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  1. Brian Barczyk says:

    If you're looking for more videos about breeding snakes, click here for a whole playlist ▶ Thank you for watching and everyone's amazing support!

  2. Eddie Young says:

    What is your price on your geckos?

  3. DANISH HAZIQ says:

    Sorry for asking but what would happen if there is a 🔥 fire 🔥 at the reptarium how do you save the snake's

  4. Logan Mcknight says:

    So informational your the man Brian love the educational aspects you do especially when I'm watching with my 8 and 11 year old

  5. Naomi Nobody says:

    yay thxs

  6. A C says:

    I have never put my snake into sleep Mode and never change what I feed them or anything ad my snakes r fine ad I had them for 5 years now

  7. Logan Mcknight says:

    Also that make Tokay awesome shirt is straight firrrreeeee!!!!!!

  8. Myles Carson says:

    Good morning. Great Video, a lot of good information. Thanks!

  9. Zach J. says:

    Who else below wants to suck Brian’s peanut.. be cause he’s sooo good at his game lol 😂

  10. Conna Sean says:

    Hey Brian – just wondering if the intro music was from a song or not and is there a link to it

  11. Hailstorm 64 says:

    Cool shirt

  12. Megan Parks says:

    Does anyone know how long his big boa is?

  13. Reptile Fantastic says:


  14. Jackie Galgan says:

    Brian I really love learning from your vlogs. I love snakes but my sons father is afraid of them LOL I found that out one warm summer afternoon, I live in Upstate New York, he was under the hood of his Pick up truck working on it and i had found a beautiful big ole garter sunning itself on the walkway and i picked it up and carried it to show him what i had found. If i had a video camera it would have won the big prize on America's Funniest videos. LOL He hit his head on the underside of the hood of the truck,Turned a sheet of white and ran off screaming get that thing away from me LMAO.. I get my snake fix watching your vlog and handful of other snake video channels,But your channel is the first one i enjoy having my morning coffee with. Love and Light to you Lori ,Noah and the whole reptile family. You always make my day Awesome Thank you for all that you do…. Have an Awesome day today … <3 🙂

  15. The_Dill _Pickle says:

    Hi Brian, I just want to say that you are an amazing person and I love to watch you because it helps me be distracted from the real world and you help me get through rough times in my life like yesterday when my snake died.

  16. LDB GAMING says:

    Absolutely love to see behind the scenes at bhb where all the magic happens!! More tip videos would be awesome, maybe on specific genes or how you acquire them through breeding!?! Definitely will check out the playlist of snake breeding tips!! Keep up the awesome work buddy!! 🐍👍👍

  17. Brenda LaBeau says:

    This is SO HELPFUL I have retics, carpets and rainbow boas that are all due for their first breeding next year! Thank you Brian!

  18. Bailey Risher says:

    @Brian Barcyk how do yall normally brumate/breed your rough scaled and Kenyan sand boas

  19. Tabetha Sowell says:

    Good morning! Question Brian… when you say you increase the BP food, how much did you feed and what do you increase to? I'm asking because I heard that adult BPs can't digest food quickly and overfeeding them (or feeding too soon) can cause a lot of issues. Is that accurate?

  20. Gjensen says:

    How do you keep track of who you are breeding to who. Is it done via an Excel program or a custom deal?

  21. Patricia Hughes says:

    Brian Barczyk good morning! First I want to say your videos are a joy during particularly rough days. Thank you.
    Second it's great that you publish videos that educate as well as entertain. I know many breeders publish the glossy side of the business. You share the down sides. Also sharing the behind the scenes shows honesty and integrity. That is rare these days. It's balanced.
    To you and yours
    💖Blessings and Prosperity. 💖

  22. Kyle Gawron says:

    So when i get a ball pythong from you how will i know to switch the size of the rodent

  23. Calista Richards says:

    Have a great day everyone! Don't forget to get out there and VOTE! Brian when are you gonna run for president?!

  24. Josh Glass says:

    Hey man dont take tish the rong way but do u ever take vacation lolololo sleep is for the week

  25. gamingturtle64 says:

    I'm actually getting into breeding right now actually so thank you so much for this
    I'm beginning to breed corn snakes
    I have a snow female (proven breeder)
    And an amelanistic male (proven breeder)

  26. Aleece Beauchamp says:

    My 13 year old son was taking notes and having me replay certain parts of the video as he wrote down what you were saying. He hopes to become a Herpetologist and a reptile breeder after he finishes college and was inspired to go into the field of Hepatology after watching both videos done by you and N.E.R.D, attending reptile expos and watching my cousin and I work and breed our snakes (my cousin handles the Retics and I handle the Ball Pythons)

  27. Pamela Pilling says:

    Really interesting video Brian. So much planning!

  28. Jeremy Williams says:

    I want to know how long you had your lanyard on your ponytail lol

  29. Taylor Baumgartner says:

    I notice that you'll post videos relatively early in the morning everyday. Do you actually record your videos every morning + edit + post the same day or do you bulk record / record couple days in advance?

