Snake mating / Брачное поведение змей: Яркие моменты! / Разведение полозов Blue Beauty Часть 1.

Snake mating / Брачное поведение змей: Яркие моменты! / Разведение полозов Blue Beauty Часть 1.

She decided to yawn. “It’s not all that interesting;)” This is a hint to the male, to try better. She moves as the train again, she’s stomped, in my opinion … cool and opens her mouth, look, she’s really stomped, ah) what a cool! )) and snorts, rubs, strokes, cool This is the female, the male doesn’t do anything like that, conversely
– I don’t see where his head is – He hid his head when began to move so actively, somewhere below tails Oh how cute! So! Hi boy! Go here not even very angry, this is our male, we will now put him to the female, come here It’s January 18th, I brumated them earlier this time … Look! What is it? Don’t snort, go down. Well, don’t want to go down, so go up. So they both have already eaten twice after brumation, and now we will … Ow! God, you’re so nasty! And even hook is not here, screw you get out! We had to take a hook, of course. I somehow thought he’d be more eager to go to the terrarium to the female. Yes, we get it, you are very angry! Get out. Yes, all! What nasty are you! I don’t want to annoy him, as he can twitch on the female, although he shouldn’t. Now he’ll feel where he is and calm down a little. That’s they greet Oh, how funny they greet, look! They already know each other well in general, should recognize. No one’s claiming your female, get off me! Get inside, please! Go We don’t mind, come on, go, go That’s it! No one’s claiming your female, that’s all! Take it easy Evil monster. That’s all, calmed down? He’s crooking. These are the reactions. He greeted the female, now guarding her. “My female! I won’t allow anyone! I am the main male here!” Well, she get what’s going on, that the male came to her. He shows that he is interested such a lively interest and committed to his goal. They communicate like that. God, how cute! Looking at each other Well, in general just we’ve never had the chance to do this: brumate and deliberately pair them, well, that the spring, and we deliberately pair them, no, never happened. And for the first time accidentally at all… I was cleaning up their enclosures, put them together, I didn’t even intend to breed them then, the second time I also up their enclosures, but it was autumn. I thought that they would not mate during offseason and even show any interest in each other, but again, somehow, they don’t care, apparently, for the seasons. The only thing interesting was that the female laid eggs not after two – two and a half months, as it should be, but after 4 months, at the same time all the eggs were good, healthy nothing was so bad. This is quite a curious fact, apparently, I didn’t brumate them after that,
after sudden pairing in November, but as a result, she laid eggs in March, that is, she apparently felt … they have some kind of biological clocks they are always active in spring, even without brumating, spring for them is that’s it, breeding season, so she waited for spring and only then she laid eggs, it’s rather curious, 4 months have passed, and then we had, it turned out, previous clutch, we have a video, then there were 17 eggs, 16 of them were fertile, good, all the babies are healthy, good born.
Regulates her biological mechanisms. In theory, pregnancy lasts two – two and a half months, and she was pregnant for 4 months, apparently, to lay eggs in spring, didn’t want to lay eggs in the cold in winter, well, that’s how I explain it, because I don’t see any other explanations. And this time we have everything as it should be. They brumated, got out of brumation, ate twice both, and here we pair them. And so here they with such sharp abrupt movements are moving exactly during the communication …
during breeding, because they don’t move this way in any periods at all, in any situations. Such movements, apparently, are associated with pairing, with breeding. She reacts to the male like that, and he also moves so, quite interestingly. This behavior is basically can’t be confused with anything First they just lay still, now she’s got excited like that, started rubbing up against him, and herself, and everything will, probably Well, there are no particular problems with ratsnakes when pairing, they don’t show aggression to each other, everything is pretty calm in this regard, you shouldn’t worry too much, it’s better, of course, to look, but it’s not a retic pairing)) that is, they are always loyal to each other, they don’t worry much. Well, anyway now they are likely to mate several times, I won’t separate them yet, they’ll sit for a day, and during this time, they usually mate at least twice, yes, I think we can then, of course, separate them, feed them and one more time pair, but I’m not sure we’re gonna do it, Well, we can, what’s the difference, then we’ll count the time, we’ll see then.

Randy Schultz

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  1. Nolik Tab says:

    Подаришь змею полоз я подписался и лайкнул

  2. Ekaterina Matveeva says:

    Красавчики нет слов, очень хочется себе малыша)

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    Змеи – красивые животные.

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    Красавцы, просто обалдеть!😍

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    Страшно когда кидаются на камеру.Сразу сробатывает рефлекс все бросить и бижать😂😂😂

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    Omg be careful with your snake, they will kill you

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    Они опасные?

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    So happy you have subtittles love your channel x

  11. Jinnee Q says:

    Так странно видеть такое поведение злое, мой полоз (тож мальчик) сама доброта, укусил меня только когда мимо мышки промахнулся, сам в руки идет ко мне, может рядышком под одеялом уснуть и тд

    КСТАТИ, мой полоз двигается "скачковатыми движениями", когда я пытаюсь его погладить внутри терра, а он против, и подобными сокращениями он отталкивает руку

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    Так интересно носятся по террариуму)

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    Люблю как зевают

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