Snake Facts : Milk Snakes

Snake Facts : Milk Snakes

What I have in my hands here now is a milk
snake, this particular guy is part of the Colubridae family as all milk snakes are.
There’s two different types of snake, Boyd’s and Colubridae’s in the reptile family. The
Colubridae’s tend to be a thinner, faster, snake than the Boyd’s are. This one in particular
is trying very hard to do some mimicry coloration and look a awful lot like a coral snake which
is a highly venomous snake in the South America type region. The coral snake has a similar
color and pattern, perhaps you’ve heard the rhyme “red touches yellow kills a fellow,
red touches black a venom lack”. This is in response to the colors of the coral snake
verses the milk snake. The coral snake’s bands are red, yellow, black, as opposed to red,
black, yellow, on this particular milk snake. Now again, any snake in the wild should be
treated as a dangerous snake until properly identified. Some coral snakes don’t follow
that coloration rule so always be careful when you’re ever handling a snake like this
out of the wild but I know this is a milk snake, it’s been a captive born snake. Usually,
these guys are tend to be a little bit flighty though this one’s being very, very, well behaved
for me. They get about four to six feet at adult size and like I said tend to be a little
nervous but this guy’s being very well behaved. Usually, they’re kind of quick to poop on
you when you handle them or to try to run away but this one is being very, very, nice
today. Other things to note on Colubridae’s, they don’t have the heat pits like Boyd’s
do and pythons particular. There’s that heat sensing apparatus isn’t there, they don’t
sense heat as well. There much more of a smelling snake with that tongue and the Jacobson’s
organ like we talked about before.

Randy Schultz

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96 thoughts on “Snake Facts : Milk Snakes

  1. Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow says:



  2. Pennybut says:

    milk snakes are cool

  3. Tannis Everly says:

    you have it backwards, its red and black friendly jack, red and yellow kill a fellow

  4. Janos23 says:

    milk snakes are a type of king snake btw, same genus.

  5. Murray Martin says:

    in all his video of snake it's always baby and never an adult.i don't know why

  6. Murk Master says:

    wtf? i have an Andean milk snake and its HUGE.

  7. S0XF0X says:

    Are you handling rodents/birds before handling it? I have a red tail and her eating response is pretty sensitive, so I make sure to have clean, fresh clothes on, and I wash my hands. If you're not, it's probably been hurt by someone handling it, and now sees hands as a threat.

  8. tcrisp101 says:

    ur not very smart if u ask questions to expertvillage. they will never respond

  9. CrotalusKid says:

    He said there were only two families of snakes………. boids and colubrids. Yeah, maybe for people that only look at snakes as pets……. Shame

  10. Cooper Elgar says:

    my first snake is either going to be a corn snake or a milk snake

  11. Stuprör says:

    i might be l8 with this respond, but u shuld move slowly and not doubt anything, no sudden moves, just lay 1 hand above the snake and one under and lift it out, it might bite, but let it bite snakes got very clean mouth, do this about every secound day untill the snake gett used to it…. and dont buy snakes in pet stores, they are usely not as used to be handeled with…

  12. Benjamin Parkinson says:

    i would guess so as their not at all dangerous but probs best to check on an official website

  13. Trenton Hainer says:

    i've heard if red touches black you'll be okay jack if red touches yello ur surely a dead fellow

  14. Trenton Hainer says:

    there are a bunch of different variations but it's red against yellow is poisionous

  15. jazmin3393 says:

    my milk snake which looked just like the one he's holding was named Jack, i just like the name jack but it's funny 'cause i would like to say that saying like: red against yellow deadly fellow, red against black friend of jack and that's how i remember it now 🙂

  16. imanerd36 says:

    Red and Black- Friend of Jack, Red and Yellow- Kill a Fellow.

  17. YAMInoARTS says:

    Cute little fellow! :3

  18. reptilebreeder101 says:

    its a puplan

  19. The Pirate Man Of Awesome says:

    its red on yellow is a deadly fellow and red on black is a friend of jack

  20. Craig Pyle says:

    @SilverShaddows The part where he says he has a ''Milk shake'' in his hand? :d

  21. thes boobm says:

    what does it cost? answer me if you can plz

  22. Justin Tucker says:

    it seems like every snake is acting good and not pooping on him

  23. Akinola. says:

    there are more then two they'res at least 4 the elapides and vipers

  24. rydag11 says:

    @herpcrazydude95 I always heard red on yellow kills a fellow red on black venom lack

  25. kris says:

    @herpcrazydude95 Isnt it red to black wont hurt jack red to yellow will kill a fellow?

