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  1. Michael Veroneau says:

    Look into the peacock spider.. It would be a crazy addition to your growing spider collection.

  2. Belen Nguyen says:

    i’ve never been interested in reptiles but you make it sound so normal and its amazing. your personality and happiness in your videos bring up the mood and put me in a happy place. keep up the great work!

  3. wampdaddy75 says:

    Didn't we feed Bella some eggs a couple months ago????

  4. Shawn Horton says:

    Another awesome day in the vicarious life of Brian Barczyk! Seemed like a kinda slow day at the reptarium, but still amazing and your animals and enthusiasm lights me up every day. I know you wont, but try to take it easy the next couple of days so you're really 100% for that vacation with the Mrs. Stay awesome Brian and crew!

  5. Jarhlaxel- Cleanz says:

    Do you find it extraordinary that a black headed pythons are impervious to even the most venomous snakes in Australia including the death adder ? And the fact they actually eat venomous snakes ?

  6. Emuland 1 says:

    Bella made eggshells actually look appetizing

  7. Cathleen Baldwin Maggi says:

    I think you need to raise quail in the incubator room and then feed the eggs to the reptiles. I thought reptiles always eat eggs? Maybe with eggs leave them in a divot in the substrate so they think they are finding a nest as in nature?

  8. Alessandria Cavalier says:

    So cool! Speaking of eggs, you should get an African egg eating snake. Have you heard of them? I think they would make a super cool addition to the Reptarium!

  9. Mair Stunna says:

    Brian would you consider ever getting a gaboon viper snake!!!!!!

  10. Ashley Mercer says:

    Hey Brian I still hear in your voice your still sick I hope you get better before your trip!
    And argumus was acting so defensive when you were trying to feed him the egg kinda shocked me!

  11. MrStillings says:

    Brian, have you thought of instructing DIY projects or workshops?

  12. Sayid Jaidar says:

    Love your videos they make me appreciate the animals in our world

  13. Devona Henderson says:

    The plus to feeding eggs to your reptiles is the calcium carbonate egg shells provide plus other vitamins and minerals

  14. Josue Vicente says:

    Hey I love ur vids XP

  15. liza kel says:

    I love bella!

  16. Britney Mountainway says:

    Feel better and tell Bella hi for me plz🦎

  17. Lauren Mitchell says:

    Have a great weekend! New subscriber from Scotland

  18. Julie Berlier says:

    I liked this video a lot!
    I like the low key music, and the switch between feeding at the zoo, and seeing some animals at BHB.
    Those are the biggest quail eggs I've seen! Good idea

  19. Smart Alec Videos says:

    Hello Brian I’m thinking of getting a lesser pastel spider banana so I can breed I’m just wondering can you give some more breeding tips? By the way get I hope you get better so.

  20. Siddhant Gharti says:

    74,007 view… Well I had a bad day yesterday so I couldn't see it with in 50 sorry for that…

  21. James Walker says:

    Cant wait to visit you guys!

  22. Ikhmal Lee says:

    i fed my mangroove cat snake an egg too. she loves it, btw eggs high in protein & calcium

  23. Lee Mason says:

    Nice bit of calcium as well for bella,try her on strawberries,my friends iguana goes mental for them👍

  24. King Harlequin says:


  25. Adrian Cooper says:

    Really enjoyable vlog cheered me up loads because I've not been very well recently and Bella eating the egg is so adorable ☺

  26. Dibyarup Nath says:

    You are so chill around the snakes. I would be so terrified. But u are a professional. So awsome. Keep it up sir.

  27. Natasha Bottom says:

    Fizz as a name for ya new snake

  28. Tiggy Jenno says:

    Bryan you are my favourite utube I love u so much I never new that a snake could eat a whole egg it’s amazing I would like to see more videos about the leopard 🦎 geckos if you read this I wish u many good wishes this 2k19

  29. Jonas Skj says:

    I love snakes

  30. Jonas Skj says:

    I love snakes and i have a cobra snake home

  31. mlm1180 says:

    I miss egg clutch videos!!!!!

