Snapping Turtle BITES Me.. AGAIN!

Snapping Turtle BITES Me.. AGAIN!

– [Coyote] You guys wanna
see how powerful the bite is of the Central American
snapping turtle? (yelling) (dramatic music) (animal noises) My fascination with
snapping turtles has spanned nearly
30 years of time, and no matter how many of these prehistoric-looking
reptiles I catch, I can’t wait for
the next encounter. On The Brave Wilderness channel, we’ve featured the two
most recognizable species, the highly aggressive
common snapping turtle, and its much larger,
lumbering cousin, the alligator snapping turtle. But did you know there
is another species? And it just happens to
be located in Costa Rica. What’s goin’ on guys? Right now we are on
location in Costa Rica, filming, once again,
at the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center, and as you can see
right behind us here, this is our jungle base camp. Now we have been to
Costa Rica nine times and every time we visit this
location, I am always looking for the Central American
snapping turtle. And lo’ and behold,
there is a juvenile one right down here in this pond. I’ve been seeing it
for a couple days now, and I did post some
photos on Instagram. And we’re gonna get it up close for the cameras this morning. You probably can’t
see it on the GoPro, Mario, you recognize
it down there blended in with the leaves? – [Mario] I see it. – [Coyote] About right
there in that beam of light. Okay, so I’m gonna
catch the turtle, we’re gonna get it up
close for the cameras, and do a quick little
off-the-cuff presentation. Ready? – [Mario] Ready. – [Coyote] I dunno if this
is deep or not though, so I guess we’ll find out. (grunting) Oh, feisty and muddy. Oh, yes! There you have it,
look at that guy! Oh, look at that! Showing an aggressive– Oh! An aggressive display
right from the start. Now, this is the Central
American snapping turtle and you guys are probably
saying to yourselves, Coyote, it looks just like
a common snapping turtle, why are you so
excited about this? This is actually a
different species, right? So the common snapping
turtle, Chelydra serpentina, is the one that we find
in the United States. As you guys also know, there is the alligator
snapping turtle, the largest snapping
turtle species. This species
specifically doesn’t grow quite as large as the other two, but it doesn’t mean
it’s any less exciting. Look at you with that
mouth all the way– Oh, you wanna bite the hat? Let’s see what happens. Yep, a little chomp on
the brim of the hat. Yeah, you’re not gonna get
much purchase there, are you? So, what is the difference
between this species and the common snapping turtle, considering the fact that
they look so similar? First of all,
let’s take a look– Can you behave
for just a second? Let’s take a look at
the plastron on him. (grunts) Oh, he is so strong! Notice this black and
white coloration, right? And as we know, the
plastrons on snapping turtles are smaller than other turtles, which means they can’t
tuck into their shells, which is why they develop
these defensive techniques. Yes, I see, you are
so intimidating! But you’ll also notice
how that black and white also transitions
down into the tail. Look at the speckling on
the underside of the tail. How cool looking is that? Now, this is a voracious
predator, just like its cousins, and what they will
do this time of day is slowly move through
the environment. And if you notice, the
top of the turtle’s shell, which as you guys know
is called the carapace, is very dark in coloration, whereas the underside
is very light. Now what that allows
this turtle to do is hunt near the surface,
so if a tadpole or a fish is looking up or coming
near the surface, the turtle just looks
like it’s sunlight coming down through the water. If it’s hunting at the surface, its shell also helps
keep it camouflaged from any potential predators,
because believe it or not, a turtle like this does
still have predators. I know, I see you really
wanna bite something. You guys wanna see how powerful the bite is of the Central
American snapping turtle? (mumbles), yeah? – [Mario] Yeah! – [Coyote] All right,
let’s see what happens. Ready? (inhales sharply) (yelling in pain) Ooh, that’s a pretty
good chomp right there. (gasping in pain) It’s worse when he
