Snake Charmer With 3 Cobras Scares Off The Judges | Got Talent Global

Snake Charmer With 3 Cobras Scares Off The Judges | Got Talent Global

My God !! NO NO NO NO ! I don’t want to see it My God why??! “scared” Get away from me .
I don’t want to see it x5 “astonished” That’s a Cobra!!:What’s he doing? . WHAT’S HE DOING?? NOO. get me out I’ll die here . MY GOD!!I hope you get sick. Najwa is gone. Get me down. Get me down. Two cobras. Oh my God
Oh my God
Oh my God See it’s playing with him.
[the guy with the glasses] Yes Yes. And He brings it , and it goes back again. #Where are you Najwa NO MAN !! No and it’s standing too look. Pay attention. Watch with me . They are standing Yes yes .Hit the buzzer for me. Ali hits the buzzer for Najwa. Najwa pressed the buzzer from the outside. she sent a text “Ali Buzzer” NO no no no no no. Allah Allah.It didn’t work. enough honey. Let him pack his stuff first.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Snake Charmer With 3 Cobras Scares Off The Judges | Got Talent Global

  1. Work harder for your Dreamz says:

    What was that on 1:33

  2. nouk schuller says:

    Dieren mis handeling wat een rot mens

  3. Maddy Kibler says:

    What people don’t realize is that this snake obviously had its venom removed. It has no defense other then to comply.

  4. Anurag Kumar says:

    I have only one kobra that only stand when time. is right mostly stand with respect when hot girls near

  5. Ankit Kumar says:


  6. unknownpeiceoftrash says:

    Poor snakes that is animal abuse did he kill them?!?!!they have a right to live to😞they were probably traumatized

  7. Hope Mccavish says:

    I don't like the way hes treating them snakes! Its animal cruelty.

  8. ScubaMan Official says:

    ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!!!

  9. Isabella Aguiar l-/ says:

    Did he kill the cobras in the end??! They are so cute, why!


    the snakes must be like WTF IS THIS NIGGA DOING

  11. kia ___ says:

    #عرب #لايك ممكن لايك

  12. kia ___ says:


  13. حمود العبطان says:


  14. Layaisdaboss says:

    The guys at 1:33 to the right 😂😂

  15. Tunatasteslikechicken says:

    This was a boring performance tho

  16. Lexi Jolly says:

    There is someone it’s

  17. Gomathy Durairaj says:

    What a cute snake I wish I had one

  18. Zanari Williams says:

    I dink it was very very wrong to have a female judge and not look she needs to not work there

  19. Kenedi H says:

    i’m not arab so idk wtf they were saying not to be offensive

  20. Just Alana says:

    نجوى هربت و سوت بر من برة ههههههههههه

  21. Sixto San Buenaventura Jr. says:

    Ang galing a

  22. manny3971 says:

    omg thats scarye
    but i still got this >:3

  23. shiv says:

    Awful performance

  24. Ritaj ali says:

    Wow so coollllll!!!

  25. rambo rambo says:

    Yeah i have also one cobra but.this kind of cobra. Comparision to small with this cobra. And color is white.even,any girls wants my cobra.she can contact me

  26. Hai Choon Sim says:

    He just died from a cobra bite.

  27. AzzieJe says:

    This guy pass away. Because of sting. Rest in piece

  28. efrain avena says:

    2 years after
    he dead

  29. Retired Music Educator says:

    the snakes eventually won! He died!

  30. nazlan ahmad says:

    This Man already dead 2 days ago by wild Cobras, RIP to him

  31. Katarzyna Swieton says:
    "A Malaysian man who became famous for his snake-handling skills has died after being bitten by a cobra."

  32. Inunuyehlathi Gupta says:


  33. Fazli Nordin says:

    Hahaha juz small cobra, compared to late malaysian firefighter with his large cobra in AGT, unfortunately judges are dumb to appreciates his talents

  34. Aquel QueHaDeVenir says:

    Background title song please

  35. Eleri West says:

    This guy died because of a cobra bite😔😭

  36. Simon Hobden says:

    This bloke died a few days ago, got bitten by a cobra. If you play with fire, expect to get burned.

  37. Akash Anan VevO says:

    He has died rip

  38. Akash Anan VevO says:

    Which music?. Pls say. 🙏🙏🙏

  39. setia darma says:


  40. miyagi kJ says:

    ой мой гат

  41. كردي الحمد الله says:


  42. anoop ahmed says:

    All off you this animal waiting you in grave

  43. How To Tech Useful says:


  44. Chand Ali Chand Ali says:


  45. Erik Apriyanto says:

    Like youtube

  46. knigh8 l says:

    That lady is overacting

  47. Peter says:

    Is this Abu Zarin Hussin? (If so, karma got to him recently).

