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  1. Brian Barczyk says:

    Thank you everyone for watching! Make sure to check out this whole playlist about breeding snakes – SNAKE BREEDING VIDEOS AND TUTORIALS ▶

  2. Lensey Burnett says:

    Boys will be boys lmao… 🤣😂

  3. Debb C. Millard says:

    The nerf battle was everything! Laughed lots. 🧓🏻🐍💗

  4. Maurice Miller says:

    Lol Brian! Lori's gonna choke you some day lol

  5. Maurice Miller says:

    What was Lori saying as Brian walked away? Hahaha

  6. Barbara Dempsey says:

    "So Lori wants to see me in the basement, wonder what that's about?" You 100% knew what that was going to be about Brian….lmao

  7. Dusty Watts says:


  8. Kerwin Hayes says:

    I’m interested In the viper boas hope they breed well

  9. animal and nature tv says:

    Mad love for that shootout lol😂🤣

  10. Noor Afza says:

    God do i miss the owls during egg cuttin

  11. Patshhi4 says:

    That calico spider is beautiful!

  12. Tracy Prochnow says:

    Random question:…disclaimer…lol…I love snakes and have had many over the years and I have my own thoughts about this but wanted another opinion…..k…what do u think about a women here in Indiana was killed by an 8 ft….yes 8 foot retic python?…think about it before u look it up tho cause today I found out another added fact that may or may not shed light on this story…

  13. Becky Schwindt says:

    Bruce's handling of your critters is amazing. You've got a great crew of people who love their work. I've always been afraid of big snakes but your blog has helped. don't know if could ever hold one but I find it all very fascinating.

  14. Rebecca Friend says:

    I so wish that Lori would have got them boys !! She would have kicked their butts!!!😂😂🤣

  15. James Morris says:


  16. Lois Hiett says:

    Lmbo fun fun 😁

  17. Jan Lovett says:

    Omg! 🤣🤣 Noah and Eric shoot out was hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  18. Dylan Singletary says:

    #TeamTree Donate plz

  19. Murisi Chauke says:

    Do you have a albino pie

  20. CurisityKilledTheCat None says:

    Lol great video, made my day.

  21. Gillian Harrison-Gates says:

    Bruce is just awesome w his training. I am curious your staff do they have schooling or background in reptiles. I am so impressed by all of them and how skilled with their animals I’m just wondering how you found such a great team ❤️

  22. rachelle winters says:

    I loved watching Noah and Eric😂 I wanna play to!

  23. Ranny missing my babies says:

    ♡♡ I love this vlog Brian..the part with Eric n Noah was epic looked exactly like a game of call of duty!! ♡♡ do u edit ur own videos btw Brian?

  24. Emily Wakeling says:

    OMG this vlog was awesome Brian, Hope you have a fantastic day. 😘😘😘

  25. Bindi's Creative Crafting by Bindi Salton says:

    Boys and their toys..

  26. Sarka Vajnerova says:

    Who else would love to hear story about how Brian and Lori got together? They are and working together for so many years, i would love to hear how it started! =D

  27. Lisa Tomsky says:

    A hostage was taken lol No one gets hurt lol 😛
    Priceless 👍😂 Great idea with need guns 👍🤣😅💞🌴Loved it All! Your #1 Fan xo

  28. Ashley Mcmullen says:

    Lori was pretty mad at you, it seems about the new snakes you got.

  29. Helen Avery says:

    could have done without the dumb nerf gun fight

  30. SAGENATOR1 says:

    I respect you for marrying a trans gender…. if IT makes you happy then we all are happy for you….

  31. Mcdan Gamer says:

    @Brian barczyk is it normal that my corn snake has shedded 3 times in 3 mounts is that normal she is about 1 year old

  32. Mcdan Gamer says:

    How could she not like those brown snake thats a really cool color!

  33. smart dog says:

    Like Brian didn't know you where having a ball fight …….. 🤫 😅 😂 🤣

  34. Andy Gaff says:

    Another great video, fun and informative! I love the fact you throw some education into each episode where you can

  35. Sonia Hanley says:

    Eric and Noah were so funny Lori caught u Brian love the vlog love u all ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. Blake Woolley says:

    Please Brian stop with the spider gene I love you videos but it’s cruel

  37. The Boa Man says:

    Man as always I love watching your videos! Has inspired me to do something with my youtube channel which I signed up for in 2012 but just now started posting videos this year lol. Keep em coming!