  26. khaza1wolfgurl says:

    @herpcrazydude95 it's definitely not! friendly jack, deadly fellow!! D:

  27. khaza1wolfgurl says:

    there are many variations of the rhyme, but red on black is always good, and red on yellow is never good!

  28. hellquat says:

    @herpcrazydude95 Reversing the rhyme is dangerous.

  29. KatzOhki says:

    I didn't realize that snakes have a jacobson's organ. Cool!

  30. icup728 says:

    that would be really funny if he was in the wrong store and was handling a coral snake.

  31. ermaclob says:

    this has to be the one of the best expert village videos out there.

  32. yoda rainbow says:

    no its red toches black friend jack red touches yellow kill a fellow

  33. mrlego611 says:

    @herpcrazydude95 yea that's a fail. Its the opposite. Red touches black you're ok jack. Red touche's yellow you're a dead fellow.

  34. John Howell says:

    How do you tell a boy and girl?

  35. BikerRussell says:

    @muxammad Have a professional probe it.

  36. BikerRussell says:

    Its the fewest who realize theres an exeption to the rime, the Micrurus lemniscatus helleri.

  37. John Howell says:

    @muxammad sorry, that was my nine year old son asking. i wasn't aware that he knew how to use the comments section LOL. Anyway, it has been determined for us that our milk snake is a female. This week she laid four eggs!

  38. John Howell says:

    red meets black, venom lack. red meets yellow, fangs are hollow 😛

  39. xrustynailsx says:

    Aw Milk snakes are cute

  40. Googling The Anwsers says:

    @herpcrazydude95 ?? I thought it was ''red touches black, frienly jack, red touching yellow, deadly fellow,

  41. thedarkwolf25 says:

    @herpcrazydude95 No it's "Red next to yellow, you're a dead fellow. Red next to black is a friend to jack."

  42. Jenny Morton says:

    @herpcrazydude95 no because the milk snake is red then black then yellow and it's the non-venomous one

  43. aunt becky says:

    I just read an article about a two headed albino milk snake that was hatched here in florida. that's what brought me here.

  44. Diamond Corpse says:

    it's so cuuute! :O

  45. Meridian Johnson says:

    How big can a black milk snake get? *Im looking into getting one but Im not sure what size tank I should get?

  46. JessicasAnimalJungle says:

    There are many different sayings to distinguish a milk snake here''s some of them…

    Red on yellow will kill a fellow, but red on black is a friend of Jack."
    "Red on yellow, deadly fellow; Red on black, venom lack."
    " Red and yellow will kill you fellow; Red and black is friend Jack."
    "Red on yellow, kill a fellow. Red on black, you're alright Jack."
    "Red next to black is a friend of Jack; red next to yellow will kill a fellow."

  47. JessicasAnimalJungle says:

    Here's the More "Red to yellow, kill a fellow. Red to black, venom lack."
    "If red touches black, you're okay Jack; if red touches yellow, you're a dead fellow."
    "Red next to black, you can pat him on the back; red next to yellow, he can kill a fellow."
    "Red next to black, venom I lack; red next to yellow, run away fellow."
    "Red and black, friend of Jack; red and yellow kill a fellow."
    "Red touches yellow, Not a nice fellow; if red touches black, good friend of jack."

  48. JessicasAnimalJungle says:

    And lastly….

    "Red touch yellow, kill a fellow; red touch black, you're okay Jack."
    "Red touch black, good for Jack; red touch yellow, kill a fellow."
    "Yellow and red, you are dead; black and white you're alright."

    So calm down, stop being mean to expert village, and get over yourself 😀

  49. Amaya Tenjo says:

    This guy and the hognose guy are the best expert village snake people

  50. WookySnacky666 says:

    Thinner, faster, snakier!

  51. Yur Nayme says:

    "Myyyyy milk snake brings all the boys to the yard…"

  52. AForkSpoon says:

    NO! its "Red touches yellow, kill a fellow. Red touches black, a friend of jack." get it right.

