Snake Guide: How to do the Self-Sticky C4

Snake Guide: How to do the Self-Sticky C4

As of patch 2.0 this technique does not work anymore

Randy Schultz

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37 thoughts on “Snake Guide: How to do the Self-Sticky C4

  1. dlg10526 says:

    Really good guide! It's informative and to the point while still making it fairly simple to understand (both in concept and in execution). Thanks!

  2. Gelubra says:

    ? Cool Danke, war wirklich intressant 😀

  3. BoujeeNingen says:

    A good way of training that has resulted in me getting consistent sticks is to practise first in the yoshis island stage, both sides, to get the timing right. Once you are consistent there do flat stages. And if you want practise b reverse on platforms

  4. SC4RH4ND says:

    Thanks a lot man! This is the kind of video I was looking for concerning the sticky C4 how to! 😀 Time to lab and thanks again man!!! <3

  5. Dan DiGennaro says:

    Every detail, no bs, short. Great video ??

  6. Reki Awesome says:

    This is great. Thank you so much

  7. RumpleSmooveSkin says:

    Thankyou so much! I was getting frustrated only trying to b-reverse from top to second platform before I saw this.

  8. Paul Reith says:

    Those are great for all stages but I was really looking for the b-reverse off the top Battlefield platform with the ledge cancel on the lower one. Its a really specific timing and I have no idea how to make it consistent.

  9. Yang Zing says:

    Mehh. Shit video

  10. Hoskital says:

    Super informative but the font pisses me off.

  11. Nazario Lopez says:

    Do you think they can fix this? I mean, hopefully not.

  12. cannonp1 says:

    Can you show it again but in slow mo and zoomed in?

  13. Noelle says:

    This is a good guide, but I would very much suggest that you use a simpler, more legible font in the future. The text here looks cool, but some people may find it tough to read. Otherwise, great video!

  14. Final Smash Xpert says:

    This is really informative. Just another reason why I'm a Snake secondary. Gonna go into the lab with this one

  15. ᴀᴠɪᴅ Belmont says:

    Ayyyy nice man was looking for this!

  16. Retierashia says:

    I needed this, thanks.

  17. TheLegless101 says:

    I found that if done correctly you can hold the c4 without having to go off stage, it's a really tight window, and if you miss it you will just drop down and hang from ledge, you don't place it while hanging though.
    You just have to get the trip animation at all and it works from that, I think you could also probably do it on some slops (for instance on Yoshi's you can trip on the edge slope way before the ledge I believe I got it off of that once.)
    I also found that sometimes when you fail to do it you will just be floating above the ledge for a split second while the C4 animation ends.

  18. Exeledus Prince says:

    was trying to find a video on this after seeing the "unorthobox" snake compilation.

  19. DMCdante 4554 says:

    Question, is he able to do it in brawl or does it only work in smash ultimate?

  20. PlainSnivy says:

    Thanks, and very nice job about getting straight to the point.

  21. Marcos Martinez says:

    Thanks for showing us this

  22. Michael Bowen says:

    Snake, have you forgotten the basics of Self-StiCky?

  23. XxJsmoothxX says:

    Thanks for the tips. Do you play any of the Metal Gear Solid franchise by any chance?

  24. Addison Bean says:


  25. Moku says:

    Other great tutorials on the Self-Sticky:
    C4 Basics:

  26. Ninja Grump says:

    Quite unreliable in terms of usability. 99% chance of failing. It's better and easier to stick the enemy with C4.

  27. Dolphinboi says:

    I feel like this should have been a natural feature. Like, hold the b button for a sec to keep it in your hand.

  28. Velocirock says:

    Like Snake wasn't broken enough.

  29. Brandon Williams says:

    I’ve subscribed to you and found your explanation very thorough and easy to understand, I Main Snake and I’ve been trying to do this after seeing MrDanishButterCookie’s Montage, I’ll give it another go and on Yoshi’s Island to get a feel for the timing.

  30. Barrett Waters says:

    how do I do this with joycons? same application? or it only works with GC Controller? ?

  31. Moku says:

    ATTENTION: As of patch 2.0 this technique does not work anymore. It has been removed so do not waste your time! After doing some labbing I found out that you still get the floating and tripping, but you will not keep the C4 in your hand anymore! He will always drop it.

  32. Andrew Cen says:

    this was basically just edge cancelling the sticky right

  33. Medachod says:

    Nice font. Too bad the moment I found this video, they patched it. I'm so lost as to whether or not they want this game casual or competitive. They should've kept this.

    Actually, I will be honest, I'd just prefer if the damn C4 stayed on the person you placed it on like in Project M. It actually annoys the hell out of me that it sticks to you. He doesn't even have a Tranquilizer here, so it wouldn't be broken if he could stick it to opponents. At the very least, it could just stick to other players, but not yourself.

  34. Exeledus Prince says:

    boooo its been patched out!

    oh well nair-1/nair-2/nair-3>down special is still relatively consistent.

  35. Miguel Castro says:

    This video is no longer valid but still left a like because you have a very informative video and the visuals aides are cool

  36. Galaktik says:

    Danke für die Hilfe Kappa

  37. Farmer with A shotgun says:

    I wish you could stick the c4 to someone more easy right now it’s impossible and sake doesn’t have a burry so it’s impossible ?

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