  32. Booma says:

    I would love some more potato

  33. OlWolf1011 says:

    I've known a few folks to raise Cortunix quail in hutches in their garages just for the eggs. They always remind me of balls of chocolate-chip cookie dough.

  34. Sherry Lynn Madcat says:

    Lots of lovely animals and some sweet fun with the eggs. Take care and have fun. Love it as usual 🙂

  35. Adam Russell says:

    Get some quail and they can have eggs

  36. iXue YT says:

    Bro i thought this was a real animal egg at first

    You Got me!!

  37. IAMGiftbearer says:

    That's great that they will eat eggs! It gives them more variety!

  38. Madison Scaife says:

    why is he giving the animals the egg

  39. Peter Webster says:

    as always brian amazing video

  40. Cherian Drouillard says:

    Have you ever considered keeping a Dasypeltis species? They're so awesome 😃

  41. Doctor Smart says:

    Into actually NOT rare as u get snakes that eat eggs

  42. Amari JF says:

    Can you feed veerda

  43. Teresa Ruiz says:

    I LOVE LOVE BELLA!!!! I would love to have one like her. Love how she smiles at you when you are petting her. She’s such a sweet heart 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  44. Teresa Ruiz says:

    Will you be my friend lol

  45. Cathy Mannix says:

    I adore Bella and Elvis!!!!! Hope you are well. Love to you all at the Reptarium!!! Xx

  46. Shakala Bakala says:

    Bc the snake is black on his head it looks like he is sweeting

  47. Karen Williams says:

    You need a wall in the repteriam that is dedicated to all the art that you are given. Its amazing, and a LOT of work and love goes into each one. Maybe the wall where you put the palm tree? I'm sure you'd have to rotate it but it's amazing and needs to be seen!

  48. Gacha Kayleigh says:

    Can you link my channle down be low plz its kayleigh wright

  49. Chandler Apling -Hobbies- says:

    Awesome video

  50. Flutie Coats says:

    Tongs with a rubber tip may help with gripping these eggs. Even just wrapping a rubber band around each tip may do the trick

  51. Miranda M says:

    they loved the eggs !

  52. Insert Name Here says:

    I love watching your reptiles eat different things! Amazing!

  53. Jaimie Madet says:

    that is cool

  54. EmptyDank Gt says:

    It's so annoying to see them swallow it and not bite lol

  55. Slick Stick says:

    Where are you located?

  56. Aiden Briones says:

    Why did he swallow the egg hole

  57. deacon mclaws says:

    My snake ate all of her eggs lol

  58. Emily Folkerts says:

    I love potato 🥔 ever since he escaped he has been my favorite ❤️

  59. Sofea Ashzuin Ashzuin says:

    Kinda da good click bait

  60. Itai Rub says:

    I am from Israel, my name is itai and I love snakes and reptiles so much, and I love Bella so much she is so pretty

  61. Itai Rub says:

    I want to go to see your reptiles an America

  62. Guam Grower's- R - US says:

    I've been here since 150 subscribers.. you awesome Brian

  63. owen Hodge says:

    Feed eggs to the Blue tongues they we love it over here in Australia they always smash eggs

  64. Luke Henderson says:

    I have a Michigan brown snake and what is the best terrain for it

  65. David LS says:

    More Taz stuff in the future please! I love tegus and he's like a silly little dog.

  66. Ad3p Gt says:

    lets goooooo 24 hour challenge with bella lmao

  67. David Duffy says:

    My 4 year daughter is really into Cobras, which Cobra makes the best pet and where can we buy one?

  68. Kristina Harris says:

    Omg I love Bella

  69. Gabriel Alvarez says:

    What kind of lizard is he at 7:54

  70. Wisley says:

    Your joy makes me smile !! Love your videos man !!

  71. vega I says:

    i love this channel

  72. Jairo Preza says:

    Brian what happen to you scaleless ball python

  73. iSienna says:

    I hatched some quail eggs before!

  74. William Morgan says:

    Get a quail

  75. Chris sieber says:

    Dude, you re just AWESOME. an awesome person with an even bigger heart. I wish more people on earth were like you.

