Snake Queen Shares Her Home With 70 Reptiles | BEAST BUDDIES

Snake Queen Shares Her Home With 70 Reptiles | BEAST BUDDIES

Savi: People are always scared when they visit my house. I share my house with more than 70 reptiles. They have the potential to be dangerous. Joe: When you grab him from the cage, he will try to take you face off. Savi: I have been bitten actually.
Tony? Michelle: I do worry about her a lot. Joe: The power they have in constricting. Interviewer: Can we get closer?
Savi: Yeah, sure. She’ll bite you so be careful.
Interviewer: For real. Savi: Yeah. My name is Savi Serrot and I share my house with more than 70 reptiles. Come on buddy. Okay you work on that. My largest snake is cookie; she’s an 8 foot Argentine Boa. She’s really beautiful, everybody loves her and she is also really sweet snake. Where are you going? She has never done anything aggressive. I have two Argentine Boas, a Bolivian Boa, Colombian Boa, tree boas, one Python. Tortoises, redfoot tortoises, Sulcattas yeah I’m done. My largest lizard is Onyx he is a black throat monitor, he comes from Africa. He is about 5 feet long, probably 20 pounds, sometimes he sleeps in bed with me. He likes his egg raw. These are for all the little lizards, these little guys. And then these will be for the carnivores, they eat meat. So I’ll give them a mix of stuff too. This is just little fruits and veggies for the guys. It’s good to give them a variety of different fruits and vegetables. They’ll eat thousands of different plants in the wild. So it’s good to mix it up for them. Go get it guys. It costs roughly $350 a month to care for all of my reptiles. Right now she’s in feeding mode, she just thinks I have food for her. Come here. Since she’s a boa constrictor sometimes when they constrict their prey, they squeeze so hard that you can actually hear the bones break. I got my first reptile when I was six years old. I started out with just a few little snakes and my collection grew so much. Michelle: Savi has had a passion for reptiles since she was in diapers. She would pick up lizards, She caught her first snake when she was 2 years old. I watched her do it. Savi: People are always scared when they visit my house. He’s just showing us how big and bad he is. He is a little bit intimidated
so he’s just trying to scare us. I have been bitten actually. I was monitor sitting he just kind of crawled and then he bit me here. He sliced me open pretty good and then I got some stitches and it was fine. Michelle: I do worry about her a lot, especially when she’s out in the everglades catching Burmese pythons. Savi: Hello.
Joe: Hello. I’m here and I brought the python.
Savi: Come in. Michelle: I know how large they are, I know how aggressive they can be and I know how dangerous they can be, but I also know that Savi is well trained and she knows what she’s doing. so there is a fine line. Joe: I’ve been working with Savi for a number of years. Alright Savi this is the python and he is a wild one that tamed down. so when I go to grab him out of his cage he tries to eat me every time. But once he knows that you’re not food, you know he’ll, he’ll let you be. So when he’s in his cage he thinks I’m food all the time. Actually you just go ahead just. So this one is what? 12 feet somewhere around there. Stretch him out.
Savi: Maybe. Joe: So let’s just see what kind of mood he’s in. Yeah, you can go ahead and grab him, but he is so food motivated that when you grab him from the cage, he will try to take your face off. Savi: So he’s pretty good right now.
Joe: Yeah no, no he’s fine now. And the sun will do nothing but wake him up a little bit. Savi is one of those people, her commitment is 24/7. It’s kind of exciting to see the new generation coming up and, and I’m here to help her all along the way. If this were to bite they’re not venomous and it’s going to ruin your day but, but the big concern is this. The power they have in constricting and if she were alone and this thing decided to, to constrict there’s no way her or I or the biggest guy, or girl in the world could ever take this apart. So one of the things I teach is I would never handle any of these snakes alone, there is always, you always should have a tug team member just incase you know that?
Savi: Yes. In the future I really want to travel, I want educate people on reptiles. Teach them that they’re not horrible, ugly creatures coming after you. They’re really intelligent and they deserve our respect. They look like little dragon fruits. All these reptiles is definitely a lot to take care of sometimes. You’re hungry too? I’m going to have food for you right now. But it’s my passion and
I wouldn’t trade it.

Randy Schultz

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53 thoughts on “Snake Queen Shares Her Home With 70 Reptiles | BEAST BUDDIES

  1. I Dunno says:

    Me: I'm born to live with my parents.
    Savi: I'm born to live with 70 reptiles!

  2. Trying 2 Get Right says:

    Animals wasn't made to be in cages just like we don't like bein locked up in put away I'm sure they don't like it. It put a lot of stress on those animals


    Snakes and Spiders ???

  4. King Dong says:

    She can play with my snake anytime.

  5. Kanade Abi says:

    Snake discovery (Emily) is proud

  6. Cheerios Flakes says:

    Things like this never end up wel l,but she is cool and brave!

  7. Luna Starz says:

    “People are scared to come over to my house”

  8. Hugh Graham says:

    she reptilian

  9. thyagu s says:

    You are awesome❤️all the vry best for your future and its seems to b scary but it looks cute bcoz they are with u ?