turns to the side. (yelling) Let me have my finger
back, please, please! (groaning in pain) Ahh, there we go. A bit of power, but not big
enough to break skin yet. Now, one of the coolest
features about this turtle is– I don’t know if you can see
these little fleshy appendages coming off the bottom
of the chin there. Those work just like the tongue of the alligator
snapping turtle. And what this turtle will
do is stay there underwater, and those little appendages move and it draws in
fish or tadpoles. And then, of course, once
they get close (gulps). They lash out and
snap up their meal. Wow, this is such a cool turtle! Another really distinct
feature that you’ll notice is look at the very
distinct lines. The dark coloration
between the forelimbs and the hind limbs, right? So that blended camouflage
between the bottom of the turtle and the top of the turtle– I have to keep maneuvering
my finger there so that I do not
take another bite. Wow, well what’s
so cool about this is that it’s the first
time that I have found and caught a Central
American snapping turtle. So for me, this is a
completely new species. Now, you may be
looking at this turtle and saying to yourselves,
well it’s pretty small, do they only get this big? No, they do get bigger. This one’s probably about two to two and a
half years of age, and they grow to be
about 20 to 30 pounds. So, on par with the
common snapping turtle. But nonetheless, it
always excites me to be able to find a
reptile as cool as this. As you guys know, I
absolutely love mud dragons. And on my ninth trip
here to Costa Rica, I finally managed
to get this species up close for the cameras. I’m Coyote Peterson,
be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you on
the next location. All right, ready to let him go? – [Mario] Yep. – [Coyote] All right, buddy. Let’s watch as he
disappears back into the mud to continue
hunting for fish and tadpoles. Bye bud! Whoa, there he goes. Finding and catching a Central
American snapping turtle has always been one of my goals when it comes to
visiting Costa Rica. And while it may not have
been a record breaking giant, this little turtle
was just as feisty– (growling) as his bigger cousins. (animal noises) Oh man, what a day. No muddy boots? (tsks) Oh, man. (groans) (suspenseful music) (door opens) (chuckling) (door closes) (angelic music) – [Mario] Is that the Brave
Wilderness Adventure Kit? – [Coyote] It is! Oh, I gotta get it! – [Mario] Wait,
it’s booby trapped! – [Coyote] Oh, centipedes,
bullet ants, legos?! (grumbles) I’m going
for it anyways! (yelling in pain) Why did it have to be legos? (groaning in pain) (panting) I made it! All right, I’ve got a
lizard in my pocket. I’m gonna swap it out. Here we go, ready? One, two– (sighs) Yes, I got it! The Brave Wilderness
Adventure Kit, yes! All right, I’m comin’ back! (groaning in pain) – [Mario] Toss it
to me, I got it! Toss it here, toss it! (groaning in pain) I’ve got it, toss it! – [Coyote] No, I can’t trust
you, you’re a bullet ant! – [Mario] I’ve never
failed you before, Coyote. Come on, toss it to me! – [Coyote] (groans) All
right, here we go, ready? One, two, three! Now help me across! – [Mario] Oh, yes! (laughing maniacally) I am the king of sting. (animal noises) – [Coyote] No! (snoring) – [Mario] Coyote, wake up! Were you sleepin’? – [Coyote] Oh, whoa! Dude, I just had
the craziest dream! We were filming an
episode, we came back, my boots were all muddy, and
we walked into the office. It was like a scene
out of Indiana Jones. And the Brave Wilderness
Adventure Kit was there! And I was trying to get it,
and there were bullet ants, and centipedes and
spider webs and– And you were a bullet ant! – [Mario] What? – [Coyote] A bullet ant, and you stole the
Adventure Kit from me! – [Mario] Uh, first of all,
I would never do that to you. But, dude, it was only
a dream, don’t worry. (dramatic music) (animal noises) – Dragon season is
just around the corner, and if you are excited for more
snapping turtle encounters, make sure to go back
and watch this episode from our turtle
adventures last year. And don’t forget, subscribe
and click the notification bell so you can join me and the crew
on our next wild adventure! (animal noises)

Randy Schultz

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