  76. Sheena Brent says:

    Wow bella really liked her eggs

  77. Hello Kitty says:

  78. JACOB BROTHEN says:

    Hey Brian i have a ball python ive had him for a lil and im wondering whats a good snake a little bigger and more interesting

  79. simba the G.O.A.T says:

    Hi I'm phillip and i live in Florida i won't to go to gaytr land

  80. Tammy Hutchens says:

    Hay Brian I have a very inmportant question. What should I do if my snake has blisters. My snake shed to soon and then layed in her heat lamp spot and got blisters. She is a 6 month old ball python. Please respond emergency. Thank you

  81. Kevin Peterson says:

    Try Rubber tipped forceps for the eggs so they slip less

  82. Sydney Davis says:

    most energetic guy ever and he really does love what he does for a living great videos every single one is something different and exciting.

  83. Cool kid squad says:

    Hi snake bite how you doing I'm cool kids Squad

  84. ace3312 says:

    Hey Brian I was wondering if you know of any reputable ball python dealers/ breeders in canada that I can buy online any help would be greatly appreciated

  85. Emanuel Hernandez says:

    Nice video i loved it

  86. Andrew Agnew says:

    Where is store located

  87. HarryDerpZ :V says:


  88. 43ShaDey says:

    My wife just pointed out to me that a always have a huge smile on my mug when I watch ur uploads. So corny, but heartwarming to see all the babies and ur enthusiasm.

  89. Colton Pearson says:

    I wish I could work here😂

  90. jimmy hintz says:

    Call the white and black king snake newspaper

  91. krishna bhat says:

    Apart from referring to snakes he refers to other animals like doggy, goose and money do you agree with me. 😂😂

  92. T J says:

    Hey, I’m pretty sure black headed pythons aren’t designed to eat eggs, a lot of Australian pythons aren’t and it can’t actually cause problems. They do though eat other reptiles and are more designed for that but also eat defrosted rats and mice. Just wanted to let you know in case anything bad happens..

  93. Jaime Anderson says:

    Sweetie is my absolute favorite! She made love blood pythons.

  94. BelievedTrain85 2 says:

    Hey Brian pigeons have small eggs you should get them

  95. Bridget Butler says:

    Seeing those black and white pictures made me think, it would be neat if you all sold coloring books!

  96. Kayden Roberts says:

    tazz is so cuit

  97. deneise church says:

    Watching you everyday I have learned a lot about snakes and lizards. Love watching everyday and even watching Noah's channel to an I like all your workers too. I would love to get a shirt but don't have a credit card to get one and I would of love to have you all sign it

  98. vickie bardsley says:

    I know this is an older vlog so you might not see it but you can get Chinese painted quail eggs which are a bit smaller again. Hopefully might be crackle size egg, poor dude needs an egg too.

    Greetings from cider country (Somerset, UK). Top of the mum bucket list is to take a trip over with my kids to see you guys, I have a reptile loving daughter who also watches your vlogs. Two other daughters who like some of your animals, the youngest is scared of some of your animals but hoping the excitement might rub off on to her. I have a 3 year old son, who was scared watching your vlogs as he's been taught to be scared of most of your animals, but now he comes home from nursery and asks for 'zoo' videos now. He'll sit and watch two of yours or Noah's vlogs and asks loads of questions.

    Plus my bucket list is to hold a snake, I held their shed but never a snake.

  99. Ash Branstetter says:

    Loved that you guys did a video with the eggs that fan sent you. I have a couple silly questions. My friend have a Python amd her name is Lucy actually.. Anyways lucy was given to her 3 months ago because the owners couldn't care for her anymore. Since she arrived at my friends house she hasnt eaten … Almost 3 months now. Is there something i can do to get her to eat? Is this a sign something is wrong with her? And also she is stuck in shed… Do i put the damp papertowles directly on her to help?

  100. chaz honaker says:

    Soon as I can afford it i will be getting a snake from you guys. Somekind of pretty ball python.

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