  30. Claire Philip says:

    Watching your videos helped educate me before went out and got my little diffused corn snake. In a week or so I've got a black eyed leucistic coming home. Cannot wait 😊

  31. Dennis Pyle says:

    Thank you for doing a brumation vlog and even though you didnt cover the bearded dragons it still helped with what you said about pets. Now my question is how to keep them from brumation because mine goes in the cave and wont come out

  32. Murphy Pink says:

    Sometimes I miss the old days and the vlog being simple. I also miss the family times.

  33. Gillian Harrison-Gates says:

    I swear I squealed when I saw this title. I’m so excited to lear from you ❤️🐍❤️

  34. RICHARD OLSON says:

    good afternoon Brian you said you increase the meals for balls when there 1200gs what size rat and how many days between meals Thanks Rick

  35. Dennis Pyle says:

    Hey Brian i also just wanted to say that ive been trying to watch all your vlogs and right now im on vlog 79 and i just wanted to tell you that my favorite birthday is this one that just happened October 22 because my wife told me shes pregnant at like 4:00 in the morning as she was getting ready for work.

  36. Sheng Sheng says:

    Drinking game
    One shot every time brian says "again"

  37. Joe Braxton Anders says:

    This will be my first year breeding ball pythons in over 10 years I got alot of proven out to do I have 2 African imports that has some crazy patterns they are my main projects to see if anything crazy comes out

  38. Mike Adam says:

    I love this guy

  39. Chris Johnson says:

    Hi brain I work for Mike rossco in temecula California and he sed that he knows you and I hope one day u can come and see our facility I think you have been to our old shop but the new one is way better well thank u for helping me grab a hold of my dream I went and started working for mike and I took a tremendous pay cut to work with animals I mean like I was making 200,000 a year and now i work for 12.50 a hour but I'm more happier than ever because I get to do what I love and that's working with reptiles and I get to breed some of the most amazing boas and python's I myself I'm a carpet python breeder a small one but I still Perdue's a few clutches a year but thank you for giving me the inspiration to fallow my dreams

  40. Amber Jones says:

    Great info Brian, thank you🖤

  41. Kevin Singh says:

    Where is Lucy’s two eggs Brian ?

  42. Danny L says:

    Snake care tips viddss for winter and summer??? always was into these since the old days videos

  43. AnnaVegas says:

    So excited for breeding season can't wait to see you ultrasounding balls and syncing BT skinks together

  44. heirofthedog1 says:

    With the weighing from yesterday and today's info, are there any new morphs that you have not bred with before, that have reached their first breeding weight (and age) that you are specifically looking forward to trying?

  45. Annareanna Chase says:

    Milk snakes r so pretty love them have a great day Brian😁 i think i would freak out if a saw a blue tounged skinks lol

  46. Udit Goel says:

    Hello Brian,today is my birthday,I love your channel, following you for more than 1 yr now and still I love it,good day bro😊🙏

  47. Corey Lock says:

    when you say double the amount food you feed you female ball pythons what does that mean exactly, is it double the size of prey, give them 2 meals at once or 1 meal every 5 days? sorry if seems a noob question im new to this

  48. PetrieBladeGaming says:

    Brian could you make a Q/A video or Live stream?

  49. mel mohler says:

    Lover your videos your videos are helping me show my parents that Snakes are nice

  50. DCI EXOTICS says:


  51. Oklart says:

    7:42 POV you're the snake

  52. Swamp_Flower says:

    Really loving these educational videos. Even better, it’s being taught by the one and only, Brian Barczyk 😎

  53. skin candy says:

    The Intro was sickkk!! 😎

  54. SorryIjus7Win says:

    Ive been here for so long glad to see ur growing and growing ive been here from 100k and still am

  55. Bie says:

    I wont breed snakes this year but i will in 2021. I will breed cornsnakes. Amel albino × anery stripe motley het sunkissed bloodred ❤
    Thanks for the info

  56. Alexander Smith says:

    1,000th like!

  57. Willie Pirie says:

    I love the Batman ball python so what’s the chances of you producing a joker or robin ball python 🐍 to add to my if I win the lottery shopping list

  58. dick schafer says:

    Brian what is that beautiful white and black snake you were holding at 2.56 and talking about spermatogenesis??? And do you have any for sale?? Such a beauty!!

  59. tristen palmer says:

    Just got my first Ball Python and she’s an Ivory, she’s the best! I can’t wait to see some of her babies

  60. Amy van Willigen says:

    what happened with the tail of the albino checkered garter snanke at 2:38 ?

  61. Tim Vincent says:

    Cant wait for year egg cutting.

  62. Lisa Tomsky says:

    I REALLY ENJOYED THIS VLOG! 👍Loved the style! All your Interesting Info Your Animals 💚are Insanely Beautiful and they All Are Amazing!The Suggestion box is a great way to help when looking for your other vlogs that share the same interests!📸Very Informational Content! 💚 Brian, and Jay and All your Amazing Crew Have A Blessed Day!

