Snake Salad

Snake Salad

Metal Gear Salad

Randy Schultz

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13 thoughts on “Snake Salad

  1. Sweet 6T9 says:

    Nice salad lol, i got the joke xD

  2. Wrightexe says:

    This brought gears to my eyes…

  3. Guy W. says:

    I gotta say…. smashing the broccoli worked better than I expected.

    … except I'm gonna be finding little broccoli bits all over my room for a couple weeks probably.

    …also I botched the recording of slicing the onion. I was proud of my thin slices too! T_T

    (Also, the salad was pretty good once I picked out the things I didn't wanna eat)

  4. Skarpantre says:

    Omg, the pun xD

  5. ScribbleNinja says:

    MY BOYYY!! THE BOX. OMG. Also. This was oddly satisfying to watch. And then I was like… "Why is he putting these gears in he—OMG."

  6. Dimitar says:

    Metal Gear Salad VI: The Return of HowToBasic

  7. Veryrandombutterfly says:

    A smashing metal salad

  8. 이유진 says:


    you actually made it…


  9. Devy Animations Presents says:

    This is my favorite video on the internet

  10. 2cap2 Attempted says:

    Nice! I love the editing

  11. Hamaru SweetAngel says:

    This is so perfect and that pun XD

  12. PANEL PENGUIN says:

    This is my most favorite video of all time.

  13. AQMAR Gaming says:

    Metal gear solid…

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