Snake Facts : Corn Snakes

Snake Facts : Corn Snakes

Now I’ve got a beautiful little baby corn
snake here. This guy’s a little bit older that a hatchling. You can see he’s also a
Colubrid, part of the family. He’s a long, skinny-type snake. A little bit more flighty
and fast. He does want to run away a little bit. Corn snakes tend to be pretty tame, pretty
docile. You can see he’s holding on to my, that’s another great example of a use of a
tail by a snake. He’s, he can hold onto me right like that, and put his whole body weight
on there if he needs to. But, like I said, these guys are very, very common all throughout
the United States and northwest. They are called corn snakes because they’re often found
in corn fields, feeding on mice and things like that. They come in a wide variety of
color variations now. There’s lots of designer species out there you can get your hands on.
This one has a, one of my particularly favorite colorations. This nice, deep red is, I find
very attractive. You can see he’s sniffing around frantically with that tongue, flicking
it about, checking out what’s going on. Making sure there’s no predators around, or no prey.
Maybe he’s hungry, though this guy did eat not too long ago. At this size, he is eating
“pinkies”, little baby mice, and he’s eating roughly two to three of them a week. He definitely
likes to pack in the food. So, just like we were talking about with the rainbow boa, if
I can get him to chill out for one second, that’s where his tail starts, right there.
You can see the sudden change in width. It very quickly drops down. His vent is right
there on the bottom. He really does not want to chill out for me at all. Not trying to
bite me, though, you’ll notice. They’re very, very tame in that sense. He doesn’t want to
bite me. Snakes don’t want to bite, it’s their last line of defense, really. He’d much rather
run from me than bite me, because if he bites me, he’s invested in our fight, and chances
are, against any mammal for the most part, I’m going to win, as I have lots of teeth
and claws.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Snake Facts : Corn Snakes

  1. Zilphon says:

    Should i get my corn snake from a breeder or a pet store?

  2. qwtrerry says:

    @Zilphon pet stores may sell you wild caught snakes, which may come with parsites and other kinds of health issues. on the other side, most pet stores get their snakes from breeders. Honestly, with a snake as simple and cheap as a corn snake, it makes no real difference.

  3. Crucible X Productions says:

    @WweHHHEdge your dumb its not illegal to feed snakes live food actually live food has more protein in them than frozen thawed learn you facts before saying stupid stuff 1 con is the mouse can bite the snake but rarely has the chance more protein = more healthy snake:)

  4. Crucible X Productions says:

    @xNertz 15$ for a normal but if you want some ones like scaleless corn snakes can cost you up to 500$ :)!!

  5. Xolani Smith says:

    @WweHHHEdge no its not illegal

  6. freakyandsqueaky says:

    I got a corn πŸ˜€

  7. Sean Mcmahon says:

    like if you think this is the only person who knows what the crap he is talking about! πŸ™

  8. fryfold says:

    False, corns aren't found throughout the US. They are only in the southeastern and central US

  9. Kingkevin69 says:

    hey, you know where georgia is? it's in the southeastern u.s.

  10. andy tambling says:

    he dropped it hahahahahahahaha

  11. twowheelworld says:

    This guy shouldn't be trying to teach any one about corn snakes…he's clearly not confident about the information.

  12. Teddy Wild says:

    please just shut up.

  13. twowheelworld says:

    Great input…

  14. Start Now says:

    snake bytes give better information and is more enteraining you r pretty bad to be within expert villiage now i shall go to snake bytes to get better informatin

  15. ijr1995 says:

    1:43 lol

  16. Reptileman man says:

    my favirote snake corny

  17. Kalektiveflair says:

    why are you feeding them at this size 2-3 pinkies a week we have two 3 month olds and they eat one pinkie a week per the breeder?

  18. OnAHighNote says:


  19. Alex G says:

    2 to 3 times a week i thought you where suspost to feed them 1 a week WTF!

  20. Jerry Tyler says:

    you sure do say "uhh" alot

  21. growyourownfood says:


  22. bugeerah says:

    How do you know how often to feed it?