  38. Calmora says:

    sigh . I'm not even gonna get into this.

  39. Alison’s Aquatic Aquariums says:

    I have a collection of my own and my dream animal is a leachie I cant wait to get one!!!!!!

  40. Jason Webb says:

    You know as kids we had not so good nerf guns. We had decent water guns. But anyway we would always have that 1 friend that would always lie, you didn't get me. I don't know if y'all have these kind of trees in the north. I call them gum balls with spikes. They are green when they are fresh with a good little weight to them. When they are old they turn brown and are light as leaves. Anyway we would end up grabbing as many of the green gum ball spikes things and have a war!!!! We would all go home with bruises everywhere. The only bad part was if the spikes broke off if your skin. And our friend that always says you didnt get me. Yeah he would normally get it the worst. If kids did that today. Wow, parents would be on the phone with cops talking about lawsuits and stuff. We had Atari and Nintendo had just came out. We were always outside playing and doing something. We only played video games when it was storming or punished. Yep, when we we're punished is when we would play video games. Only because our parents didn't want to look at us and we would bug them to death till they would let us go out and play. Man just talking about makes me miss those days!!!! Im going to have to look up the name of that tree. Those things hurt when you get tagged in the face. Anyway great video Brian until the morning.

  41. Dave FromNH says:

    Love when Jessica is on, she is so incredible with the Gecko's! A true pro

  42. S!cko says:

    6:47 "He's cruisin' for a bruisin' " made my day LOL

  43. Vikki Gillin says:

    Bruce is the reptile whisper, you bagged a good one their. 👍

  44. tenisha mercer says:

    Those leachies 😍😍
    Lmao literally at Noah and Eric 😂

  45. rhys vlogs and games says:

    I have a corn snake crested gecko dog cat and a green iguana because of you

  46. cody lawson says:

    Love Noah's shirt!! Knew it all along lol

  47. Essex Hognose says:

    Super shakey 1st person shots

  48. Sherry Brzeczka says:

    I wish Lori would've popped in that door! Talk about carnage!!!🤣🤣

  49. josh jarrett says:

    Bruce is like the lizard whisperer he's so good with those "bird brains" lol he's getting them so habituated to him

  50. cory suter says:

    Your doing good now she has something new to be mad about the new retic is not a problem now good show now you just need something to make her forget about the vipers and your golden just keep moving the it around lol

  51. Jon Jobman says:

    That's kinda how my wife is.
    Yeah I mentioned it you remember right?
    NO I DON'T!
    we talked about getting tacos! You said you wanted hot sauce!

  52. Buzz says:

    That basement seen took me back to the n64 days playin 007 lol

  53. sheila tennis says:

    Another great video from my favorite snake guy. Lol I love the fun you guys have while at work, I used to work for a place where we had that type of atmosphere and all the employees loved their jobs and it showed. I hope 🤞 Lori warms up to those new snakes or you gonna sleep on the couch tonight.😜 I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  54. tony 2x says:

    Omg that was a whole movie with noah and Eric lmao

  55. tony 2x says:

    It be great if you joined mrbeast and all the other youtubers to help with the trees, you have one big fanbase

  56. Tingkun Luo says:

    OMG bruce is a pro on taming big lizards! I had a rhino iguana before but I can never tame her down…

  57. Catherine Kamoen says:

    Brian I didn’t get 2 watch ur vlog last night but I love watching them x

  58. Seren Fernandes says:

    Can we have a Lucy update

  59. Olivia Foote says:

    That albino snake is soo PRETTY OMG 😍😍😍

  60. Gina Hill says:

    Second one you weighed is beautiful!!

  61. Stephanie Franklin says:

    Hey Brian did you watch the video that Kevin made of his Anacanda giving birth???

  62. Hognosies says:

    Brian i am having a terrible day today. Siblings are hard! You cheer me up so so so much!

  63. Mike Webster says:

    "Why are you sp sweaty?"
    "I was watching cops"

  64. hailey kramer says:

    Seeing Bruce’s progress with those iguanas is everything❤️ I love love love seeing them learn to trust, it’s so sweet. I also love watching the monitors progress and relationship to! Such an amazing thing to watch, these vlogs are the best🦎💕

  65. RRR Reptile Ray Raz says:

    Oh yeah , almost all of the girls I got last winter are 1250 plus 🤘🏻

  66. ZE0X1D says:

    You can hear Brian talking to Bella @ 4:11
    “Aww, Bellaaaa.”