  10. luiz sanchez says:

    Anyone else seen her on Chandler’s Wild Life

  11. Sylvia says:

    She's living my dream. I wish I had the funds to have so many scaley babies

  12. Jared Carrick says:

    I would definitely let her handle my anaconda…. ??

  13. Kate Elizan says:

    no one will want to break into your house??

  14. Bobby Polfus says:

    $50 a foot Everglades

  15. Matthew Tracy says:


  16. Tiger Claw says:

    Hell yeah, I would LOVE to meet Sammy

  17. Prison Mike says:

    And this one time at bandcamp I stuck snake….

  18. Marianne Black says:

    This is hands down one of THE MOST irresponsible, ignorant, highly fear mongering videos I have ever seen. This girl should be ashamed at allowing these animals to be used this way.

  19. Fin Vodahmin Dovahkiin says:

    Snake: Is head shy

  20. Bipul Chandra Tiwari says:

    Useless fallow

  21. Tiger Claw says:

    I would Love to meet Savi

  22. Jacqueline Lopez says:

    Female energy ???

  23. Dequef'yah kukka'ah says:

    is she Australian

  24. Gabbie Maia says:

    She should come to brazil ???

  25. Dithego Sepirw says:

    Wait you watched your two year old catch a snake as someone please explain if I am misunderstood ??

  26. Kailey Gill says:

    Imagine wrapping death around your neck

  27. initialdruid4 gamer says:

    I would make it my job to take care of reptiles. If it could.

  28. Leah Van Rensburg says:

    I'm 11
    I don't have 70 reptiles but otherwise
    I can't relate to this video more

  29. Kandi Hinshaw says:

    I think it's a good thing that you have all these animals I think it's a good thing for you to learn from them and learn from your mistakes when you get bit by one of them because when you get bit you do learn how to prevent the next bite if you can and I think it's good for you to learn about animals that you have and I'm sure you've grown up with certain species of animals and you were younger and to know what their bites feel like is probably better so you're not shocked when it happens again

  30. ok then says:

    reptile enthusiasts everywhere are rolling their eyes. this channel is going out of their way to make it seem like what she is doing is harmful. the use of silence and dramatic music.. why is this video getting the “this woman shares her home with 2 lions” treatment? these animals are not nearly as dangerous as the average dog.

    i never see people doing a home tour to say “i know my golden retriever has the potential to be deadly but it doesn’t phase me.”

  31. Matthew Acevedo says:

    That Argentina boa would make some really Nice shoes or belt lmao

  32. Joanne Maghuyop says:

    Scary…..only the turtle looks cute

  33. Mariah Rahim says:

    2:50 "They squeeze so hard that u can actually hear the bones break"
    *Tortoise eating *

  34. Mariah Rahim says:

    (In the background)
    Don't mind me just casually carrying my tortoise.

  35. dawn chelovechki says:

    "oh hello I brought a python"

  36. Savannah Boyer says:

    None of the reptiles in this video are that dangerous to humans… but they make it seem like they are

  37. CheetoFireCat says:

    I am surprised she doesn't have an alligator or crocodile??????

  38. Barbara Collins says:

    It honestly looked like she handled the big snake better then he did.. and the snake was calmer with her..

  39. Sachkico A says:

    You never know when they will turn on you and see you as their prey. It's foolish to have these as pets, reptiles are not pets . They always sizing you up. My opinion.

  40. Harry Falls says:

    I only have a ball python called romeo hihi and I LOOOVVEEE HIM

  41. Samuel Pesun says:

    I’m sorry, but the guy when he brought the python tried to grab it by the face. That’s a bruh moment

  42. Hunter Trevorrow says:

    Very beautiful girl.. But this would be a deal breaker for me F that lol

  43. BeauB827 says:

    I want to be like her I have 7 species 4 whites tree frogs 2 leachianus geckos 1 gargoyle gecko 1 crested gecko 1 leopard gecko 2 bearded dragons and 1 ackie monitor and I want 1 or 2 blue whites tree frogs and a cane toad and possibly a type of non venomous snake or like a hog nose snake because I think they are cute and cool

  44. Isabella Ingibina says:

    i love her

  45. Damien Kinchen says:

    Savi! I've watched her a few times on YouTube. Her and her boyfriend are great with there animals. Keep up the good work yall. The reptile community needs more ppl like u 2 ?

  46. cupcakebasher says:

    I own 14 reptiles. So I understand the love for them hahah

  47. Byrd Erickson says:

    She's so cute too ohmygosh ??

  48. James Gotti says:

    I have a black mamba needs a home can you help…….??‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  49. Pascal Musonda says:

    A snake is a snake don't cal it sweet or beautiful

  50. wiam El says:

    Her being happy makes me happy as well ?

  51. Bmoc1995 says:

    Not today Satan

  52. SchmigglyBits says:

    That dude's an idiot. Let's see what kind of mood it's in! While repeatedly grabbing at it's head.

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