  23. Stevens Faith says:

    I think I have that one

  24. meyya skeleton says:


  25. meyya skeleton says:

    once a week

  26. meyya skeleton says:

    for a grown one

  27. Connor420 says:

    do these snakes hav teeth?

  28. DefaultAnimations says:

    Yes, the bites dont hurt very much though.:)

  29. Gabriel samarine says:

    Corn snakes r the best beginner pets there awesome

  30. Trey Kennedy says:

    They are actually called corn snakes due to the pattern on their bellies which resembles indian corn. Other than that this is a very accurate video!

  31. Beany says:

    '' The name "corn snake" is a holdover from the days when southern farmers stored harvested ears of corn in a wood frame or log building called a crib. Rats and mice came to the corn crib to feed on the corn, and corn snakes came to feed on the rodents''

  32. ohdear5671 says:

    haha love it πŸ™‚

  33. BIGBROTHERiswatchinU says:

    You are correct. It is rare to come across anyone who knows this anymore though.

  34. coco cuju says:

    Expect he doesn't.

  35. coco cuju says:

    and because their ventral is patterned like Indian corn…thus corn snake.

  36. Michael147 says:

    How big do they get

  37. Buy Bionic says:

    5 feet and they are clumsy snakes they move a lot…

  38. nexypointy says:

    i get goosebumps jesus!

  39. nexypointy says:

    r u sreious? u must be a goth

  40. Bridget O'Hara says:

    anything with a mouth has the potential to bite

  41. Alex Coghlan says:

    All bite but if you are nice to it, it will be nice to you (the best are corn snakes)

  42. Giorgio Franzi says:

    My Pet corn Snake got out the night I got it and it is a baby and i cant find it.
    do it put food out for it if it gets hungry?

  43. Jen Greely says:

    I think that might work

  44. Shooter4829 says:

    this is the only guy from expertvillage who knows what hes talking about

  45. Princz Benjamin Brown says:

    he dropped the snake, has no respect for its origin or why there are other kinds… he FUCKing DROPPED THE SNAKE.. and its they are not from the northwest.. originated from south carolina… oh and he DROPPED the damn snake!.. FIRE HIS DUMB ASS!! damn nooob

  46. Princz Benjamin Brown says:

    DO NOT feed your baby corn SNAKE 3 times a week! what a FUCKING IDIOT>> DONT DROP YOUR FUCKING SNAKE!

  47. Brad says:

    Calm your ass down child. The snake fell off his arm it was an accident he knows what he is doing. It is not nearly that big of a deal. Let the man do his job and if you feel like you can do it better nobody is stopping you from making your own videos. Try being a little more respectful to people working in a field that obviously interests you, and good luck.

  48. Matt Tschetter says:

    well he does work at a pet store

  49. Joshua Lee says:

    I think he explained it well.. Some corns eat more than others… Besides, one may have dropped his or her corn at least once in one's lifetime…

  50. chad koso says:

    how much do they cost

  51. LacedSniper says:

    so i live in indiana corn fields everywere so i can find some here yes or no

  52. Heidi Louis says:

    I bought my snake for 20$

  53. Tennielle Benally says:

    my son got one of those snakes

  54. BMXB0YZ says:

    I got one for Β£40 with full set up

  55. Jager18 says:

    1:43 aah so that's why snakes hold on πŸ˜‰

  56. mihajlo525 says:

    I got mine when it was that size ive had him for five years and hes almost five feet!

  57. Karrar Salman says:

    there is a very good chance for you to find a corn snake in indiana I have found 1 before it was AWESOME trust me and good luck finding a corn snake ;).

  58. markeith garcia says:


  59. Jimmy Smith says:


  60. Bella Burago says:

    is there anything smaller that a pinkie mouse??Β 

  61. Debra Warner says:

    Your video very informative. I was told I MIGHT have corn snake in my yard. I live in Fl. And there is a snake 4to 6ft long appearing everywhere. Could you or someone WHO KNOWS ALOT ABOUT SNAKES PLEEEASE LOOK AT MY VIDEO AND TELL ME WHAT TYPE OF SNAKE IT IS… title, " what,what,what,what….funny reaction" and/or " scared funny reaction snake living on roof". PLEASE HELP ID IT. THANK YOU

  62. Kaden Richardson says:

    Why are you called expert village? That dumb ass dropped that poor snake.

