Snake Plant Leaves Turning Yellow

Snake Plant Leaves Turning Yellow

In the name of ALLAH In today’s video, we will talk about that snake plant leaves turning yellow or why they start curling as snake plant is a hardy plant that is why it could attack only by few diseases and pests leaf tips start turning yellow and slowly complete leaf would be yellow what could be the reasons behind it we will see in this video when its leaves start turning yellow then the overall condition of the plant will also affect plant start bending on one side or its leaves start curling this happens because snake plant is a tropical plant and environmental changes affect a lot on this plant if the plant is placed in a room and there is an Air conditioner or Air cooler is also running in the room and room temperature is low then this condition affects a lot to this plant and its leaves start turning yellow and the second reason may be the low watering and if you underwater this plant then its leaves start drying and dying and leaf tips start turning yellow and complete leaf yellowing like this and complete leaf would be yellow and leaf sides also like burning and the leaf looks like this and the third reason may be the overwatering to the plant due to which roots start rotting and this is the most common issue with the snake plant if you overwater it then its roots will rot and its leaves will yellow like this or start drying and burning and due to root rot fungus attacks on the roots of the plant and it is difficult for the plant to survive and as I already told you the major reason for yellowing leaves is overwatering so you have to water snake plant very moderately when the soil is completely dry then water your plant and place it on a place where it doesn’t get much cold or direct air from AC or Cooler and now this leaf of the plant is yellowing let me show you the complete plant rest of the plant is growing very well you can see but this one leaf is turned yellow try to remove this leaf from the soil by pulling a bit like this if its roots rot then this will be out of the soil very easily or cut this leaf and separate it from the plant if you won’t cut this leaf then this would affect the rest of the plant as well and other leaves of the plant will also turn yellow this is the information that I have to share with you in this video will meet you with some more information in the next video till then GOODBYE!

Randy Schultz

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    Excellent video.

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    Great video, I really enjoyed watching. Thank you for uploading.


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    Nice video

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    Great information.i killed my snake plant keepin it near the ac.could you suggest plants that can survive cold conditions too..can money n bamboo plants survive cold?kindly respond

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