  63. Michelle Morningstar says:

    Hello Brian Thanks For another amazing video Much love

  64. manjula devi kumar says:

    I like your march but i can not buy it of my parents. My name is Shreya i am 7 years old thank you

  65. firenightwolf25 says:

    Can you make a video of cooldown for loepardgecko's

  66. Coral Night says:

    Brian can you do a video on all the babies you kept this season ? I'm dying to see some of those all gene animals you produced. !!!

  67. SETO KAIBA says:

    I bet it must take a while too clean all those cages I could barely clean some of mine lol especially when I’m doing it by myself without any help

  68. christopher chinkan says:

    Too much saturation in the video. You look orange. Lol

  69. SETO KAIBA says:

    But yup I miss all your original crew back in the day seems like forever ago I watch your very first episode

  70. ABI STARR says:

    I bred my corns a couple of years ago. Didn't brumate them and was given 21 beautiful fertile eggs and no slugs

  71. Don Meadows says:

    I'm really glad you posted this video. I've actually been thinking about attempting breeding myself, but I'm unsure of where to start. My wife and I currently have a bearded dragon, red tail boa, a ball python, a wild rescued black rat snake, and an oscillated snake skink. Where/which would be the best start for someone new to breeding?

  72. Jake Darnell says:

    Hey Brian, I went a PetsMart recently and saw a Python in shed. I saw that it was still I observed the eyes were cloudy and realized that the snake was shedding

  73. Gabriel PV says: brian, MAN, look at this color of anaconda, this channel belong to richard rasmussen.. what a beatiful snake.. never see this color before (7:40)

  74. Andy Gaff says:

    Great informative video again!

  75. Michael Collison says:

    Dude that is wayy too many snakes to have in one place

  76. Emmazilla says:

    When r u going to stop breeding spider ball pythons

  77. Jeremy Lowery says:

    What is your favorite ball up for breeding this year #firstbreed

  78. James Brown says:

    Man I wish you stuck with all the high end projects that you started like scaleless and sunset. I know its more about the business end but man think of where you could ha e taken those projects instead of other breeders getting the glory

  79. Icypanther says:

    can you do something about spotted python because I just got one

  80. charlotte polemitis says:

    love this video good job

  81. chelle motsinger says:

    I would like to ask a question I have a bearded dragon she got dropped on the floor and broke her back down by the tail she's deformed like now it happened awhile back I live in Anderson Indiana I'd like to find a rescue to donate he or rehabilitate her she's going two years old is there anyway you can help me I don't like to see her like this she's such a sweet dragon my email is [email protected] if you'd like to contact me please reach out to help me I'd donate her to you cuz I know you'd take care of her thank you

  82. Amanda Merrill says:

    Wow this was actually one of my fave videos you’ve ever made!! There’s so much information! Keep up the awesome work 👍

  83. Soulless Honky says:

    Great informational video. Still considering getting a few animals and your videos are such a help,besides being entertaining.

  84. Codey Young says:

    Awesome brian thanks !!

  85. Jack Sall says:

    I needed this!

  86. Chrysie Beryl says:

    For D&D purposes ive been researching snakes for the past few hours. These videos are great and kinda make me want to get a snake myself ~.> keep up the good work.

  87. RRR Reptile Ray Raz says:

    This is my first year breeding pythons , I’ve done Boas and Garters … heck I’ve even bred ring necks lol , but I can’t wait for some real eggs this year woohoo I hope it’s a successful year

  88. Matthew Perez says:

    Will a pet snake lay unfertilized eggs, even if it doesn't go through brewmation*

  89. Chris-Tina Moore Designs says:

    Do you giveaways python

  90. PaigeR says:

    Do you guys check every animal everyday?

  91. Jay Jay says:

    Great Video! Where do you get the glass terrariums with the sliding glass fronts?

  92. An Le says:

    I'm from Vietnam

  93. Lisa Rinella says:

    I would like to see RJ more. He has changed and not to well.

  94. Matt the snake guy says:

    I love u brian ur an amazing YouTuber and help alot and your funny and help with snakes I love u man keep goin

  95. Ben Baxter says:

    Wood like to see more of RJ plzz

  96. Garry Mackay says:

    I don't understand… Is brumation a must? Or just optional?

  97. Serina crafty_slime_time says:

    Are you breeding lucy this year ?

  98. Jessyca Friesell says:

    I think it would be cool to have everyone that works at bhb and reptarium pick a their favorite animal and show us and give us some info about it.

  99. SJ Against The world says:

    Brian do you know any boas that are sort of like a banana ball python cause I’m in the market to get a snake

  100. JayWual says:

    Hey guys!!
    Been binge watching your videos and keeping up with you and I love your knowledge and how personable you are.

    My BF and I have acquired a new snake friend and we are having a hard time identifying it.

    The previous owner we believe thought it was a different species.

    Could you maybe help us identify her?

    Thank you for your time,
    Keep on doing you!!


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