  67. Charles Long says:

    How many times a day does Eric get bit saw his hands they look pretty bad

  68. Susan Graves says:


  69. Brett Smith says:

    From what ive seen most breeders seem to start paring in November why do you do it later?

  70. Jeffrey Turner says:

    I like Noah’s shirt. 👍🏾✊🏾

  71. Ally Mccarthy says:

    Eric and Noah need to do another nerf war but with the whole team of BHB and the Reptarium

  72. sherry Ballestero says:

    Snake poop rofl , the look on Brian face to funny

  73. J. D. says:

    hehehe – where was the disclaimer saying "no snakes were harmed in Noah's and Eric's game".

  74. Emily R says:

    i wish lori would lighten up sometimes

  75. Heidi Rathbone says:

    i love your videos so much and i am getting a snake at the end of this year thank you so much

  76. kaine mead says:

    I think Eric and Noah been playing too much of the new call of duty.

  77. Heart Reptile Rescue and Sanctuary says:

    37 people woke up today not having a awesome day always a bunch of haters gotta love them Brian👍💯💚🐢🐍🐸

  78. Chris Bennett says:

    Anyone notice Noah shirt?

  79. Flaco Rodriguez says:

    When's your game coming out

  80. bill stanton says:

    so I guese no more reptarium, always like seeing new people hold a snake for the first time, now we get to see Noah and Eric in a shoot out, I think that would be better on Noah's channel. Just sayin !

  81. Pokemasterwes says:

    you and Exotics Lair colab

  82. Alex Curiel says:

    I hope you are as genuine as you are in your videos as you are in person. I really look up to you and appreciate everything that you are doing. I hope them one day if I get the chance to meet you I get the same feeling I do from your videos!

    Much love,
    -Alex Curiel

  83. Dave S says:

    I'm excited about seeing the gaters up front and seeing them more often! And training them! I can't wait! 🙂 Noah and Eric's Black Ops was awesome too! You hiring? I wanna come work for you!! Lol

  84. guitarking1982ray says:

    Why does Lori always have a shitty attitude? I cringe every time I see her in a video because she's always a bitch. I couldn't stand to be around someone like that

  85. Quinn Thomas says:

    I just love how u guys have fun while working hard 😍

  86. debbie mayle says:

    Bryan you all are to crazy but fun lol

  87. Madjesda's CK says:

    Not to fond of a gun toy or not being pointed at someone's head. Nice thing to teach kids…… Brian I'm very disappointed to see that.

  88. Mark Garson says:

    I just saw an orange retic on Jay's channel

  89. lax central says:

    thanks for opening my eyes to reptiles ever since i started watching your videos i bought 3 ball pythons

  90. Tyrantosaurus says:

    Hi Brian. Was hoping you could do some flashbacks to the parents once your favorite and best clutches hatch. I think it’d be awesome to see the morph potential

  91. Laurel’s Tarantula Nook says:

    If Lori is faking her not happy thing she’s good at it!

  92. Susanne Steele says:

    Ahhh ha ha ha. Noah and Eric, just so cool. Good on the cameraman for joining in too.
    Oh and good luck with your breeding season Brian. Lol.

  93. Elliana Chantal says:

    Omg I love Lori, she cracks me up 🤣🤣🤣 like Brian said aren’t they cute lori responds with no their not, like damn 🤣🤣 that was a knee slapper.

  94. Aimee Oldham says:

    Bruce is so good with the animals! I love seeing him and how passionate he is. Your entire staff are awesome!!
    Nerf gun fight…funny!! But honestly the funniest part to me was how long it played out. 😂😂

  95. Edie Pendlebury says:


  96. Zara N Emily Sparkles says:

    Love Noah and Eric’s battle. I can so see them doing this all the time #allworkandnoplay

  97. IzzyOf Randomness says:

    Brian: so sad there’ll be no more eggs this year
    Also Brian: looks like we can immediately start breeding ball pythons again

  98. Scott Dean says:


  99. todd moore says:

    Really great video.

  100. Cayla Rannow says:

    You guys love to have fun at work its awesome

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