  53. Im soGypsy says:

    how often do you feed a milksnake? since they eat mice

  54. Samuel Sucre says:

    Please stop miss informing people. Hobbysts should only speak about keeping reptiles not about taxonomy. There are more than two groups of snakes: Colubridae, Elapidae, Boidae ( not BOYD) Viperidae. Of course all mil snakes are colubrids as all humans are mammals…. samfrogs . com

  55. jeovaecorney says:

    right this dude is not an expert…lol

  56. jeovaecorney says:

    what does he mean trying very hard to mimic…

  57. jeovaecorney says:

    it really doesnt matter…

  58. brandoneargle1 says:

    even then, he is still wrong pretty much any snake can be found at expos, with few exceptions.

  59. Justin Koenig says:

    can you keep these as pets???

  60. DerpTheEpic says:


  61. Giancarlo Chichizola says:

    i want a snake

  62. Patrick O'Brien says:

    iv got one

  63. Patrick O'Brien says:

    yes they are good for first time snakes and are very tame

  64. kelsamrnth says:

    i've been looking into getting a new snake. So i've been going to my local pet store to spend time with handling the different types of snakes. I spent a decent amount of time with a pueblan milksnake and fell in love! Planning to add one to my herp collection in the near future

  65. insomniac4ever says:

    Trying to look like a coral snake.

  66. Domantas Sidorovas says:

    I want to get one (can they bite you?)

  67. Taedium says:

    Yes of course, If you have a snake you sure will get bitten sometimes.

  68. Monica Visagie says:

    are they aggresive or will they bite you?

  69. mason orr says:

    Are they venomous

  70. Weirdfingerboarder says:


  71. Weirdfingerboarder says:

    It will bite as a last line of defence it does not want to bite you

  72. CuppycakeLuvr14 says:

    No, they don't bite. I have one and they are real sweethearts in my case.

  73. Daniel Amundsen says:

    Does it drink milk?

  74. CaLem says:


  75. Blue Horizons says:

    or do they nibble like dogs??

  76. j00 says:

    No mate just no… They will bite you and constrict you until you eventually die of starvation!

  77. prince Happy says:

    I want a snake too, but I'm broke 🙁

  78. xSCqtx22x says:

    you have to KNOW that ANY animal/critter WILL bite you at some point in time! That's just the risk you take as a pet owner.

  79. SSC_Disco says:

    if they do its your fault and if they do bite it doesn't hurt I don't know why sp many people are so scared of being bitten

  80. MrNoxchii says:

    Wait,snakes poop? my whole life's been a lie

  81. TheDarknessOfVoid says:

    Every animal excretes in some way.

  82. kenny johnson says:

    Any snake will bite you, lol

  83. Morganna says:

    They're certainly not aggressive (they're quite skittish, actually:) and won't bite if you handle them properly. I have a 5-year-old milk snake and it hasn't bitten ANYONE in its entire life. I can even handle him while he's shedding and he doesn't care much, he's really docile.

  84. Morganna says:

    I'd say a corn snake. They get to a nice size, though not too big, and are really friendly. They eat well, too, and are generally healthy 🙂 You might want a ball python, but they tend to be picky eaters and might be difficult to tame down. Or a milksnake – they stay small and eat well, although they might be pretty defensive and musk if you're not careful 🙂 These are all good begginners, but I'd still go for corn snakes at #1. They have very sweet personalities.

  85. Sabestooo says:

    not agressive but probably will bite 🙂

  86. cseijif says:

    dude, if a fucking giant just grabbed me and kept moving me around, i would fucking bite too.

  87. lasthumankind says:

    this is uhhh a coral snake and its uhhhhh indigenous to the uhhhhh madadascar region and uhhh its pretty and uuuh the colors are uhhh red and uhhh yellow which make uhhh rellow

  88. Goat Head says:

    Can you continue feeding a snake frozen mice throughout it's entire life?

  89. Chrisdragonslayer 123 says:

    How can you tell the gender of a milk snake

  90. Bryan Corona says:

    He pronounces colubrids wrong

  91. 6 Gorillian Sea Monkeys says:

    Hilarious! Family, what’s names, stop trying so hard to be coral from America down south America way? Do let him RUN away, he’s a smelling snake, identity’s as man species. Every video watched full of ‘facts’. Like bill nye propaganda guy. Comments, old wise tale? Don’t drink milk, only Ron down Mexico way, in Canada. Sorry poisonous snakes, boids collubrid, whatever said, cobras seasnakes, do more!

  92. spuspu Absher says:


  93. yahyeet Supremeooferson says:

    46 ft ??? Dayum bro ok

  94. Spacemountaineer92 says:

    You messed up the pun friend of jack lol

  95. Nat Lopez says:

    The amount of stupid people in this comment section is depressing. Great video. Thanks

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