Snake hides in dirtbike

Snake hides in dirtbike


Randy Schultz

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12 thoughts on “Snake hides in dirtbike

  1. SBTTX says:

    Only good snake is a dead snake.Great job and video guys!

  2. zack jones says:

    u a dick

  3. Carla edge says:

    good job

  4. boogie boogie says:

    that's not cool

  5. Bay Connor says:

    yor mean

  6. Crystal Roy says:

    You must be a cold hearted a*hole to do something like that! It was totally uncalled for & unnecessary to run that snake over! It's not a toy, it's a living breathing thing that feels pain!! I'm glad it crawled in the bike! Serves y'all's dumb a*'s right!! Karma is a bitch!! That's actually animal cruelty & hope y'all get charged w/ it!!

  7. Haylee McNemar says:

    kill it..

  8. Ghosty Boi says:

    WHY Would you run over something that did not do anything

  9. Mizz Lisa Marie says:

    What kind of snake was it rattle?

  10. Kit W says:

    Why is it when something cool is going on, the camera person is an idiot

  11. sepäse says:

    1:06 no helmet no respect

  12. Buck Nasty says:

    That neck brace with no helmet is cracking me up

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