  48. Jaymarc Buan says:

    00:46 Now that's Got talent's blind audition! 😂

  49. Blue Water says:

    Arab girls are simply arrogant and totally illiterate. More like Gold diggers

  50. Jonathan Diego says:

    That judge is doing too much

  51. Anfernee Pinkfloyd Primero says:

    The kiss of death

  52. Rishiraj Singh says:

    Where is the talent?

  53. what The Fuck says:

    B like boss

  54. what The Fuck says:

    B like boss

  55. Toseef Aslam Choudhary says:

    Who make her judge….

  56. anu Singh says:

  57. Andrew Smith says:

    I don't appreciate this talent this is completely a animal abuse this type of activities should not be performed in the in talent shows


    Is this egyptian cobra???

  59. Batifolk says:

    Je comprend rien.. Il les a tuer ?
    Oui ou non, on en parle qu'ils sont pas dangereux, ont leur a arracher les crocs …

  60. Sager Lewany says:

    People worry from snake when people died what they do in graveyard in the front of God they fallow. Satan in this world hell is all fire

  61. Sager Lewany says:

    People worry from snake when people died what they do in graveyard in the front of God they fallow. Satan in this world hell is all fire too much snakes in graveyard

  62. desert rose says:

    Who knows the name of music, please tell me?

  63. •Little Miss Infinity• says:


    It's just too cute to be trruueee



  65. Ryuto Ippongo says:

    R.I.P snake guy…

  66. Dwight Cook says:

    I don’t know anything about what he was doing. All I know that was tight as hell. He obviously has some skill at this. Three of them at once seems intense.

  67. patiens says:

    i wonder how good that snake tasted

  68. Cool Aid says:

    Those snakes are so cute it made me cry a bit ;^;

  69. SNAKE-OFFICIEL67 says:

    aucun respect pour les serpents sale ** de *** ργγφδφωδψ !!!

  70. SNAKE-OFFICIEL67 says:

    va *** salmernoptiez !

  71. mohd syazwan says:

    very small..come 2 malaysia n u will see the real cobra..

  72. Bangtan Sasswars says:

    Is the first one Saudia Arabs got talent?

  73. Yisel Chacon says:

    me inpreciono

  74. adam gaming says:

    nope im out of here bendy

  75. adam gaming says:

    tatlletail me love you mama scary its dark

  76. Lauren Rotsaert says:

    #DontHurtAnimalsNever !!!

  77. darko mudroh says:


  78. Abhay shah says:

    Wtf talent!!!!

  79. Cilenio Campos says:

    is snake no Cobra

  80. Reisen Lunatic says:

    Did the poor cobra just died…???

  81. Harsh Life says:

    Ok death is doom

  82. Komodo King says:

    1:04 that one friend that says I’m scarred of nothing then sees a cockroach or a snake then screams like a little girl

  83. Dr. Amazing6 says:

    guys dont respond to the people who are hating on the muslim arabs god will do all the work for you and well make them pay.

  84. 今天晚上Moonlightzhere says:


  85. kezia sterling says:


  86. Shooting star says:


  87. Bálint Fazekas says:


  88. TwiSTeDBeAnS says:

    This guy died from a cobra bite. Sad, but not very surprising

  89. Twisted says:

    kinda sad to see the cobras so scared, but i just hope he did not venomoid them

  90. Yann TekPafGG says:

    50 fois les cobras sont endormis, normalement ils l'auraient mordus au moins 10 fois

  91. N S G says:

    Are there any Vava Suresh fans here???
    He does more deadly stunts everyday you know
    This seems nothing before this guy's stunts and he is not doing it to show off rather conserving please stop supporting such show off people and learn to appreciate people like him

  92. honestly stop- says:

    This makes 100000% more sense since they can't actually hear music- they react on movement so any "snake charmer" Video you see you'll always see them moving one or two of their limbs because that's how you get them to react.

  93. John Liven Auguis says:

    have u ever watched chandlers wildlife channel?

  94. Romily Verge says:

    Snakes have ears by the way. I don't think he killed them, just tired them out without getting bit

  95. GAPConnect IG LIVE says:

    Oh no

  96. David S says:

    I think he de-fanged them. And the hissing was fake, I didn't see any of the snakes wearing a mic.

  97. Lilly Lazer says:

    Probably defanged the snakes

  98. Brenna Partridge says:

    Disgusting, when you see the profile of the first cobra, as he strikes out you can see he HAS NO FANGS. All of this crap is fake

  99. Ryan Jones says:

    And they say NOT to make sudden moves😂

  100. Jhayvin Pagedped says:

    Strongest enemy is our self

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