  63. jazee Dawg says:

    Do they hurt if they bite?

  64. Boi Boi says:

    aww arent they cute when they are babys this made me remeber when my corn snake Terra was a baby

  65. dean montalbine says:

    thats just mean holding it by the tail

  66. dean montalbine says:


  67. Harry Shepherd says:

    My corn snake is only 8 weeks old and it's gone pale im worried it might be sick can you help?

  68. Elite Fitness says:

    Stop saying "um." New word choice bruh

  69. Extraaa β€’3β€’ says:

    Will an adult eat a rabbit? I have a rabbit sooooo

  70. Ava Belle Duncan says:

    Yeah bro just drop your snake

  71. Lottie Bruce says:

    I'm thinking of getting one but not sure what gender what would you recommend?

  72. Fork Fork says:

    this wasn't info. You didn't even say how long they get

  73. Dom Pinto says:

    yah totally gonna listen toΒ a guy that dropped his snake and wasn't even an "expert" enough to cut that part out

  74. Julian falcon says:

    wtf eating 2-3 pinkies in one week?? wtf that can't be right then he drops the snake!! this guy sucks!

  75. Dusan Rackov says:

    Is she venomous

  76. Infinitycj X says:

    how often do u change ur corn snakes bedding?

  77. Peppa Pig says:

    Oh shit a corn snake was in my bush and it was like 11 years old and it nearly bit me cause it was angry as hell but two guy came and got it

  78. Kasper Wilde says:

    Do "corn snakes" Have teeth and if They Have, do IT hurt when They bite? And do They Have poision? Becuse i dont know svag i Will buy corn snake or leopard gecko.

  79. that one weird girl says:

    I have the same snake

  80. Mike Lowe says:

    There are so many things wrong with this video

  81. Darrell Reid says:

    I love it πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ’•

  82. Darkshadow 1989 says:

    how many Pinky's a day do they eat

  83. Nico Sy says:

    What is the official lifespan for a corn snake? I thought they live up to 20-30+ years in captivity

  84. SpaceExplorer31 says:

    Uh please stop saying uh.

  85. Veronica Stinson says:

    sorry but I have a baby corn snake do not eat that many in a week

  86. s.j.j. Ormsfang says:

    Corns are from the Southeast US. Not the Northwest

  87. corey11 says:

    WTF you dropped the snake

  88. Cartwheel Vlogs says:

    U are over feeding him her

  89. Dearest Kitten says:

    I'm planning on getting 1 but my mom is too scared of snakes

  90. Vaping And Gaming With VxAnonymous95 says:

    You are not even holding it right fucktard go back to raising rabbits, pathetic snake handler so inexperienced!!

  91. SisterAudrey Grey says:

    Can I get your help
    Please? I am watching my dear friend’s snake and they moved From Arizona to Illinois and the first two weeks the behavior it was exhibiting was super normal, friendly, but 8 weeks in he is starting to rattle his tail like a rattle snake and hides underneath the dirt in his cage, or hangs out at the top of it just hanging there on the ropes. I have contacted my friends updating them about his behavior but it scares me that somehow I am stressing him out and I don’t know why or even how I would be doing that, I am super gentle lifting his cage top to replace his water with high quality water at that (they always come over to feed him) , and don’t want to be responsible for stressing him and if it results in death!!!! Someone please help πŸ˜«πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

  92. Leici Milligan says:

    Uh if u just droped the snake it probably will bite u

  93. Brian Nave says:

    Lmao typically chain pet store worker…Doesn't know the name of the snake variation…Grabs the tail…Feeds it 2 to 3 times more than it needs…and probably puts it in a cage with a poop filled water bowl…Just feed this guy to an anaconda already

  94. low rider says:

    Woop don't go handling and babies lol

  95. Greg Perry says:


  96. Spider Man says:


  97. Marked Gaming says:

    Is the corn snake poisonous

  98. Gaming Racist says:

    Your super bad at handling snakes. Hold your hand more still

  99. Dyed Bliss says:

    People..NEVER handle your snake the way this guy is. And NEVER hold onto it by it's tail! Sheesh

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