button down below, and turn on
your notification bell. We are gonna have a really super fun day, so give this video a big thumbs up if you’re excited to see what we’re up to. Look who just woke up,
our little sleepy bug. (upbeat piano music) – [Missy] All right, the boys just packed their own lunch. They
chose these lunchboxes, which is Ollie and that’s Finn, right? – Yeah! – Oh my goodness! So
you’ve got some drinks, a sandwich, a little fruit bar, and Jell-O with a spoon! That was
really smart of you! Oh, and Ollie’s gonna
drop an orange in there to make it all healthy. (laughs) It looks like Ollie decided
to do the same thing. I don’t normally let them take lunchboxes that have us on them, but
this one is actually– – Oh my god, on the back! – It says ‘Daily Bumps’. It only has you and Karma on it, this
is before Finn was born. – No! It has Daddy, you, me, Karma. – I know, but it was before Finn was born, it’s so sad that Finn’s not in it. The one that Finn has, he’s got him. Oh yeah, it says Daily Bumps. It’s kind of embarrassing, do you guys have a Daily Bumps
lunchbox? We’ve been talking a lot about bringing Daily Bumps and the littles back, so let me know your thoughts in the comments. The boys are now begging us to use their own lunchboxes, so funny. All right, you guys are all packed. – Yeah! – Ready for school. One thing about today, for school is it is Share Day. So the letter today is the letter “D”, and so we have to decide something that we should share today. What do you think we should share? – I wanna share Draco. – You wanna share Draco? I don’t know. Draco, your lizard? – Maybe I could sneak him in there. – You wanna sneak him into school? I don’t know, I have to ask your teacher. What do you think your
teacher would think? Would she be scared, or would she like it? – She would like it. – She would like it? Ollie has been asking to share Draco on Share Day for weeks and weeks, since the beginning of
school, and I was like, “Well, I guess when the letter come up,” “Maybe we’ll see?” Today is the letter “D”,
and his name is Draco. We could share Draco. Draco, do you want to be shared? You wanna go on a little adventure today? – [Ollie] (high-pitched) Yes! – [Missy] (laughs) Are you his voice? Okay, I mean, if you are gonna share him, I think are gonna have
to sneak him into school. Do we just put him in your backpack, and see if we can get him in? – No. – [Missy] He’s like, “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Mama.” I’m gonna go ahead and
try. So we’ve got this little box, that actually has a lid that has a hole in it,
so he can sit in that. And then I have a heating pad. I’m gonna bring some worms. I’m gonna bring his leash. – Kind of looks like a toy
now, ’cause he’s sitting still. – He looks so tiny in
the camera, I feel like. If you guys don’t know, Ollie got Draco a few months for his birthday, and it was so magical when he did get him. – I do not know how that happened. – [Missy] (laughs) – Wait, it’s not! – [Bryan] It’s not real? What a cool bearded dragon, Ollie, but he’s not real! – I will get a dragon, come alive! – [Bryan] Okay. – (family members ooh and ah) – Yeah, he magically made
his bearded dragon appear, and it was the cutest thing ever, so I’ll have that video linked up here in the I card, and you
guys can check it out. – [Ollie] He’s shedding. – [Missy] Is he? – [Ollie] Yeah, see? When he gets white, that means he’s gonna shed. – All right, we have Draco in the car, and he is coming to school with you. I’m like a little bit nervous
about this whole idea. Hopefully I’m nervous
about just making sure that he’s super safe and comfortable, and doesn’t get too cold or anything. It is important that he stay warm. But besides that, he’s a really good guy. He does start with the letter “D”, right? – I don’t know if I’ve ever
seen it happen, but I’m excited. I think the kids are gonna learn a lot. So give this video a big thumbs up if you’re excited to see Ollie take his bearded dragon to school. All right, Draco is doing
pretty good in his box. His tail is sticking out,
which I think is so funny. So I’ve just been chilling in the car with little Draco here, which luckily, I’m pretty comfortable holding. I think that’s a good thing. I’ve been really nervous,
though, that he’s going to poop. He doesn’t poop very
often, but when he does, it is the most disgusting
thing you could ever imagine. It’s not like regular poop. I’m not gonna talk about it anymore, but I’ve been really nervous about it, and he hasn’t yet. Hopefully
he doesn’t in the classroom. Let me know down in the comments if this is ever something that you would ever want to
share at your school, or if you’re a mom, if
you would ever be willing to share a bearded dragon
at your kid’s school. Gotta put your little paw in there, bud. Gotta get your paw in
there! Okay, there we go. All right, I’m walking Draco in. Ollie is so excited. – He is 15 years old. – [Teacher] He is? – [Missy] (laughs) He’s six months old. – [Teacher] Oh! I was like,
“That’s an old Draco!” – [Missy] When did you get him, bud? – I got him for my birthday. – [Missy] Yeah, and what’s his name? – Draco. He eats cockroaches and worms. – [Missy] Yep, cockroaches and worms. – [Teacher] Oh, wow. – All right, we shared!
