Snake Island | 100 Wonders | Atlas Obscura

Snake Island | 100 Wonders | Atlas Obscura

Off the coast of Brazil is an island so dangerous that the Brazilian Navy has expressly forbidden anyone from landing there and you should definitely listen to them Locals love to recount two grisly stories about this island in one a local fisherman wants to pick some bananas gets out onto this island and within minutes he is bitten by a snake he runs back and jumps in his boat but its too late as he paddles away, he passes out and is found when the boat washes upshore with him lying in a pool of his own blood the second story is about a lighthouse keeper who lived on this island with his one night they made the disastrous mistake of leaving the window open and through that window climbed a dozen snakes they bit everyone in the family and they died there, inside the lighthouse You’ll see a theme in these stories that’s because this island, Ilha de Queimada Grande is also known as snake island this small island miles off the coast of Brazil is the highest density of poisonous snakes on the planet researchers estimate that there is one deadly snake for every square meter that means you are never farther than three feet from death the snakes are only on this island, they are an endemic species it is part of the Lancehead genus which is responsible for over 90% of the snake bite fatalities in Brazil and they are notorious for loving to hang out in the trees it’s not just that snakes are underfoot they are also overhead you are in a three dimensional matrix of death by snake this particular snake, this Golden Lancehead is one of the most venomous snakes on the planet the way the venom effects you is it begins to necrotize and corrupt your flesh from the inside out you basically start to melt. Should you get bitten you have a maximum, and this is an absolute maximum to get somewhere and get the antidote however it’s just as likely that you’ll be dead in an hour so like don’t plan on a six, your like “Ahh it’ll only take me five hours to get to the hospital no, you are in so much trouble what are you doing on this island in the first place, actually? don’t go there! unfortunately researcher believe the snake population on the island has decreased by as much as 50% originally they were as high as five snakes per square meter which is just like, there’s just snakes the island is made of snakes and this is in large part due to poachers people who are going to the island with the express purpose of stealing these snakes because they are so unique in the world they can fetch anywhere between ten and thirty thousand dollars so despite the terror of snake island the truth is, with the population of Golden Lancehead’s in decline the snakes have a lot more to fear from us than we do from them we can just stay off the island which we should because it’s full of snakes! Subscribe here and watch more videos here Ssssss, ahhhh, ahhhh! My god! No! Why did I go to this island?!!

Randy Schultz

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32 thoughts on “Snake Island | 100 Wonders | Atlas Obscura

  1. John Carlos says:

    Interesting video…did you just invent that pronunciation of the island tho? lol…I speak portuguese and spanish and that wasn't even close to even spanglish like a typical gringo would pronounce it. Entertaining info about the Golden Lancehead tho!

  2. Saša Djuric says:


  3. Valeria Ivanovic says:

    This guy is super funny haha

  4. Gaudeamus Gaudeamus says:

    I'd say, burn the island.

  5. Rusty Barnes says:

    Snakes aren't poisonous!!! GAH!

  6. Tisha says:

    What I am digging about "snake Island" is that the warning signs are not in English. They're all like oh ya its fine Americans come on grab a spot on the beach! Get a tan! Its all good in the neighborhood.

  7. tweaked53 says:

    Don't understand why they haven't imported Mongooses to the island to kill the snakes. They did that in the island of St. John (Virgin Islands) and they virtually eradicated all the snakes, many years ago.

  8. Gary Moreno says:

    Why are you being so weird?…

  9. kezieno seyie says:

    I love your videos so much .. And your face is very ..somehow .. Very satisfying 😄

  10. ENIC HAS RETIRED says:

    A nice place to dump terrorist .

  11. AldoJzSnake says:

    Hey¡¡ This channel it's freaking great?? Im new in here so, I gpt to ask…do you already have a video about Tristan d Acunha?? The fartest island on the Earth?

  12. Vimal Kumar says:

    death is waiting for you..

  13. DotaJunkie says:

    googling the island, I couldn't help but notice there is a lighthouse on it. Meaning someone had to build it (unless there is a montage lighthouse out there, which I doubt) Now, if population was 5 snakes per 1 sq meter before..someone really crazy or lucky not to get bitten or immune to snake venom or a colony of mongooses built it (which i doubt as well). So there must be something fishy going on there that government of Brasil don't wont for gen pop to find out – like El Dorado, or prehistoric animal still alive, or thousands of beautiful naked girls there….don't know for sure….but there is something different there but snakes..

  14. Kimosabe says:

    There is something that is worse than the island … your teeth!

  15. Iulian Ghita says:

    Romania also has a island called Snake Island, but there aren't any snakes there.

  16. EditSO PRO says:

    We should explode the island like if you agree

  17. Charmanda says:

    Well, you sold that island pretty well as "Nope island."

  18. Tyrone the chef says:


  19. JulianoCashless says:

    "Ilha da Queimada Grande" means "Big Burned Island", because when locals attempted to clear land for a banana plantation they had to clear rainforest using fire. The only people who are allowed on the island are research teams who receive waivers to collect data and the Brazilian Navy. The island is closed to protect this snake population.

  20. piecheese1214 says:

    So that's where St. Patrick chased all the snakes in Ireland…

  21. sgtdanny69148 says:


  22. Vitor Manoel dos Santos says:

    Why this drum ? We are not savage people -.-

  23. Jeff Sbrissa says:

    Brasil 🇧🇷

  24. Dante S. González says:

    Please, enable closed captions! 🙂

  25. Kendra T says:

    Ah, I finally know where my ex came from

  26. Sandi Hugo says:

    You just talking too much, and stop talking offhead about place you never visited

  27. Miss Mojo says:

    What do they eat? This place must be empty of any small mammals like mice, rats or even birds.

  28. Matthew Gillis says:

    Are they cannibal snakes? There surely can’t be enough pray to sustain a population that big.

  29. Anita Craighead says:

    Loved the video till you said poisonous snakes! NO snake is poisonous. They are VENOMOUS!!!

  30. Fabio Bianchi says:

    I have been there once but didn't jump from the boat.

  31. Clark Gable says:

    Why doesn't the gov of Brazil kill all the snakes on snake island….it seem easy enough
    To drop poison or bomb the island with gas & kill them all

  32. QACubing X says:

    That ending was a bit crinchy

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