That was so awesome. I feel like Ollie absolutely loved it. The kids loved it. So cute, I love that we
can do stuff like this. Get your tail in there. Close ya up. And guess what, you guys? He didn’t poop! Woo-hoo, hallelujah! – [Bryan] (high-pitched) Oh hi, Ollie! Welcome home from school! – I shared Draco. – You did? That’s awesome! – He was trying to get out of Mama’s hand. – Was he trying to escape and
run all through the school? – [Ollie] Yes. – I bet he wanted to go
play with all your toys and dig in, like all
your nooks and crannies and stuff at the school? – No, the baskets are
super big, he’s not strong. – [Bryan] Oh, really? (chuckles) Well, I’m just glad you didn’t lose him, ’cause that would’ve
not been very fun, huh? – We have dragons at school. – [Bryan] You do? – But the toy kind of ones. – Okay, Ollie, so which pet are you gonna bring to school next? – Chickens – Chickens?! – [Missy] Ooh, that’s fun. – Okay, maybe one day you
can bring in some chickens. – [Missy] That’s so cute. – But they went all over the class, we can’t catch them. – They would, and they
might poop everywhere. Your bearded dragon scared
all your classmates? – Yeah! – That’s so cool, oh my god. – It would have been fun to do Luna– – Yeah, it would’ve. – I felt like a bearded dragon was different for the kids to get to see. They’ve probably never held
a bearded dragon before. – [Bryan] Yeah, totally. And he’s a good size right now for ’em. Whoa, Papa, what did you find? – It’s a helicopter. – [Bryan] Whoa. – [Ollie] But the light is not going on. – [Bryan] Oh, really? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Bryan] That’s so cool. It’s a Tonka. This is like an old-school one. Where did you find this? – At the thrift store. – [Bryan] That’s awesome! – The best find. – Does this one? (siren noise) – You find all the best
broken stuff there. – [Bryan] Oh, yeah? – I will say, when I was a kid, a lot of my toys were
all from thrift stores, so I’m not knocking it. I love it. I think it’s amazing, and whenever the boys are tired of their toys, we love thrifting them so that other kids can enjoy them, too. – Yeah. – [Bryan] What you doing, buddy? – I’m packing up my stuff. I wanted to tie this, but
I have too many stuff. – Ollie, where are you going? Are you running away from home? – No, I’m going to
Auntie’s and Mimi’s house. – Oh, cool. – I get to spend the night there! – Yeah, the boys are
actually getting ready, because they’re gonna stay the night with Mimi and Auntie. What? – And then, in the morning, my
friends are gonna come over. – Yeah, that’s amazing! And you guys can play
and have so much fun? – Yeah! – Yeah. – That’s two big things. – That’s amazing. Okay, Ollie, do you want me to show you how to really pack this up? – Yeah. – Okay. I showed him this one time when he was going to stay
the night at Auntie’s. Basically what you do is, whenever you’re going anywhere,
you just put a blanket on the floor and you put everything in the middle that you want to take. Reptile-amphibian sticker
book, okay, what else? He’s got his Han Solo gun,
we’ve got his crayons. “The King of Sting” book. – [Missy] How about a toothbrush, Ollie? – Nah. And then what you do is you put the corners together,
and you tie it all up, and then you tie the other side. – Super tight, and then
you put the sword in! – And then you use a stick, or a sword, or a pole, or anything, really. And you just stick it right in there, and then you can carry it. Here you go. Carry it on your shoulder. – A little heavy. – [Bryan] Now you’re all ready. Have fun dude, I love you! – The boys are getting ready to leave. My sister and my mom
offered to take the boys and I was like, “Yes!” – I’m going to Auntie house, Finn is going to Mimi and Papa’s house. – Yes. I absolutely love my kids, but sometimes a break is really nice. I think they’re gonna have a great time. All right, have a good time! – See you later, Mom and Dad! – [Missy] All right, boys, say goodbye. Good luck! Finn, are you gonna be good for Mimi? Ugh, gross. – All right, I have
Ollie over here with me, and we just saw “A Dog’s Way Home”. What did you think of the movie? – I liked it, but I didn’t like the– – Yeah, something kind of sad happened. He didn’t like that part, but anyways, we’re just hanging out at our house, and I think it is just about time for bed. – Ducky! – And we got duckies at the mall. But anyways, thank you guys so much for watching Missy and Bryant’s channel. Make sure you guys are
subscribed to my channel, which I’ll have that
linked up in the I card. Make sure you guys click
on the little things over here to watch Missy
and Bryant’s videos, and we’ll see you guys next time. Ollie, what do we say? – Bye, boop. (upbeat techno music)

Randy Schultz

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